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Harry Potter, The Deadly Hufflepuff

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Summary: We all know, that when Harry was growing up he had no friends. What would have happened if he did, and the friend was taken from him?

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesMrSpottyFR1333,7042278,7144 Oct 0821 Oct 08No

True Friend

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter. That's it. Really, all I have is my laptop and a old car.

After Harry had killed the murderers of his last, and only friend, the Dursley family took him to a psychologist, if for no other reason than to see if he would do it again. That and the fact they would not have to pay for it. No, the community of Privet Drive would pay for it, for the same reason of the Dursleys. The psychologist was a young women fresh from a top university in the Colonies, a Miss Wilma Turner. The first meeting between Miss Turner and Mr. Potter would have her looking over the police reports, and early psychology reports, trying to picture the little boy killing an entire family, when it looked like a stiff wind would break him in half!

The young boy was painfully polite, honest, if rather solemn. If she would admit it to herself, he had this aura that made her just want to pick him up and hug him until it was better. No, no she had to remind herself several times that he was a patient and she was not to get attached to him. (Unknowing that she would become his personal psychologist and counselor for the rest of his life.)
After the first meeting, it was decided that she would meet with the young Potter everyday the time being at her discretion. It was also at this first meeting that Miss Turner figured out why Mrs. Dursley was becoming colder to her nephew, she blamed him for young Lily’s death. It would take Miss Turner over four years to get Mrs. Dursley to admit it and become just a little nicer to Harry. Unfortunately by that time, Harry would have associated her and the rest of his "family" with pain, and cold, uncaring eyes.

For the first year and a half Miss Turner worked with Harry, trying to get him to open up to her. This was harder then what she thought it would be. The first time Harry opened up to her and told her what was going on, giving his own opinions, and how he was doing she felt like crying. The boy had suffered a severe mental breakdown with the death of his only two friends, with the abuse from his Uncle and cousin, and the new coldness from his Aunt. The boy was a ticking time-bomb. Luckily he took all his angry and sadness out on the Harris family. It was a miracle that he was still alive!

The next two years were spent getting Harry used to the fact that he might be seeing Miss Turner for the rest of his life and that he could tell her about anything and everything and she couldn’t tell other people. The level of freedom to rant and rave, to scream and yell, to cry without being hurt took much of those two years for him to get used to, and even then would still hold much of his emotions and thoughts to himself.

The next three years were used to talk about, and to, his family. This time was also used to get Petunia to come around to the fact that Harry had nothing to do with Lily’s death and he could do nothing about it. Although Petunia would now stop her husband and son from hurting Harry and being was being nicer to the boy, it was too late for Harry. Who had by now lost any and all feelings he had for his family. It was also during this time that Harry learned that he could trust, and I mean really trust Miss Turner, as he started telling her about how things just happen to him when he was feeling rather emotional.

By the time that Harry turned 11 with Miss Turner throwing a party at her office for him. Miss Turner had come to know the boy more then everyone else. She know of his "episodes", the ones were a student, (or even the teachers!), at his school would make fun of him. Which he could take in stride, but would then have the bad misfortune to make fun of Willow or even Lily. Willow, only Harry would hurt those responsible. Mention Lily and you had both Harry and his older cousin, Dudley after you. It would be Miss Turner who Harry would show the letters to, the ones addressed to him, and where he lived.

Now is the time were we learn a little more about Miss Turner. Miss Wilma Turner, age 32, born in Perfection, Nevada ( she still has an Aunt and cousin who still live there). Her family, for the most part, had the strange tradition of always keeping their last name, starting with her ancestor a Mrs. Elizabeth Turner. She also had a large collection of favors with the local police and even Scotland Yard. Mention her name and you would get what you wanted, and when you asked why you would be only informed that it's classified. She also know about the "secret" society of witches and wizards that live nearby. The letter that Harry showed her, with him wondering why and how someone knew where he lived was his Hogwarts Letter.

Now Harry was understandably confused when Miss Turner told him what the letter was about, I mean no one had told him that his parents were magic. I wouldn't say that he was excited about it, more like "oh there's a society of magic users that live next to us, and I'm one of them? So troublesome." Now that little line, brings Harry’s most favorite saying, “So Troublesome". Harry was more then likely a genius, but because of Lily's and Willow’s deaths he was apathetic. This was the main problem with him, he didn't care and his grades reflected it. This was one of the constant things that Miss Turner found both terribly amusing and annoying. Harry didn't have an opinion. He would just go with the rest, unless he found it "troublesome".

One of the few things that Harry enjoyed were the stories of Miss Turners family, the apparent golf legend Happy Gilmore, who had married her cousin, and her distant cousin's group 'The Goonies', her Uncle in all but blood (a Mister Burt Gummer) surviving and killing things called grabiods, or some other nonsense. Although he really didn't belief any of the stories she told him, I mean really, a bad mouth hockey player winning a golf tournament? A group of children and teenagers being chased by gun welding robbers finding a pirate ship full of treasures? Giant underground monsters, in the western part of the Colonies? Harry thought of himself as being too bright to believe such stories (although if he had researched any of the stories, he would find them true).

Now back to the story, Harry had just showed Miss Turner his Hogwarts Letter and she has now finished explaining what was going on to the confused boy. When Petunia came to pick Harry up, she explained to her what was going on. Now by this time Petunia had stopped blaming Harry for the death of her daughter and had warmed up to the orphan a bit. When she came to an understanding of what was going on, she was upset to say the least. She had started to get to know her nephew better, when she learns that she would lose him to the same world that took her sister, her parents, and her grandfather (although to be truthful, Major Rigel Evens took twenty-three of his attackers out with him, bullets can go through their shields before one got him in the back, I must add) and gave her permission for Miss Turner to take Harry to go get his school supplies.

She truly did no know what she was going to get herself into.

A.N. Last bit of background information before getting in Cannon. Expect a fun trip to the ally.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter, The Deadly Hufflepuff" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Oct 08.

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