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Harry Potter, The Deadly Hufflepuff

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Summary: We all know, that when Harry was growing up he had no friends. What would have happened if he did, and the friend was taken from him?

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesMrSpottyFR1333,7042278,7144 Oct 0821 Oct 08No

The Beginning

Harry Potter, the Deadly Hufflepuff

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other shows/movies/books that might or might not be mentioned (or crossover ed). I'm just a college student with a laptop, and a junker.

NOTE: While I will mention some minor crossover's they have no part in the story. So this will still be in Harry Potter, Non-Buffy/Angle area.

NOTE 2: I got this idea from Rorschach's Blot's "Odd Ideas" chpt 26 & 51 omake's on

When one would look at Privet Drive, they would see nothing out of the ordinary. The same generally type of house, same pristine green lawns, and expensive cars in the driveway. The husbands leaving for work at the same time, the wives going to each others houses to talk about the latest gossip, fashion, what their children are doing, and soaps. The children either being dropped off at the local primary school and going the the corner of Privet Drive and Tory Road to take the bus.

The only thing that stood out was of this otherwise perfect and beautiful subdivision was house number 15, which stood empty and the lawn uncared for, overgrown and filled with weeds. The other main difference of this house was that it was just a charred ruin of its former self. Even though there was a "FOR SALE" sign up, one could tell that no one would go look at it, in fact that last people that stood on the property was a young boy, firemen, and police officers. The story for the reason of such an empty house in a beautiful neighborhood is a tale of death, abuse, sadness, anger, and one small boy who would murder an entire family for his sole friend.

The story itself began on Halloween night in 1981, when one self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort, silly name I know but that is what "he" called "him"self, attacked and killed almost the entire Potter family. Now, one must wounder why would someone call themselves by the name 'Lord Voldemort', to explain this one must accept this as true, wizards and witches and all the creature we were told about in our childhood are real, and they have their own society hidden from ours. Now if one believes that, then this should not come as a surprise, Lord Voldemort was a Dark Wizard, a wizard who used dark magic, but would only use small amounts of black magic.

I see some of you are confused, well to here let me explain it to you, magic is generally split into groups, light, which includes healing magic and white magic, and dark, which has gray magic, battle magic, and black magic. It should also be noted that no one in the wizarding world can use white magic, as it is too pure for the hearts of men, and those who used black magic would loss their very soul to it.

Well as I said, all but one of the Potter family died that night, little Harry James Potter was barley even one year old and his entire family was gone. The event that happen next is something that to this day is not know, what is known is that Voldemort turned his wand on little Harry, and used the killing curse, which does what it's name saids, it kills those who are hit by it, only for it to rebound on himself.

What left the Potters house that night was something not dead, yet not quiet alive. A wraith, a creature that feeds on powerful emotions, such as hate and anger, was all that was left of the Dark Lord. Harry on the other hand was still human, and still alive, although he didn't escape the encounter with no harm, a small lightning shaped scar on his right eyebrow.

Several minutes after the event, two men came to the house. One Sirius Black and Hagrid, Sirius was young Harry's godfather, his godmother one Daphne Malfoy nee Bones, Hagrid was the "Keeper of the Grounds" at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sirius was there to get his godson, and Hagrid to pick up Harry for Albus Dumbledore. It was Sirius that was first in finding young Harry, it was his duty as his Godfather to take care of Harry, but in his grief and thirst for vengeance against the true "Secret Keeper" of the Potters Fidelius charm, that is one Mr. Petter Pettigrew, a little rat of a man.

So far in his dangerous mixture of grief and vengeance, Sirius put no more then a token effort to convince Hagrid to let him keep his Godson. I see you want to get to the main story, so I'll keep the rest brief, Hagrid took young Harry to Albus, who was at one Number Four Privet Drive with his friend Minerva McGonagall listing to her warn him not to place the young Mr. Potter with the Dursleys family. As they were talking about it, well more like Minerva warning Albus and Albus listening, Hagrid came with the young boy in question, Albus then took him from the understandably mournfully giant and placed him on his only relatives door steps, on Number 4 Privet Drive.

His Aunt and Uncle would take him in, only do to a letter from Albus (which contained threats for the young Potters' safety, but none for his happiness) and for the next five years keep him in his own personal hell. Things would have stayed the same, and on young Potters eleventh birthday he would go off to Hogwarts wide eyed and full of hope, this is what would have happened, what should have happen, but certain events that happened on August Fifth, 1985 changed young Harry's future and the future of the world itself.

A.N. Well that's a start, I have some more chappy's for this one wrote, but I'm looking at them from a different angle now, so they might change. Hope you all like it.
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