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Summary: Dawn Summers, recently graduated and not wanting to go into the family business, has been accepted as Dr. Temperance Brennan's newest assistant. (spoilers for all seasons of Bones)

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Television > Bones > Dawn - CenteredDamiaFR151940,02043464126,9774 Oct 0814 Sep 12No

Chapter 19

As per usual, this chapter is up thanks to the best Beta in the world.
Standard disclaimer applies.

Dawn usually had a fascination with Booth and Sweets’ side of the investigation, but in this one she wanted nothing to do with it. She was focused to the point that nothing else mattered. She might have freaked out in the beginning but she’d sucked it up and now nothing was going to stop her from this path she had set herself on. She was so focused that she hadn’t even noticed Gordon Wyatt watching from above with Booth. Gordon was explaining the various sub-genres involved in heavy metal. There was far more to it than screaming and loud noises that didn’t always equate to music.

“You’ll never convince me of that.” Booth told Gordon with a laugh, a warm smile of camaraderie on his face. Gordon shrugged a bit, forearms resting the rail as Dawn Summers inspected every tiny detail in the bones. The littlest mark was being inspected, no matter when the wound occurred. Clark stood on the other side of the table, going over the bones just as carefully. He’d already been snapped at more than once for not taking the case seriously enough, something that had never happened to the serious intern before.

“You should ask Dawn about it some time. She has a rather vast music collection, one that includes quite a bit of heavy metal actually.” Gordon told the agent, smiling fondly down at the girl. Booth tossed a thoughtful look over at Gordon, things suddenly clicking in his mind. He wasn’t stupid, very few people had accused him of such in his life actually.

“I thought you retired.” Was the only response he gave, looking down at Dawn and Clark as well.

“I did. It just wasn’t quite as permanent as I’d originally planned.” Gordon shrugged a bit, moving off to the couch that was nearby. Booth took the seat across from him.

“Doctor-patient confidentiality doesn’t stop you from telling me why you took her on.” Booth reminded him in a patient voice.

“No, it does not.” Gordon agreed. He sat there for a moment, looking at the clean table between them as he sorted his thoughts into neat rows of what could and couldn’t or shouldn’t be shared. “An old friend called me up and told me that a girl he considered his daughter was in the area and she needed help. She was hurt and scared and oh so very bright. He called in an old favor, hoping I could get through to her, when so many others couldn’t. I agreed to meet her. Nothing more.” Gordon stopped talking for a moment, chuckling softly as he glanced back over in the direction of the young doctor.

“And so you met her.” Booth gave him an understanding smile. He’d met Dawn too, he might have taken a bit longer to warm up to her but he wasn’t Gordon Wyatt. Gordon cared about people in an honest way that most humans seemed to lack.

“Yes. I met her.” Gordon shook his head and sighed a little, a small smile of amusement on his face. “How could I say no after that? She was so bright and defensive. She argued with me the first time we met. Told me she didn’t see the point of seeing someone to go over all the drama she was rehashing on her own every night anyway. She reminded me a bit of an angry FBI agent who once came to me for some self awareness.”

“Is that what we’re calling it now?” Booth smiled and shrugged a bit when Gordon just continued to stare at him with raised eyebrows. “Alright, I may have needed a bit of clarity.” he admitted moments later.

“As did Dawn. She has come very far in the time that I have been seeing her. She has come a long way at the Jeffersonian as well.” Gordon admitted, unsure of how to explain that Dawn now had a support system and a great deal of that was thanks to Booth himself. He and the rest of the team really, but Booth was someone she could respect. Someone she knew she could count on, both he and Dr. Lance Sweets. Gordon was keeping his mouth firmly closed on the subject of the young doctor, considering how the other man’s theories regarding Booth and Brennan were completely off and he had far more than a professional interest in Dawn herself. An interest that was only going to be waylaid by Xander coming in. Xander represented many things to Dawn and until she figured out what all they were, Lance didn’t have a chance. If the boy couldn’t wait for Dawn to sort those things out he didn’t actually deserve a chance with her anyhow.

Booth didn’t comment, his eyes on the lithe brunette while she focused intently on the case before her. She would solve this one. He had no doubts about that whatsoever. She needed this win to beat back some personal demons and she was throwing everything she had into it. The rest of the team fed off her energy, fueling their own inner fires. Sometimes the storm of the squints was amazing to watch. When something struck one of them personally everyone stepped in and did everything they could to finish as quickly as possible. Dawn needed this win, and they needed to help her with it. She was family, part of their dynamic. If this hurt her, it hurt all of them. The team might not be the most physically imposing, but their minds? When they were focused their minds were nothing short of frightening.

Booth looked back at Gordon and studied the older man for a few long moments. “Do I need to be worried about her? I mean because of Xander.” He finally asked, frowning a bit as he watched the man. Gordon looked over in surprise and chuckled a bit as he smiled.

“Doctor patient confidentiality. Xander means a lot of things to Dawn, she will sort it all out.” Gordon’s smile faded a bit as he looked down at Dawn as well. “I am glad that she has all of you here worrying about her. You care and she hasn’t had as much of that as she deserves. People tend to forget about you when your sibling is amazing. Dawn is carving out a place for herself and she needs a support structure. I’m glad you are up for that challenge.” Gordon caught Booth’s eye and raised his eyebrows, making sure the other man knew he was issuing forth a command.

“Don’t worry so much, once you’re ours you’re pretty much ours for life.” Booth agreed easily. Dawn needed people, but he was already one of Dawn’s people. Even if she hadn’t figured out she was part of the family yet.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Heartbreaker" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Sep 12.

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