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Summary: Dawn Summers, recently graduated and not wanting to go into the family business, has been accepted as Dr. Temperance Brennan's newest assistant. (spoilers for all seasons of Bones)

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Television > Bones > Dawn - CenteredDamiaFR151940,02043464127,0274 Oct 0814 Sep 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer - No, I don't own BtVS or Bones.


Clear blue eyes surveyed the room around her as she waited for the security guards to give her the shiny little ID badge that would let her have free reign of the Forensics area of the Anthropological Section of the Jeffersonian. As a guard handed her the hard piece of plastic her eyes were drawn to the front of it. Dr. Dawn Summers. Multiple doctorates, top of her class and always on the ball. She looked at the picture, studying the confident girl on the badge. Long brown hair, serious gaze, firm jaw.

"Thank you," She told the guard as she picked up her coat and briefcase, heading upstairs to the lab she was now a part of. Well, almost a part of. Hopefully a part of? Her mind wandered to the recent happenings of her family as she walked briskly. It was funny how all of them talked about wanting a normal life, something not involving the supernatural, but when Dawn chose that life everyone seemed so disappointed. Like she'd let them all down somehow.

Buffy had tired of Rome when Dawn graduated High School, now she traveled the world hitting demonic hot spots and providing invigorating speeches to groups of Slayers that didn't feel they were up to the daunting task of saving the world. Xander was still in Africa, he rarely left his war-torn continent, preferring to send the scoobies his regards with a few new slayers. Willow was in Argentina, holed up in a love nest with Kennedy, providing Wiccan assistance when needed while running one of the training sites. Giles was in England, heading up the new watchers council. He was the most disappointed with her. He had assumed that she would take a place on the council as a watcher ... like him. She didn't know how to tell him that she needed to find herself, that she loved him and everyone else but she couldn't be the 'normal one' anymore. Couldn't handle the stress of not being as capable as everyone else around her. She couldn't watch her loved one fight for their lives every night. She'd told them all as much before she'd left for Oxford, but they hadn't believed her.

She believed in what she was doing. She believed that putting a name and a face, providing a background for a faceless skeleton could provide peace for someone out there. More than that she loved learning about those people, learning how they had lived, how they had died. She had a triple doctorate in Forensic Anthropology, Ancient Languages and World Mythology. She had told Giles and everyone else that if they needed her to help translate she would do her best, but she just couldn't be part of them anymore. She'd accrued quite a fund from the IWC already for back pay and loss of home, hell the Watchers Council had payed for her education ... but as she'd told Giles no one had told her it was simply to become a watcher.

She'd talked to Xander about it a little bit during her trip to Africa to help sort out remains in a mass burial site near Darfur. He'd understood more than anyone else the need to get away. At least after he'd rescued her and the other two living anthropologists from a group of demons that had taken them from the prison camp the army had put them in. They'd lost the other 3 doctors, including her own mentor. Even when she wasn't part of the IWC the demons still became an issue. Demons seemed to like the chaotic nature of Africa. The scars of her 2 weeks as a prisoner of war were worse than any scar that she'd gotten from demons, mentally or physically. She needed to help save people from people ... not just demons.

Dawn walked through the door and paused, looking around her. She tamped down the hope that she was dressed appropriately, a well fitted black 2 piece pant suit with a fitted purple t-shirt was perfectly acceptable, even when paired with 3 inch spiked heels. The shoes were Monolo and looked fabulous, as well as making her feel a little more confident.

"Can I help you?" A man a few inches shorter than she was asked, pausing what he was doing to smile charmingly at her.

"I'm Dr. Summers, Dr. Brennan's new assistant.," She told him, watching his expression go from interested to vaguely amused. She'd dealt with that before. Barley under 6 feet tall without heels and weighing maybe 145 pounds tended to make people not take you seriously. As one man she'd stopped seeing had said when he thought she couldn't hear him 'She looks like a freaking supermodel, I never thought she'd have a brain.' And she knew she was pretty. It wasn't vanity so much as practicality. The attention garnered from her looks weren't always a positive reaction. Not that it was something she wanted to think about at the moment.

"I'm Dr. Hodgins, Dr. Brennan is with Special Agent Booth right now, I'll take you to meet Dr. Saroyan," The man told her, turning and walking, still with that little smile tucked into the corners of his mouth.

"Jack, good you're here, Brennan is sending over some particulates and .... who is this?" Dr. Saroyan noticed Dawn and was suddenly eyeballing her. Dawn held out a hand.

"Dr. Summers, I'm Dr. Brennan's new assistant," Dawn introduced herself. Dr. Saroyan sent a wide eyed look to Hodgin's who smiled and nodded once before the woman turned back to Dawn, amusement in her face. Dawn wasn't sure what was so amusing but she chose to ignore it. Brennan's team was notorious for going through grad students and assistants. They had known each other for a very long team and Brennan herself was more scientist than person. Dawn had been warned not to expect too much from any of them ... multiple times.

"Dr. Saroyan," The woman shook Dawn's hand before motioning her to follow, "Dr. Brennan should be back in a couple hours, the body will be here before then and you'll be helping take care of that. You are aware that we do a great deal of work with the FBI?" At Dawn's nodded Saroyan went on. "Brennan and her work with the FBI comes before any other project we are currently working on. Are you alright with newly dead bodies?" Saroyan paused as though this had just occured to her. Then again maybe it had.

"We'll see," Dawn shrugged lightly, wondering if any of them had read the file she'd sent to Dr. Brennan with her resume. Dr. Saroyan raised an eyebrow, a little smile coming to her face. She must have heard something in Dawn's voice.

"I guess we will," She nodded once and slid her card through a little machine and walked up the stairs to the steel and glass area that she would be working in. "This is your workspace, feel free to set your stuff up," Saroyan looked at the lone bag that Dawn had with her and shrugged a little.

"Thanks" Dawn said, sitting down and looking at everything. She noted the rubics cube as she opened one of the drawers and she wondered how it belonged to. Long fingers pulled the toy out and set it in the center of the desk before opening her large briefcase and pulling out a pair of black ballet flats, setting them inside the drawer before tucking her case under the desk and taking off the jacket to throw over the back of her chair with the coat she'd carried inside. A quick glance around showed no one else in the area. She closed her eyes and scrambled he rubics cube for a few minutes before opening her eyes and looking at every side of the cube for a few moments. It took her less than a minute and a half of carefully lining up the colors to finish the puzzle.

"That was quick," a voice said from nearby. Dawn turned to see a tall woman, not quite as tall as she was, coming over.

"I like puzzles," Dawn told her with a smile.

"I'm Angela Montenegro," Angela held out a hand that Dawn took.

"Dawn Summers," She told the other woman, pushing her almost waist length straight hair back over her shoulder. She kept hairbands all over the place so that she could loop it up out of the way, but her hair was a vanity she didn't want to give up. In Africa she had kept it french braided down her back.

"Welcome to the Jeffersonian, hope you're not to squeamish," Angela grinned as people suddenly swarmed the door and a body bag was brought inside. Dawn shrugged a little and grabbed took lab coat Angela handed her, swinging it around and grabbing a pair of blue gloves from a nearby table.

"Haven't found anything gross enough to take my appetite yet," Dawn shrugged.

"You eat?" Angela asked sarcastically, eyeballing the younger girl. Dawn smirked.

"Oh yeah, the trick is throwing it all up," She told her before moving to help set the body on the examination table, not looking at Angela. She could hear the other woman's reaction in the laughter that suddenly filled the area.
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