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Summary: Oliver Queen was seen half-naked lying on a couch inside the Isis office while Chloe Sullivan stood over him in the process of unbuttoning her blouse. Rumors started flying between the Queen Industries CEO and acting Isis CEO. Are they or aren't they?

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: OtherFlipSideofMadnessFR151016,928225,8365 Oct 0828 Oct 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

I. the Favor

Disclaimer:  Not mine.  Just borrowing these characters to satiate a nagging plot bunny idea in my noggin'.

Summary:  Oliver Queen was seen half-naked lying on a couch inside the Isis office while Chloe Sullivan stood over him in the process of unbuttoning her blouse.  Rumors started flying between the Queen Industries CEO and acting Isis CEO.  Are they or aren't they?  Heck, even their closest friends aren't in the know -- and they should know since they work side-by-side practically day-in, day-out!

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I.  the Favor

OLIVER QUEEN BURST IN TO THE ISIS OFFICE unannounced and unexpected as well.  Chloe was at the back simultaneously monitoring the screens that were flashing info in a speed of light that no regular Jane would be able to decipher unless they had super enhanced powers to read what would look like gibberish to others.

        "Sidekick?" Oliver called out, craning his head in all directions in search of the petite blonde.  She was their Sidekick.  She was Watchtower.  She was...well, she was the sole female within the Justice League whom Oliver knew could help him out of this sticky mess he found himself in to right now.  "Watchtower?" he called again when Chloe didn't reply.  He knew she was here.  The door was unlocked and he stopped by the Talon before he headed here.  "Chloe?" he finally called her by her Christian name when she still didn't answer him.

        Oliver was slowly losing his patience.  She couldn't have run out to grab something; she wouldn't leave the door unlocked if she did.  He started pacing about then decided to check the back where Chloe kept her state-of-the-art 'toys' that helped her and Clark before they merged forces with the rest of the Justice League.

        Oliver found her deep in research with at least a dozen flat screen monitor in front of her.  She was standing by the podium-like control panel for all the screens, her stance relaxed but her fingers were tapping the sides of the table.  She was in serious research mode.

        "Didn't you hear me calling for you?"  Oliver said when he walked in front of the busy Chloe.

        "Can't you see I'm busy here, Oliver?" was Chloe's curt reply, her eyes were focused on the screens regardless of Oliver's presence in the room.  "What do you want?  Clark's at the Daily Planet earning his honest living -- not that saving lives on the side isn't honest living, but the DP's paying him for his hard work.  And if you're wondering where Lois is, then all you have to do is find Clark and you'll find Lois."

        "Now why would I be looking for either Clark or Lois?" Oliver frowned.

        Chloe let out a strangled sigh and hit a key on the keyboard in front of her that shut down all the monitors.  She waited a couple of seconds before turning her full attention to the tall blond billionaire standing in the middle of her private sanctuary room in the Isis office.

        "To what do I owe this unexpected visit of yours, Oliver?"

        She was still addressing him as 'Oliver' as opposed to 'Ollie' like what the others do.  That must mean she was still miffed at him for barging in on her and her date three nights ago.

        "Got a few minutes to spare for me?" he asked tucking his hands in his jeans pockets.

        "I'm a busy woman in the middle of a research work," she told him.

        "And so am I," he said.

        Chloe cocked an eyebrow and tilted her head to the side.  "What do you want Oliver?" She wasn't in the mood to play nice with him today of all days.  She just caught wind of a probable meteor infectee that was being hunted by LuthorCorp to be taken to their secret labs for more research.

        "I need your help," Oliver cut through the chase and came right out.  Given Chloe's current mood, if he continued to beat around the bush he'd less likely convince her to help bail him out.

        "Help with what?  I thought you have a lock-down on the 33.1 activities and everything LuthorCorp spearheaded?"

        "I do," he agreed.  "But this help I'm asking is not work-related," he confessed.

        Chloe's brow rose higher.  "You mean it's a personal one?"

        "Yup," he nodded.

        "How personal and why?" she questioned.

        "Very personal and because you're the only person I know who'd be able to help that I won't get entangled with in the end."


        Oliver didn't know how to broach up the favor he wanted to ask from her.  A part of him knew Chloe would flip out and freak out on him probably, while another part of him knew that she'd help him regardless especially after he explained to her why he wanted to ask her to do what he wanted to ask her to do.

        "Well?" Chloe pressed.

        Oliver took a deep breath and chewed on his lower lip for a while, contemplating on how best to broach up the subject without causing too much trouble.
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