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Doctor Drabbles

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Summary: Here's a few of my Doctor Who crossover drabbles. Will cross with different series at points of time in different universes.

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CrazyDanFR15128,24923715,0927 Oct 0829 Apr 09No

Master and the Xander part 7

Disclaimer: The Buffyverse is part of the Whedonverse, as created by Joss Whedon.
Stargate, it's characters and all ideas and devices therein are created by by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner
Doctor Who and all of it's assorted entities are owned by the BBC
Coupling characters were created by Steven Moffat.
This is a work of fanfiction with no profits made from it.

Master and the Xander part 7
Stargate Timeline: End of Season 8, just before The Ori stuff begins.

John O'Neill blinked as he realized he was no longer in his apartment. He looked around and found he was in an unknown large space and the only source of light was the column from directly overhead.

“Dammit, what now?” The young clone asked himself.

“O'Neill, you've been brought here because I've got an offer for you” A voice said from the shadows.

“Really?” John asked. “You with the Trust or something?”

“Something.” the voice said as the lights came on.

John stared at man with the eye patch and the large bearded man next to him. There was something off about the man aside from his size and the unusual hammer attached to his leather belt. His eyes looked... alien.

“Thor?” John asked quietly.

The large man rushed the young clone who suddenly found himself in a crushing bear hug.

“Can't Breathe...” John gapsed.

“Sorry.” the man's voice boomed. “These bodies take some getting used to. I still get strange urges from time to time.” He said chuckling. “Half of us are currently suffering from something called 'rug burn'.”

“You've fixed the problem? That guy next to you Odin or something?” John asked.

“Not exactly.” The man with the eye patch said. “I fixed the cloning issue, but the all father I'm not. I'm Xander.”

“You fixed the cloning problem?” John asked skeptically.

“Yep, now how is the high school life treating you?” Xander asked him.

“It's crap. What do you know?” John asked him.

“I've read all of Stargate command's files, entertaining really. The things your group has gotten up to... It's amazing no one has forced your sun to go nova.” Xander said with a shake of his head. “Anyways if you're really bored, I've an offer for you.”

“To do what?” John asked.

“To explore strange new worlds...” Xander began ignoring the young clone's look of disbelief.

Jack O'Neill half whined as he realized he'd been teleported up to Thor's Ship. “Dammit Thor, we were fishing!” He screamed.

“Indeed.” Teal'c said as he looked around to see both Carter and Jackson were also present.

“I brought you here because I owed someone a favor.” A deep voice boomed from one of the chamber's entrances.

“Thor is that you?” Jack asked. “What have you done to yourself?”

“I'm back to normal.” Thor said with a hearty grin.

“Amazing, you look completely human except for your eyes” Sam said as she stepped forward to see that Thor's eyes were exactly like they were when he was a clone except they were much smaller.

“I said we were similar to you once.” Thor said with a grin.

“What's up Thor? You bring us here to show us the good news?” Jack asked.

“Actually, I'm the reason you're here.” A man said as he stepped out from behind Thor.

“Odin?” Daniel asked as he realized the man was wearing an eye patch.

“Why does everyone ask me that?” The man wondered before shaking his head. “No, name's Xander. I brought you here to make up something to someone you know, and make an offer at the same time.”

“What kind of an offer?” Jack asked.

“I want to clone three of you.” Xander said.

“What? Why?” Sam asked.

“To give me back my family.” A voice said from behind them.

SG-1 turned to see Jack's teenage clone.

“Hey guys. I've missed you, but I guess the same can't be said of you can it?” John asked them.

The team was stunned into silence.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Doctor Drabbles" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Apr 09.

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