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Doctor Drabbles

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Summary: Here's a few of my Doctor Who crossover drabbles. Will cross with different series at points of time in different universes.

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CrazyDanFR15128,24923715,0867 Oct 0829 Apr 09No

Jeff Murdock, Doctor Jeff Murdock part 1

I blame this on Steven Moffat, creator of 'Coupling' and current writer for 'Doctor Who'. Had this weird thought when I looked up the older companions of the doctor. I've got a few other ideas kicking around in my head as well

Disclaimer: I don't own The Doctor or the characters mentioned in these stories.

The Doctor sighed as he wandered down the road he was walking down in London. He'd just finished erasing Donna's memories and saying goodbye to her grandfather. He hadn't gone anywhere in time, just space. A few blocks over and he'd stashed the TARDIS in an alley.

As he was walking, he found a pub that seemed unbelievably familiar to him, stirring long repressed memories of a simpler life. Stopping by a bank and using his psychic paper to get some cash from the automated teller, he went in for a pint or ten. He hadn't been inside this pub in centuries and certainly never as The Doctor.

He went in and sat at the bar, looking at the people inside. He glanced at the clock and then the calendar. “Son of a bitch, it's about to become locked.” he muttered. That meant one thing, he could talk to his old friends once more. He grinned. It had to be fate.

“The stars just went out and came back. It was strange.” He heard a voice.

“No what's strange is the day I had.” Came another.

The Doctor turned. “Brilliant.” He said as he sipped his beer.

There before him were Sally, Susan, Jane, Patrick and Steve. There was another guy he recognized vaguely but those five. Those five had tolerated him the first time he'd been human. What a nightmare that had been in retrospect. But at least it had netted him a granddaughter out of the experience. Picking up his beer he went to go speak with people he hadn't directly encountered in over nine hundred years.

This was going to be fun.

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