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Surprise, Surprise

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Surprising News". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Late night at BAU? That’s just perfect for surprises. And everyone loves surprises, right?

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Television > Criminal MindsJadeAislinFR1311,029066,7077 Oct 087 Oct 08Yes
Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Criminal Minds. If I did there'd be a lot more of Xander and Gideon would never have left.
Beta: Queen Sereya.

//set after Gideon left and Hotch got divorced//

Rossi was just finishing up the paperwork. He couldn’t wait to get home. It had been a long week. Now he just had to convince Hotch to go home. The case had been hard on the whole team, but it seemed even worse for their leader. If Hotch wasn’t careful, Rossi could see him burning out real fast. Rossi put the last of the papers in a folder. Looking up, he jerked back in surprise.

A young boy stood in his doorway, a small bookbag at his side. The boy had brown hair and brown eyes. He was frowning at Rossi. Rossi got up from his desk. What was the kid doing there? Did his parent work in the building? He approached the kid, who couldn’t be more then five. He looked out his door to see if anyone was frantically searching for the child, but it was relatively quiet, being so late, and the only people around seemed be concentrating on their own work.

“You’re not Papa.”

Rossi looked down at the youth. “Excuse me?”

The child folded his arms and tried to look stern, but only ended up looking cute. Rossi nearly smiled at the adorable image. “You’re not Papa. That’s Papa’s desk.”

Rossi crouched down to be eyelevel with the child. “I’m sorry. But this is my office. My name is David. Could you tell me yours?”


“Well Xanter, do you know your Papa’s name?”

The child giggled and nodded. “uh huh, It’s Papa, silly.”

Rossi sighed. “Is your mommy here?”

The child blinked in confusion. “What’s a mommy?”

Rossi frowned. The child must be from a single parent home, which meant . . . “What about your daddy? Do you know where he is?”

The boy grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “Yup. An I’ve gotta give Daddy the papers. The nice lady said so.” The child then frowned. “But I wanted to see Papa.”

“Do you think I could see these papers?”

The child clutched at his bag. “No! Those are for Daddy!”

Rossi tried to put his hand on the child’s shoulder reassuringly. The boy flinched, and hunched down, grabbing his bag more tightly. Rossi left his hand hanging in the air for a moment before putting it down. “It’s okay. I won’t take your bag. Do you know where your daddy is? Or the nice lady?”

The child looked at him fearfully, but finally nodded. “Daddy’s at Daddy’s desk.”

“Do you think we could go see him?” Rossi stood up.

The boy nodded. With one hand, he held on tightly to his bag. With the other, he grabbed Rossi’s hand and pulled him along. Finally Rossi thought, he could give this irresponsible parent a piece of his mind. You don’t let kids wander around in a federal building. To his surprise, the boy stopped at the office next to his. Letting go of his hand, the child reached up and opened the door.

“I’m almost done, David.” The man at the desk didn’t look up. “I promise, I will go home in five minutes.”

The child giggled.

Hotch’s head jerked up in surprise. He looked at Rossi and the child questioningly.

Rossi tried to explain. “I found him in my office. He said he had some papers for his daddy and we were going to find him.”

The child giggled again. “Silly man, dat’s Daddy.”

Hotch looked at the child sadly. He made him think of Jack. “Son, I’m not your dad.”

The boy frowned and stomped his feet. “Yes you are!” The child tilted his head and then smiled. “You just don’t know it. You need the papers.”


The child nodded and then shoved his bag into Hotch’s hands. Hotch opened up the bag and took out some papers. Rossi led the child over to the couch as Hotch looked over the papers. “What are they?”

Hotch glanced up, before going back to the papers. “The first is a printed statement. The child’s name is Alexander.”

The child frowned. “Xan-ter.”

Both men looked at the boy. “Do you mean, Xander?”

The boy smiled and nodded.

Hotch took a deep breath. “It also says that the following papers would prove biological parentage.” Shuffling the papers, he continued. “These seem to be results from DNA testing. Two tests that say there is a parent child relationship between the child and other sample.”

“Who does it say are his parents?”

Hotch looked up, his eyes wide in confusion. “It says he has two fathers, Aaron Hotchner and Jason Gideon.”

Rossi frowned. “What will you do?”

Hotch placed the papers on his desk. Walking over to the child, he looked down. The child looked up trustingly. Silently, Hotch reached down to pick the child up. Xander went with him willingly. Heading for the door he answered his collegue, “I’m going to confirm those papers.”

“And if they’re true?”

“I guess we’d have to find Gideon and figure that out.”

Hotch strode out of his office, the child sitting against his hip. Rossi watched him leave. Well, Hotch was taking care of the biological aspect. Maybe some one should see how a five year old child was able to slip past all the security to enter their office.


Rossi stormed into Garcia’s office the next morning. “Garcia, I want you to pull up the surveillance video from last night.”

Garcia blinked for a moment in surprise. “Sure thing. What am I looking for?”

“A young boy wandered into my office. I want to know how he got there and who brought him.”

Garcia stared at him in shock, before turning back to her computer. “Okay. . . Found him. I don’t see any one with him, though. See he’s walking through the front door, straight toward the elevator.”

“Doesn’t anyone see him?”

She shook her head. “No. It’s funny. Every one turns away from him as he approaches. Look at that, they don’t even notice him entering the elevator. That’s funny. Who is he?”

“That’s what Hotch is trying to figure out. He took the boy to have his blood run through CODIS. We need anwsers,” Rossi said grimly.

The End

You have reached the end of "Surprise, Surprise". This story is complete.

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