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Plot Bunnies

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Summary: Eh, Plot Bunnies. I might write a story based on them, or not.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsMrSpottyFR18209,10504735,2817 Oct 0815 Apr 09No


What Could Have Happened.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Buffy, or any crossovers that may or may not be in this story.

The Mayor started screaming in the middle of his graduation speech, as his transformation into a True Demon began. Some of the graduating class removed the parents and family out of danger, and then turned back to help the rest of the class fight the Mayor.

While this was going on Buffy was with the First Group fight the Vampires that Mr. Trick had brought with him. During this Xander was supposed to get the Flame Group together to try and barbecue the newly transformed Mayor.

This was not what was going on, instead Xander had brought a pack of what the Scooby Gang thought were demons. What surprised the group more was the fact that they were attacking the Mayor, all 27 of them.

The "demons" were short, only reaching about three feet in hight, and being only two-and-a-half feet in length. They were bipedal, with three large claws on each of their feet. A large, curved, bird like beak was the only way to tell were their heads were. The also had what appeared to be head frills that opened up to revealed some type of organ.

While the "demons" were much, much smaller then the Mayor; they were also much more nimble and faster. Weaving in and out of the Mayors attack range, slowly starting the tear holes in the Mayor's hide, causing the Mayor to bleed heavily.

While the "demons" were dealing massive amount of damage to the Mayor, he too was doing damage to the "demons". Already five of them were dead do to the Mayor, and two more were injured. But they were causing too much damage to the Mayor, and in the end the Mayor fell to the "demons" and was consumed by them.

The Scooby Gang, and the rest of the Class stared at Xander, and at his pack of "demons". As Xander started to feel their gazes at him, he had only this to say.

"Well, I thought we could use some help. So I called my Uncle Burt in Nevada and asked if he could help. I though it would be some explosives or guns, but instead I get a crate of Shriekers."

AN. Yes that was a crossover with Tremors, with Uncle Burt being Burt Gummer.
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