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Time Still Flows

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Summary: An older story of ours, A different sort of Buffy/Hp fanfic. Harry Potter and co find out their not the only wiz biz in town.

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“Hogwarts Attacked, No casualties”

Mysterious Wizards saved the students and faculty of Hogwarts today. Aurors including “Mad Eye” Moody showed up after the battle had occurred. The community is in an uproar, over the happenings yesterday afternoon. We talked with several students and faculty, but they all agree on one thing. They only saw one person that day, before the battle, she walked into the Great Hall where a late supper was being served. She was dressed in a cloak of white, her face obscured from sight. She then cast a spell without a wand! She turned and exited the room and when the students and faculty tried to open them, the big doors would no budge. The other thing was there was no magic at all! A short time later they heard voices and then fighting.

The grounds and lower levels were littered with the bodies of dead trolls, demons, giants and even a dragon! They were not killed by the standard spells, but seemed to be hacked to death! Several Death Eaters were taken into custody including, the janitor for Hogwarts, and a student named Goyle, who was reportedly tied up naked. In the battle Mr. Fitch had lost his hand, it was cut off with a very sharp object, possibly a sword. All the Death Eaters at this time do not know what happened. Aurors are hoping that one of the Death Eaters will be able tell them something, but at this time they can’t even figure what type of magic was used!

Before the attack the Ministry of Magic had received a warning from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named saying that an attack was taking place at Hogwarts. They quickly sent a group there with medical experts to help the wounded and take care of the dead. When they arrived all they found was the Headmaster wandering the grounds waiting for them and no sign of the saviors. The Aurors quickly searched for casualties but only found two muggles upstairs huddled together in a room occupied by a fierce three-headed dog. The occupants said they tried to get to safety, but were waylaid, so hid with the dog on the upper levels. They declined to be named at this time, one though was a student, and the other was substituting for Mr. Fitch at the time.

On a minor note, the only real damage to Hogwarts we’re two statues at the front door, which were totally destroyed in the fight. They must have been pretty special to one of the survivors, because when he was told about it, he commenced to cry. His friends showed up to escort both muggles back to their home.

We will follow up with more news as it arrives.

Adoption Agency
Ministry Of Magic

It was a week later, when an owl post arrived for the Headmaster. When he read the letter he told Minerva to watch the school. He put on his best robes and headed to the Ministry of Magic. Once there, Albus entered the adoption agency, and was soon directed to a Mr. Zangat’s office. When he entered he found Mr. Ephrem Zangat and two other gentlemen, a Mr. Charles Gunn from Wolfram & Hart’s Law office and a Mr. Rupert Giles, whom he greeted and then took a seat. After a brief conversation, he found out that Mr. Giles had adopted Lana from Hogwarts. Albus sincerely thanked Mr. Giles for adopting Lana, because he seemed to be a good man. What bothered him though was that Mr. Giles intended to travel to America and take Lana with him. The Professor argued that she was magic and should stay with her kind, but Mr. Gunn asked to see her records which showed she was flunking most of her courses. So why was she not in a muggle school anyway? With all the legal discussions, it came down to one thing; Mr. Giles was Lana’s legal Guardian. She would have to go with him.

Traveling back to Hogwarts Albus seemed very tired. She needed to be her own kind! When he arrived, he informed several teachers of her leaving, and then had Professor McGonagal bring her to his office. When she arrived he told her the news of her adoption, what he thought of Mr. Giles and then he told her to pack up her belongings, because her guardian would be here in the morning. She at first was confused and then started to cry. Albus held her for a very long time…

Later that day, Mr. Harris had showed up to put in his resignation, stating that he was on his way to another job in another country to help open another Magic Box. He thanked the Headmaster and left the office. Albus had come to admire the young man and he felt sad to see him leave. He knew quite a few students and teachers would hate to see him leave. Even Severus liked the young man, but Albus knew he would never admit it.

Later at supper he made an announcement saying that Lana, Xander and the girls would be leaving. There would be a social gathering at 8:00 tonight to honor these individuals for all they have done for Hogwarts. All those who wished to attend could take time off of their studies to be there. It was a very quiet meal after the announcement.

The Magic Box Too

Xander stood at the door waiting until he heard a voice from the other side to come in. The room was beautiful, all in white with flower petals floating to the floor. A rich white carpet lead all the way to the fine King sized wooden bed. The lights suddenly went out as he walked slowly to the bed chucking his clothes as he did in the dark he could smell the scent of her perfume, which permeated the room. When he was totally naked he crawled on top of the bed and slid under the sheets. He turned to gaze at the face of his girl, Faith, when the sheets pulled back, he shrieked, for there lying next to him was Severus Snape in his pink care bear boxers trying to kiss him!

“Xander, Xander wake up. It’s time to go.” Willow was there jostling him. He woke with a start, in a cold sweat, looking up at Willow he pulled her down in a big hug as Faith, Buffy, and Dawn looked on in confused silence.

“Oh my god Willow, You saved me again!” Xander said, and then he grabbed each side of her face and planted a kiss smack on her lips. He stood up after that still shaking, but headed upstairs to get ready.

The girls looked at Harris then at Willow who was still a little dizzy after the kiss she had received. Willow muttered in far off look, “Wow! I’m going to have to rethink this lesbian thing.” She got up and started to stagger after him upstairs, until three sets of hands stopped her progress. Shaking her head she realized Dawn, Buffy and Faith were in the same room. Faith was just glaring at her, while she suddenly started to turn three shades of red. Then the three girls started laughing to the discomfort of a very confused Willow.

Last day at Hogwarts

She was the only one at the door in the morning not wanting to see anyone else for fear of breaking down. So she sat near the front door waiting for Mr. Giles as the Headmaster had called him. From behind she heard a noise and turned to see a middle aged man walking towards her.

He looked at her and said, “Hello, are you waiting to leave too?”

“Yes, I…I guess I’m supposed to travel to America.” She said a little sadly. She then explained her whole problem at hand. He then said he was going to the USA also. He explained that he was the headmaster at another school for gifted females. He told her of the school and some of the funny things that happened. She started giggling and laughing. They discussed several topics and she started to like this English gentleman. Then she remembered she had to leave, but she wasn’t quite as sad as she was before.

The main doors finally opened to reveal Albus smiling as he greeted the grinning girl. He engulfed her in a hug, which he was quite surprised at the strength she had. Then he said, “Well Mr. Giles take good care of her please and Lana do write to us.”

Lana just looked at both men and then said, “You’re Mr. Giles?”

Giles smiled nodding. “Does that bother you?”

“I expected somebody more…American, I guess.”

“Well I have spent the better part of a decade in the USA on business, and it wasn’t my fault. They are truly a strange folk. C’mon we had better be on our way.”

“Do…do you have any other children?”

“Several, not blood relation, but you’ll see them when we get there.” Waving to the headmaster they climbed aboard the buggy and left.

Train Station

“Why don’t we just go home by using my power?”

“Dawn, if we use you’re power, people will wonder where we went…”

“Yeah, yeah…I get it; if we’re outside the Wizarding World the Wizards won’t be suspicious.” Everybody shook their heads smiling and continued their journey to the train station.

As they boarded the train and took their seats in the same cabin they quietly reflected on what had happened. That is until Dawn spoke up saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Professor Dumbledor called and wanted Buffy as the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher?”

“No Way!... I’ve seen how those kids act. Er … how about you Willow, you could be the DADA Professor! Find out that your somehow related to the Weasley’s and fall for Professor Snape. How about it, Wills?”

“Ewwww…. Are you sick, Buffy? Hey if I fall for Snape, then Dawn has to start dating Harry and Hermione has to fall for Xander.”

“They’re way younger than us.” Cries Xander and Dawn with Faith laughing up a storm.

“Better yet Faith and Draco.”

“Watch it witch!” Faith said laughing.

“Hey, how about Dawn and Draco…”

“Ewww…Thanks a lot Faith!”

“What about Giles and Wesley secretly knowing about the Wizarding World.”

“Hey yeah, they could have attended it in they’re youth.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t see Ripper attending any school!”

Everybody started laughing, as the train started pulling away, after a moment of silence, Dawn said in a small voice “It could be worse, Xander and Spike could be having an affair, then fall in love.” The rest of the trip was keeping Xander from Dawn’s throat, while Faith fell off her seat laughing hysterically.

Just Outside of Cleveland

As the car drove up to the School for Gifted Females, Giles who was in back with Lana talking about his expectations for her. As the driver, Andrew, was listening in, he pulled to a stop in front of the school’s main doors. When they exited several students came forward and hugged Mr. Giles. A few older women waved and continued about their business.

They entered through the front door to a foyer where he greeted some teachers by the names of Robin and Kennedy. Andrew meanwhile took Lana’s bags up to the third floor. Mr. Giles then asked Kennedy to take her up to her room to freshen up for dinner. Lana followed the older girl, who started talking about the school itself. While talking she saw several older students and some older women. What type of school is this?

She was finally shown to a rather large room with two beds in it. Kennedy threw her bags on the one bed near the door. She then showed her where the towels and other items were supplied for her use.

A half hour later she came out of the shower to find new clothes had been laid out for her. She hurriedly dressed and waited for Kennedy to return. While waiting, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror and wondered why they had her put in black sweats and a black t-shirt. She also wondered what S.I.T. stood for?

As she was pondering this, there came a knock on the door. When she opened it, she saw an older woman of about forty smiling and telling her to follow her. She was escorted quietly to a small room, where there were four older girls ranging between the ages of fifteen to thirty. She looked up to see Kennedy right away. Kennedy smiling started talking about slayers? Not understanding most of the lecture she raised her hand and asked. Kennedy looked up, “Oh I’m sorry Lana, and I didn’t think you’d be in this class until tomorrow.” She then filled Lana in on what a Slayer. Lana and the others were simply amazed.

“Now then the two oldest Slayers will run through a mock battle showing the capabilities of the Slayer. Please follow me and Kate to the gym.” Kennedy said.

When they arrived, there were about twenty to thirty slayers watching two combatants in the center of the room. Lana took a seat on the floor watching as the two girls in the center started their sparring session. They moved with speed and grace, faster than any martial artist. She was totally engrossed in watching the fight when she heard some people behind her rudely talking.

“Gee, I sure hope the good looking one wins!”

“Which one is that?”

“The dark haired one obviously, the blonde haired one is my sister.”

“Will you two just stop it you’re being very immature!”

“Yeah, we’re immature but you keep noticing Kate’s legs.”

Kate, who was sitting on the mat in front of her, looked back blushing at whoever had said that statement. Several other girls all around her were snickering out loud. She was starting to look confused when the combatants had stopped and walked towards the group. Looking up the girl with the red facemask on yelled, “we’re trying to have a competition, do you want us to come over there and use you as an example.”

“You can’t!”

Both girls sounded really pissed off and yelled, “why not?”

“I’ve got a soul.” Lana recognized the deep-throated laugh of Mr. Giles so turned about to look at him and looked into the eyes of one Xander Harris.

“Hey Lana, how’s it going?” He grinned. For her part she just stared at him confused.

“I think you broke her,” said one of the combatants in front of her. She swiveled her head as she recognized the face of Faith and beside her Buffy. She then looked to her left and saw a grinning Willow, then to her right a smiling Dawn.

They all said in unison, “Hey sis!” Everyone hugged her. She then turned to look at Mr. Giles.

Smiling Rupert said, “Welcome to my family.”

Location Unknown

He was having a triumphant dream. Harry Potter, that miserable brat, was being tortured while Albus Dumbledor was lying dead at his feet. The Ministry of Magic was his, finally, and everyone was kneeling to him. It was a joyous occasion as he looked out into the throngs of people.

Just in front of him though was an individual in white who did not shake in fear. The power she had came off of her in waves. She was clothed in a white cloak with a hood, walking towards him. He was confused, why was she not kneeling to him? As she walked forward the people shifted to either side of her. Others started to join her dressed in black cloaks. He realized at least four were female he could tell by the way they held themselves. The fifth walked slowly forward with a great sword strapped to his back, he, could feel the power of the sword! He now could determine other female forms in black. The white witch, for that’s what he thought of her stepped forward before the others.

She spoke in a very monotone voice, her face unrevealed. “The time of you’re demise is close at hand. Change your ways before we find you, or you will be hunted down like the dog you are.”

Two other female forms walked up speaking, “Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledor and all those in and around the Wizarding World are under our protection. If you force this war, we will end it! There will be no place to hide. You will be incarcerated.”

The male form walked up. “If you kill or torture anyone there won’t be anything left to be incarcerated!”

“You have been warned!” They said in unison, fading from view.


The End

You have reached the end of "Time Still Flows". This story is complete.

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