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Time Still Flows

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Summary: An older story of ours, A different sort of Buffy/Hp fanfic. Harry Potter and co find out their not the only wiz biz in town.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > ActionFatherAndSonGrimmFR181728,7771418,9007 Oct 087 Oct 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. That’s all I have to say about that.
Premise: A different sort of Buffy/Hp crossover. All bets are off!

Time Still Flows

Late September 2003

“Er Willow…”

“I know, I know, Xander. Knock it off, we’re being stared at enough as it is.” Diagon Alley, usually ablaze with constant conversations was very quiet except for whispering about the three new arrivals dressed in distinctly, different clothing.

Contrasting with the local fashion, robes, Xander stood out with his cargo pants, t-shirt and jean jacket. Across from him stood Buffy in a black mini-skirt and red blouse. Willow was getting the most stares with her blue skirt and her pink fuzzy bunny shirt.

“I thought we were supposed to be…”

“Knock it off Xander” Willow and Buffy said in unison. Walking down the long and narrow road, the surprise of the customers soon wore off and the alley’s attendance soon began to go about their business.

“Hey Xander, “ Buffy snickered. “They’re giving you the eye.”

Emotionless as he continues walking along, he replies, “Good, I could use an extra one.” He slightly smirks as the memory of his lost eye, though it still burns within his mind, knowing they were just trying to make him feel better.

It had been already eight months since Sunnydale sunk into the earth as the crater it now is. The media hailed it as a gigantic earthquake, trying to make sense of the supernatural event.

Looking up at the sign above a shop, Buffy smirks, “Hey Will, look, it’s a magic wand store.”

Not even looking at the shop Willow continues, sighing, blowing strands of her red hair away from her face and making a waving hand gesture. “Overrated.” The three laughed as they continued walking knowing why she would say that.

“So Will, what’s the first thing on our agenda?”

“We need a stockpile of book…err, stockpile of books and then the magical ingredients, etc. etc.”

Xander nods as Buffy points something out. “Like that book store. Flower and Butts?”

Willow shakes her head. “That’s Flourish and Butts…I mean Blotts. Now you’ve got me doing it.“ Xander snickers as they enter the shop.

While Willow began bargaining with the manager about prices, Buffy looks through a couple of books, spying one on Vampires. Opening up she gasped a bit at the pictures, which were moving. “Hey Xan, get your butt over here.” Perplexed, Xander walks over and looks in the book.

“Hey look, the book has a tiny television in it.” Annoyed at his try for levity, Buffy proceeds to rap him in the head with the book. “Oww, hey, I was only kidding.” He whines.

Flipping through the pages, there were detailed documentaries about many vampires, most she never heard of. Angelus was featured there, as was William the Bloody, or Spike as he rather liked to be known as for obvious reason. Both of whom she knows were taking care of business at an evil law firm. Flipping though the pages, she even saw one of the most famous vamps of all time. “Hey look it’s ole’ Drac himself.” Xander smirked as the picture of the vampire looked up at Buffy and promptly ran out of frame. ”Must of left a bigger impression on him then yah’ thought.”

As they turned around, Willow stood there looking downtrodden. “Oh poo, Mr. Robes there and I got to an agreement when I found out they don’t take the usual currency. He laughed when I pulled out the money, and then told me about the currency difference.”

Buffy shakes her head then instantly stands alert. “Xander, didn’t Anya leave you something. A key and a message that if we ever went to England and needed some quick cash. Something about a Gingut’s bank?”

“Yeah,” (he pulls it out of his shirt). “I, um, have kept it with me ever since she …” Silence fell for a second between the trio. Anya’s passing hit him hard.

‘But I don’t think it was Gingut’s. Wasn’t it Greenbutts?”

“No, I think she may have said Gringotts, and I think I saw it up ahead.” Exiting the store, the trio proceeded to the wizarding bank. “ Know how much she has in there Xan?”

Xander shrugs. “Not much to my knowledge, she said she only had a few thousand bars. What’s a bar anyways?”

Willow shrugged. “I got sidetracked after talking about nuts and bolts or something. I think it’s based on Silver and gold currency.”

Entering the bank, Xander whispers into Willow’s ear. “You better talk or else I’ll start to say some…little jokes and most likely get kicked out.”

Willow snickers as she walks up to the desk all bubbly. “Hey, I have a friend here with a bank account we’d like to withdraw from.”

The goblin looked up. “Do you have the key”?

Serious as it sounded Willow burst out laughing. She didn’t realize bankers were all alike, regardless of the species as Xander hands him the key, trying to keep his mouth shut.

“Follow him” The goblin points to one of the porters.

Who escorts them to some sort of rail car, then takes them to Anya’s vault. As the goblin opens the large walk in safe, the three wonder what exactly they’ll find in there. After inserting the key, the large door swings open, revealing bars and bars of gold. The three stood there, mouth’s agape. “Now I understand why she had a thing for money…” Xander comments as the surprise over them quickly dissipates.

“Well, she did live a very long time, and being a vengeance demon probably paid well…” Willow pointed out, her eyes still wide.

“Think we’ll have enough?” The two looked at a smirking Buffy.

A short time later the trio returned to their current residence, a house that was provided by the old watcher’s counsel. Someone was impatiently waiting for them. “Well you could have come by sooner. Giles called to see how we were doing.”

“Sorry Dawnie, had a little trouble with the currency, and anyways, you wouldn’t have liked to be stared at. Robes are the fashion there.”

Dawn raises an eyebrow. Shrugging she then ushered the three into the house. “By the way guys, a visitor stopped by while you were gone. She’s somewhere around here.”

“Who is it?” Buffy asked perplexed.

“OH, you’ll see…” She snickers to herself.

Xander shaking his head enters his room. Getting ready to hit the sack, he begins to strip down, starting with his shirt, then his pants. Suddenly he hears a snicker and looks up. Standing there leaning on his bathroom door stood their guest in only a bath towel, her hair wet, the guest smiled. “Just couldn’t wait to say hi could we lover?”
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