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Summary: Buffy MArvel Crossover where the scoobies find out a little secret about one of Marvel's well known clawed hero.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsFatherAndSonGrimmFR18315,209086,8447 Oct 087 Oct 08Yes


Disclaimer: Own anyone? US? Bwhahahaha/ In our dreams. NO none of these people are ours.


“Xander!!??” The Scoobies asked.

“Bu...but...Xander’s dead?!” Willow said, nervously rubbing her hands together, “Isn’t he?”

“Willow! Do a locating spell? Willow...Willow?” Giles walked up to her and took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. “We need to do a spell to prove whether it’s Alexander or not, can you do it?”

Willow turned and headed up the ornate staircase, but paused and said in an unsteady voice, “Umm...I...nee...need an article...something,” sniffle “that he...he gave someone before he left...after the mayor.”

Dawn walked up quietly handing her a bracelet. It was gold and said ‘To Dawnie with Love, X’. She grabbed hold of Willow’s shaking hand and they walked up the stairs together.

Buffy looking just as emotional as Dawn and Willow turned to Angel and asked, “You can smell him is it really him or...?”

Looking down Angel replied, “Scents don’t lie Buffy, if Spike and I agree,” glancing at Spike watching them and nods his head. “Then it’s most likely Xander.”

“Buffy...Willow will find out in an hour, but in the mean time...” Giles said.

Tears started to flow down her face as she looked up at him, “He...he just went for the summer. Wha...what happened? He never came back Giles...he never came back!” Breaking down she fell into Giles arms, while she shed many of tears.

Faith stood to the back, thoughts to herself, when she began to realize several Slayerettes around her. Watching the others she herded them up the stairs and into the television room. All the slayers just watched her with questions in their eyes.


“Umm...Faith, who’s Xander”

“He was the first Scooby. His picture is on the wall in Giles office along with Joyce Summers, Jenny Calendar and some others. He saved Buffy’s life. He disappeared after a fight with the mayor in which I was in a coma at the time. He was Willow’s and Buffy’s best bud and Giles pain in the ass.”

“So...nobody’s seen him since then?” Valerie asked.

“, Willow did a locating spell and well it didn’t work none to good. They hoped that he just found a girl and settled down. But when they did the Xander. So they assumed...”

“Dead Xander.” Several girls said quietly.

“What happened to him...I...I mean the claws?” Vi asked quietly.

“HellifIknowkid. We’ll have to just keep our eyes and ears open, k? Now lets get to bed...”

“Umm...Faith how’d he heal like that?” Lea asked.

“Don’t know, but I can tell yah one thing he’s got faster healin’ than any Slayer I know. Is he a Demon, I don’t think so, cause he didn’t come on any Slayers radar. So go on kid I’ll keep everyone informed.”

Watching the girls wander off to their rooms, Faith pondered about Logan for while. I knew that there was something going on when I kissed you. It seemed very familiar. Now I know. I do have to admit though, smiling to herself, you are one hell of a man now!






They gathered in the dank basement early in the morning gazing at the magically sedated person known as Logan/Xander. The five, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Faith and Giles, just stared at him for about five minutes before Giles started to say, “What the hell happened to him?”

“Where the hell did he go?” Buffy asked out loud holding Willow’s sweaty hand.

“How come I didn’t recognize him?” Willow exclaimed. “For crying out loud. I should have recognized, his best friend!”

Buffy threw an arm around Willow, “Com’on tears now, let’s get this done.”

“Only Xander would show up now, when we have an important horse show to do tomorrow!” Giles exclaimed. The others laughed remembering how he used to hate Xander’s humor at times.

Faith said, “Red don’t feel bad, I didn’t know him either and I...well you know? Whoever stuck those claws into him, they changed his voice and...”

“Induced amnesia!”

“Dawn, what are you talking about?” Buffy said as the others too glanced at the younger female.

Dawn taking a seat near the bunk bed where Logan slept said, “when I first met Xander, he said that whoever gave him the name Logan took away his past. In other words...”

“Induced amnesia.” Giles continued.

“The initiative?” Buffy asked, while Faith glanced at her with curiosity.

“Maybe...but...” Giles glanced at Willow. “Willow can you do that spell that acts like a...I don’t know...ummm...”

“An x-ray machine. Ohyeah! I’vewantedtotrythatoneforalongtimeandoyouknowI don’tdomagic...okay I’ll stop talking now and do the spell.”

The spell worked like a charm, they could see his inner workings only to discover.

Smiling Buffy said, “Wow! When did he get so...”

“Ladies please, we are not here to ogle a naked...”

Faith smirked, “Speak for yourself G.”

Dawn whispered to Willow just stared turning several shades of red, “I didn’t think a guy could get it that...”

“Ladies please!! Don’t you think that...bloody hell, look at that?”

The four girls held their breath with Willow saying, “who would do this to another human?”

What they saw beneath the skin, muscle and flesh was bones, but not just any bones, metal bones. As they glanced up and down his body they discovered that his entire skeleton was completely encased in some sort of metal.

“That explains his weight,” Faith said under her breath.

“Yeah.” Agreed Buffy.

“They used magic to encase his bones in metal and then put those claws in him?” Dawn asked.

“No! They injected it in his body by using several hundred needles at the same time!” Giles said growling. “As for the claws he always had them. They were never put into his body they were always there. But the needles were used, because I can see where the metal juts out ever so slightly from the bones.”

“He’s always been a demon then...?” Dawn asked quietly.

Looking at her directly in the eye Giles said, “no Dawn more like a...a mutant to put it bluntly.”

“How could he survive this?” Faith asked faintly.

Buffy said, “healin’ factor.”


They stood just south of Cleveland on a blacktopped road leading to an old large school. On the old stable gate, that was recently painted black, was the name ‘School for Gifted Young Women’. The four snickered and glanced at the sophisticated bald man in the Armani suit sitting in the wheel chair. Smiling then shaking his head he wheeled his chair to the gates.

“Professor can you...?”

“No Hank, I can’t read Logan at all, but I do know that he’s in there.” Xavier said as he pointed through the gate.

“Rogue do you think you can fly over the fence and open this from the other side?”

“Wish I could Cyke, but in this here world this here gal’s lucky to walk than fly. I’m still capable of some strength, but...” raising her hands and shrugging.


“Scott my dear friend it seems that my agility has been down graded though my strength has not seemed to be affected, Kitty?”

Walking up to Hank she tells the others, “I can still walk through walls, but I can’t seem to walk on molecules anymore. What about you, our esteemed leader?” She said with a smirk.

Sighing the forever-somber Scott summers gave the young brunet girl a rare subtle smile and said, “I don’t feel any different...but that doesn’t...Professor we have company.”

They all turned to see four young girls in running shorts and t-shirts make their way towards them. They were jogging down the recently paved driveway to the gate when they noticed the five standing there. One girl in particular walked up, she was tall and lanky, but definitely good looking, along with the rest.

“Hi can I help! Wait, you must be the caterers. Wow five of you. By the way my name’s Violet, most people call me Vi.” She gave them a very shy smile, especially the tall handsome man in the red sunglasses.

Smiling, Scott took advantage of the situation, to the astonishment of the others and said, “Hi this is Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Kathryn Pride, Marie...umm Smith and my name is Scott Summers. We are definitely pleased to meet such gorgeous young women.” Giving her his brightest smile and standing to his full height of six foot four.

The effect of course did what he intended it to do. The girls giggled and blushed, while Vi just stood totally entranced by the new comer.

“I’m...I’m gorgeous...” Vi stammered in wide-eyed wonder, while Rogue and Kitty stifled a smile and giggle.

One of the girls walked up to Vi and elbowed her in the ribs. She growled at the girl and then turned to let them in the gate. As the five crossed the threshold between the road and the gate they all felt it, a warmth, a difference...


Willow stood up from the chair quickly and turned towards the other three saying, “We have company and they seem to be after Logan.”

“Faith you and I will...”

“Buffy please, Willow are they hostile?” Giles spoke up.

“Umm not that I can feel, but things are starting to heat up...something happened...and the Slayers are going into all grrr mode.”

“Inform the Slayers to hold back, but keep a close eye on things until we get there. Faith with me please.” Giles said while turning, walking down the hall and climbing the basement stairs. Buffy, Willow and Dawn just watched them leave and then turned back to watch the sleeping Xander.


“Ummm...professor I believe I have a very serious problem.”

“Hank, what is...” The others turned around to find that Hank’s image inducer, along with the others, had stopped working and now he stood in his six foot six blue furry body. Cyclops turned quickly watching as the girls who seemed so innocent and nice suddenly stiffened and turned into something predatory.

The five girls moved as one all taking offensive action. Vi pulled out a walkie talkie and informed someone on the other end of the situation. In minutes several other young females appeared as if out of nowhere standing in battle ready mode.

That’s not to say that Cyclops wasn’t ready, he was an amazing tactician, the second he knew the image inducers were not functioning, he had already made up a battle plan. The X-men all stood in their black leather battle suits ready for their opponents’ first move, but Cyclops wasn’t going to give them the first move.

Reaching up he opened the lever on the side of his goggles and aimed for just in front of the five girls. The beam hit the ground scattering pebbles, stones and earth into the young girls eyes. The Beast simply scooped up the Professor and with a leap jumped over the five-blinded girls in front while Rogue and Shadowcat ran through them after him, with Cyclops bringing up the rear.

The girls behind had now seen what Cyclops was capable of and shielded their eyes from the blast into the ground. Turning he hurried away after the others, he really had no wish to hurt teenage girls.


“Damn, damn, damn, it’s never easy!” Willow screamed as her hair turned white and she teleported away.

“WILLOW!” Buffy and Dawn screamed, heading up the stairs together!


Running around the corner of the building Shadowcat and Rogue ran into about ten teenage girls. The first, Shadowcat kicked in the head, while the second got a palm strike to the jaw.

Rogue quickly took out two more when an older girl caught her punch and threw her into a brick wall with a loud thud. Rogue then caught two fists coming at her and blocked them. She then backhanded both, which caused them to land some twenty feet away. Turning she was nailed in the face by a haymaker delivered by a young brunet. Rogue fell to the ground shaking her head. The other girl then kicked at her, but Rogue caught her foot, twisted it and threw her all in one second.

The brunet attempted to rise, but was stopped as Shadowcat phased through her shorting out her nervous system. “Hey Rogue it seems they can’t handle my phasing capabi...”

Rogue watched as a brunet woman approached after cold cocking Shadowcat. She was dressed in black leather pants, black biker boots and a white t-shirt. She also had a mischievous smirk playing on her lips. “Okay...the youngun’ took out Kennedy, but now you’re dealin’ with the big guns baby! Show time! Name’s Faith and I’m goin’ ta kick you’re ass!”

Rogue smiled, “Bring it on, sugah!”

After a few seconds Faith realized the newcomer was quite a bit stronger than her, but what she had in strength she lacked in speed and skill. After breaking Faith’s right hand the girl with the white hair threw a punch, but instead of trying to block it, Faith grabbed it and using leverage, dislocated it. The girl screamed in pain from this maneuver. But Faith continued her move to come in behind her elbowing her in the back of the head. Faith then kicked back at her antagonist’s knee not realizing that the girl had rolled with the hit coming to her feet. Rogue then kicked Faith in the back throwing her to the ground. Faith laid quietly on the ground as Rogue came up a little too close so Faith swept her feet out dropping Rogue to the ground.

Both struggled to get up to continue the fight, when Willow appeared in mid air in a bright blaze of lights and shouted, “ENOUGH!”


Two hours later, the two groups met in the basement. All five X-men listened quietly as Dawn brought them up to date.

“And that’s when you showed up. We had our little battle, friends and enemies were hurt, typical...” Looking around at all the blank stairs Dawn quickly and quietly sits down in a chair in the back saying, “Okay I’m shuttin’ up now.”

Scott stood up and paced trying to get his head together, “So what Dawn is saying is that this Angel guy recognized his scent...” the Clevelandites nodded their heads together. “And Willow did a spell and now you think that Logan is this missing friend of yours?” Several nods again were taking place in the room.

“Look Mister Summers the Hellmouth is just that Hell. What if it can create a door to another dimension?” Willow asked while munching on some pizza.

“Ummm...Willow is it, you said it your self the Hellmouth is not a living entity.” Hank answered hanging upside down from some pipes on the ceiling.

Buffy replied, “Oh, oh I know this one...” looking around at the blank stares she says, “what? I can have an idea sometimes? Anyway, the Hellmouth creates to much magic and sometimes it needs to bleed in order for it to do that it needs to...”

“Of course...” glancing at a shocked group. “Of course it creates a portal so it can bleed off the excess of the unused magic. And to do it, it needs to open a portal at least once a year!”

Buffy glared at the blue furred beast, while pouting, “...he stole my thunder.”

“It’s okay Buffy...” Willow said, “here’s a cookie!” Smiling Buffy devoured it.

“Dawn can you run up and get a map of California and one of the Cleveland areas?” Running up the stairs they could hear the door open and several bodies hitting the floor above. Faintly from above Giles heard Dawn yell, “Come on, I told you girls we’d fill yah in when we’re done!”

Several people in both groups laughed at this, while Giles just shook his head and cleaned his glasses.

Faith who was seated next to the X-girl named Rogue (amazingly they found out that they got along well with each other), stood up rather painfully and asked, “So where does that leave Logan?”

“That’s up to him Faith. We’re not his keepers, but hopefully his friends...”

“Will you guys shut the hell up? Can’t a guy get any sleep around here, crap! Oh... hey Chuck, Cyke...wait a’d you get here? Kitty look at you, the suit almost makes yah’ look like a woman.”

Turning to a smirking Logan, Kitty proceeded to flip him off then she smiled and gave Logan a big hug. “hey ole man, it’s good to see yah’.”

After he gave several greetings and several hugs including to Rogue, the Mississippi Wildcat, and to a couple of slayers they got down to business of informing Logan of what had happened.

After attempting several times to light his cigars and having every female in the basement putting them out, Logan gave up. “So you think I’m this Xander dude, huh? And to confirm this you use witch craft and the word of two dead guys that I had a scrap with earlier?” All heads nodded in agreement. “Now to confirm this you want to jumpstart my memories by having Willow and Chuckie Cheese here leap into my head? I don’t know G-man, this sounds mighty peculiar to me?”

“Yes, well Logan, Charles here did not have the convenience of a witch of Willow’s magnitude the first time. And frankly, according to them there will be no danger to anyone... And by the way, why did you call me...G-man?”

Logan looked at him and shrugged.

Leaning over to Rogue, Faith whispers in her ear, “Did you know he doesn’t wear anything under his pants?” Rogue’s eyes grew three times their size. “And another thing...”

“Your kidding?”

“Naw ask Red and Buffy they’ll confirm it.”

Grinning Logan said, “watch it darlin’, I’ll have ta take yah’ over my knee.”

A warm smile came to Faith’s face as she said quietly, “be lookin’ forward to it stud.”

Rogue gave Faith a funny look, but kept any questions to her self.

“I have a very good question,” everybody looked up at Charles Xavier. “We all know about mutants...but what may I say is a Slayer?”

Automatically all eyes seemed to converge on one man, Rupert Giles.

“Why do I have to give the speech? Why not Buffy? Or how about you Faith?”

“Yeah, Right? That was a good one G!”

“Alright, well...”


A few minutes later they had reached the conclusion of Rupert’s story. The room was in shocked silence, but before any of the X-men could ask any questions. Dawn came down with two maps Sunnydale and Cleveland.

Grabbing them Giles, Charles, Dawn and Willow laid them out on a table and proceeded to use a compass and ruler to determine the whereabouts Xander could have come in contact with the dimensional door.

After five minutes they had it! Where the door opened was the first time Logan went through was some place around Oxnard!

“Sir wouldn’t that have been around the old military base?”

“Scott you might have something there, we’ll check when we get back. What bothers me the most though is if Logan actually did come from here at some point in his life it should have manifested itself?”

“Huh, like huh?” Buffy asked.

“Okay Buffy, each individual gets their mutant powers sometime around puberty. Why didn’t Logan er Xander?”

“They always manifest in their teens?” Faith asked pondering.

“In our dimension they seem too,” stated Scott. Glancing around the room his eyes took in a pair of sandal’s connected to a great pair of legs and as he traveled along those same pair of long legs. He came upon a pair of nicely shaped creamy thighs. He quietly tried to remove his eyes, but he seemed to be held in a trance. Just above those beautiful thighs was a pair of tight jean shorts. Checking to see if anyone noticed again. Then he followed those shorts up to some very tight abs and above them...well...perfection, at least under a tight blue tank top. Scott again seemed a little confused. He hadn’t noticed anyone since Jean passed on, but damn it. Taking a good look at the girl who suddenly shifted position by crossing her legs, he looked at her face. She was beautiful, no doubt, but what about... she laughed as she was talking to her friend. The laugh was very endearing and nice. Damn what was the matter with him he’s not the tall lanky shy type anymore...ah crap who’s he kidding. The five-foot-three goddess, to him anyway, would never notice him period. Her Irish red hair framed her face perfectly and besides he heard a rumor that she know...oh well, but damn those green eyes made him want to just...No! Never mind!

He turned back to the conversation at hand, not noticing those same haunted green eyes sizing him up too. With a lick of her lips and a shift in her position she glanced two or three times in his direction. Again loosening her top or ...

“So I said to the horse, how about a date and the horse said...”

“Oh hey Buffy that’s nice...” Willow replied as she shifted her body on the chair to get a better look only to have said chair fall over with Willow on it. Landing on the floor everybody glanced in her direction, while her friend smirked with raised eyebrows. “Oops...Okay...I’m okay...just me. Clumsy Willow! Defective chair here.” Buffy and Faith helping her up with Buffy giggling and Faith confused. Willow then turned to Buffy saying, “Is it hot in here Buffy...I mean he’s hot to’s hot to me...Is it hot down here Buffy...Buffy... why are you smilin’ at me like that?”

Smiling softly Buffy moved some hair quietly out of Willow’s face and said, “just happy I guess Wills, just happy.”
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