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Summary: Buffy MArvel Crossover where the scoobies find out a little secret about one of Marvel's well known clawed hero.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsFatherAndSonGrimmFR18315,209086,8447 Oct 087 Oct 08Yes

The End Already?

Logan watched the interaction between the two, Scott and Willow, surmising that neither one had noticed that both were checking each other out. It just might work between the two he thought. Willow seems too uptight and nervous and Cyk needs someone to take his mind off of Jean.

Grinning he sat down in his chair and unconsciously pulled out a cigar only to have it disappear in Dawn’s hand. Growling he glared at her and then glanced at the time, six o’clock. He stood up, stretched catlike and headed for the stairs.

“Hey! Where ya’ goin’ Logan!”

Grumbling he said, “Someone’s gotta take care of the horses.”

Watching as he went up the stairs, the others looked at each other and then quickly followed him up.

After about an hour, following the feeding and watering of the horses, the group again formed, but this time in the conference room, formerly the study, on the first floor.

“You ready lover?” Smirked Faith.

Grinning he returned, “Ya’ talkin’ the mind job or somethin’ else Faith?”

Leaning in, showing her ample cleavage she breathed heavily, “Whatja have in mind, sweetie?”

“Excuse me you two, but can we move along now. The rest of us do not wish to hear about this,” Giles commented dryly.

Laughing loudly, Rogue replied, “speak for your self, Sugah’.” Laughter quickly enveloped the room.

Willow standing next to the very tall, very muscular, very handsome Scott Summers, calculated and perfected the Willow maneuver, which consisted of losing her balance and falling backwards into Scott’s arms. He of course was asked a question at the time and turned away as Willow fell with a clunk on the floor hitting her head. Quickly picking her up she looked up into his visor and thanked him kindly. He smiled back until someone cleared they’re throat and both Willow and Scott separated quickly looking definitely uncomfortable.

“If you are ready Willow, you may put Logan under.” Asked Professor Xavier.

“KLENDISKE!” Said as Willow’s eyes turned white and Logan slumped down in his chair.

“So, you’re saying that his mutant abilities should have manifested sometime during puberty,” Giles questioned, as they waited for Willow to get ready.

“Yes Mr. Giles, can you think of any time in his teen life that he acted different?” asked the Professor.

“He was a teen, he never acted…right,” Giles replied, and then looked at all the Scoobies in the room glaring at him.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh…maybe the umm…Halloween thingy,” said Willow excitedly, while everyone watched her with amusement.

“Hmm, maybe it helped Willow, but…no I don’t think that has anything to do…” Giles said and then caught the looks of Logan and the X-men. Thinking for a bit he explained what had happened to Xander at the time.

Hank replied, “So our esteemed Logan was basically possessed. He does seem to be affected by magic.”

Both Willow and the Professor concentrated on their task as the rest of the group retreated from the room.

About two hours later, the door to the study opened with a very tired Willow slowly pushing an exhausted Xavier out the door in his wheel chair and down the hall to the dining room. There she found everybody congregated slayers, watchers, mutants, souled vampires and Andrew, with coffee and other type drinks.

Sitting down, in a lounge chair, she and Charles Xavier glanced about the room at the people waiting for the information Charles and she had.

Giles was first to speak asking the obvious question, “how is he? Were you able to restore his…?”

“…Memories,…yes, we were. I’m afraid?” answered Xavier.

“What’s he mean by that…” Faith said looking at the others around the room. “Willow?…What’s he talking about?”

“We…uh…we started from scratch Buffy. I knew his home life wasn’t the greatest, but…but I didn’t think it was that ba…bad. Stay there guys if you start coming over to comfort me, I’ll never get this out. Xander had a worse home life than I thought, let’s leave it at that, okay?”

“Buffy, did you know that Xander lied to you about Angel? I told him to tell you that I was doing the spell, he told you to kick his ass. He lied Buffy!”

A growl burst from the throat of the senior slayer, “I’m going to kill…”

“Not just yet Buffy, remember the sisters of Nye?” Buffy, Faith, Giles, Angel and the others nodded. “We were fighting the apoca…apook…the thingy at the library. Well Xander saved us from a bomb that would have blown us up and opened the Hellmouth.” Shocked stares were all that Willow could see.

Faith grumbled with disgust with her self, “…and I threw him out!”

“You don’t understand, he did this before he even knew he was a mutant!” Xavier stated. More shocked stares.

“And Giles, I saw what happened through his eyes, when he was…was possessed by the Hyena. The other kids were in the pentagram, bu…but Xander was standing just out of it off to one side.”


“Dear Lord! Then that means…”

“Yes, Giles, he wasn’t possessed at all.” Willow said weakly.

“It seems you were right Hank it was an early manifestation,” as Charles spoke up.

“Yes, Charles, but what stopped it?”

“We don’t know, maybe never will, Hank.”

Swallowing, Willow looking at the others and said, “And now for the hard part.”

Xavier reached over and asked Willow in a quiet voice, “Do you want me to continue…?”

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and said, “It’s what we surmised. Xander took off and went through the portal. His car stopped and he walked right into the military base…” Looking at the concerned faces, “They…they just shot him.” Willow explained breaking into tears. Buffy and the others rushed to her side as she broke down.

After a few minutes, Willow signaled Charles Xavier to continue. “He wasn’t just shot once; he was shot several times actually. They called the morgue in fact, when after an hour later; they discovered him to be still alive. So they moved him to a different facility outside of the country. Nobody would believe at the time that they would experiment on a human much less a mutant.”

“He was put in the care of one, Major William Stryker, who tested his mutation.”

“How?” Faith asked quietly.

“THEY TORTURED HIM!” Willow screamed with her hair turning white and then she again broke down again in tears.

“They… they threw him off of twenty story buildings, poisoned him, electrocuted him and then they brainwashed him, inputting memories of a Canadian past. Not caring what his past was at the time. His heart must have stopped several times. Then they put him through hell…they injected liquid adamantium onto his bones. By rights it should have killed him, it did others, but with his mutant ability, he survived…barely!” Charles had started liking the boy, Xander, before his muntancy, now he showed his disgust by what happened to Logan by slamming his fist against the table. The others were shocked by the normally quiet man’s reaction. “They wanted an assassin, one that could kill anyone, anywhere. He was turned into a killing machine. They were able to program his mind with many abilities languages, martial arts and other things. But they didn’t expect him to have claws. They started to test him after the discovery, sending him up against all kinds of beasts, such as tigers and grizzlies. He killed them all. He would be sent outside in the cold, sometimes fifty below over night with no clothes, naked.”

“Somehow, someway something happened, he was being brought in by several guards, when he went berserk, killing the guards and ripping the equipment from his body. Naked he headed back to the compound, not as a man, as an animal. There was close to a hundred and fifty heavily trained men in the compound, not one made it out alive!” Hanging his head, Xavier looked at the rest shaking his head, “it wasn’t till years later that he found a young girl by the name of Rogue.” He smiled kindly at her, when she to ran over in tears and hugged him, being sure that none of her skin touched his.

Standing up glancing at the others around the room Giles saw that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Even Angel, a vampire, seemed moved. “So what happens now?”

“That’s up to him Rupert…” said Xavier.

“You didn’t give him those memories…did you?” He… he deserves…”

“Better? Buffy they are his memories, good with the bad. You want him to forget the good times too.” Faith asked gently.

“No…no, your right…they are his memories. But…he killed.”

“So did Willow, Faith, Andrew, Spike and Angel. And I’m not unfamiliar with killing either Buffy. Besides, it was more like vengeance, not killing.” Giles returned.

“Buffy, he probably wasn’t even sane at the time.” Angel replied.

Nodding several people agreed silently, until a quiet voice said, “He doesn’t remember me does he?”

A look of alarm crossed Buffy’s and Giles features as they rush over to Dawn Summers. The mutants just looked at the girl in puzzlement.

“Honey…we’ll tell him all about you and…and…”

“Dawnie.” Willow smiles through her tears and says, “I…I don’t understand it, but…he remembers you and Joyce most of all. He remembers giving you the bracelet that I used earlier (Chapter 2). He remembers conning Joyce and you into going out for ice cream, watching movies and carrying you up the stairs, when you were asleep. I don’t know how, but he does. Joyce and you might be the only people that kept him alive.”

“He remembers it all Dawnie. He remembers it all.”

It was quiet for a time, except for Dawn’s quiet crying in the background.

Ten minutes after the meeting and everyone had gone to bed to get up early for the horse show the next day, a shadow moved through the darkened halls towards the kitchen, where Buffy, Giles, Faith, Willow and Dawn had decided to get a snack.

They were in mid conversation when the shadow made itself known, startling everyone including the Slayers.

“Yah got any beer G-man?” said a gruff voice chewing on cigar stub.

“Ahhhh? God don’t do that! Hey! You should be out Xander, er Logan.” Willow said grabbing her heart along with the rest.

“Healin’ factor, gotta luv it!” He growled, finding a cold beer from Giles own stock and gulping it down. “And call me Logan for now; I’ll work back into the Xander part as I go.”

“So, you remem…?”

“Yeah Dawnmeister, everythi…”


Logan, the brawler, berserker, assassin, was taken down by an nineteen-year-old girl. The others too stunned to move suddenly started to laugh out loud. Beer was raining down on both Logan and Dawn equally.

Buffy moved up to Logan and asked, “Xander…you remember that time Willow told you to tell me about the spell she was doing and you told me to kick his ass.” Nodding his head slowly, while he took a sip of his beer…


Xander was again on his back, belted by his friend, the Buffster. Again beer was splashed all over him as the others watched in confusion as Buffy offered her hand to help him up while smirking.

“That was for lying to me.”


Buffy looked up at a grinning Logan as he offered his hand to her.

“That was to lying to us, when Angel came back.” Logan said grinning. She looked into his eyes trying to be angry and instead burst out laughing. Faith and the rest soon joined in, while Giles just polished his glasses.

Faith walked quietly up to Logan and looked into his eyes. He watched her quietly.

“Umm…Xander…I want to tell you I’m sorry for that night I almost ended your life…I…”

She was suddenly grabbed by her throat and pushed up against the wall. The others had all gone on to bed. She just stared into his eyes and waited for him to react.

He grabbed the front of her t-shirt and planted a deep kiss on her lips. It lasted for a long, long while…

Walking down the hall to the backdoor, Faith and Logan headed for his room. With Logan on her left, they were greeted by Angel, coming from the other direction. Smiling Angel said, “hey Faith, Xander…”


Angel was out cold on the floor as Faith looked back concerned and Logan said, “Yeah…I remember that too, Bub. And I still don’t like yah’.”

Faith turned back at what Xander said, looked at the grin on his face and burst out laughing.

Spike came waltzing in later to find Angel face up laid out on the hallway floor.

Everyone was up at about six the next day to help out for the show. Logan, Violet, Faith and Hank fed and watered the horses. Willow, Buffy and Scott checked the tack to see if it was clean and not damaged. Giles and the Professor checked the incoming horses for their Coggins test (A viral disease that can affect other horses). Andrew was busy taking care of the food trucks and booths with the help of several Slayerettes. Most of the potentials were put on lookout for trouble makers, pick pockets, etc.

It was a long tiring day, but at about six. Everyone had finally left the school grounds. The clean-up would start tomorrow morning…early. Horses were again brushed, bathed, fed and watered, while the tack was hung up in its correct place.

“Xander?” who was putting the grooming brushes away, “have you seen Willow?” asked Buffy. “I can’t seem to locate her anywhere.”

“She’ll show up darlin’.”

“Oh, and Scott’s missing too. So, if you see them…”

Waving he heads for the washtubs to get the dirt and grit off his hands. As he finished, two arms circled his waist and hugged him snuggly. Smiling he turned and kissed the wild brunet.

After catching their breath they both headed for his apartment. Not paying any attention, Xander walked in with Faith in his arms, their lips stuck together passionately, when they both stopped. Faith and Xander’s noses both flared for an instant as they heard the sounds coming from his bedroom. Smiling he turned towards Faith to find her missing. Glancing around the room he headed for the couch, which stood well away from the wall. Leaning over to look behind, a hand hooked the back of his head and he fell…right onto the mattress, he used to sleep on, next to an amorous Faith.

Scott, after the morning Olympics and a shower with someone special exited Logan’s bedroom heading for the fridge. Behind him came Willow dressed in Scott’s shirt and not much else. They both smiled and laughed as he put his arm around the diminutive witch. They kissed, that’s when they heard the sound…

“Hey Red, lookin’ pretty good there. Scott, can yah’ throw me a breakfast bar. Thanks, Xander had to take care of the horses. Told me to ask yah’ if you were done in the shower, then I could take one. Catch yah’,” said Faith, dressed in Xander’s tank t-shirt, which didn’t conceal much, as she headed towards the bathroom.

Both Scott and Willow dropped their orange juice on the floor as she passed.

Spike was in the basement smoking a cigarette, when he suddenly smelled the scent of a cigar. Turning he saw Xander leaning up against the wall smoking. He grinned and started to saunter over, feeling if anyone could understand him it would be Xander.

“Hey Droo…Xand nice to see yah’,”

All he got was a grunt and a glare. Getting nervous, he continued talking nonsense until Xander pulled the cigar from his mouth and put it out on Spike’s arm.

“HEY!” Jumping back, he quickly put it out. He then looked at…’Where’d Droopy go?’ He felt a hand grab the back of his neck and his face was slammed into the wall.

“Oww…you can’t do this…I…I saved the world…” Spike suddenly heard a sound that terrified him even more than the first…


Whispering in his ear, Xander growled quietly, “That’s the only reason your still alive Blondie, but if you ever, EVER drink from another human, I’ll know. And then you better run cause I’ll be lookin’ for yah’ and it’s always a lot more fun when they run.” Spike could almost swear that he heard the smirk on Logan’s face!

After a second Spike was released. Turning around quickly there was not a soul about. No scent, nobody around within twenty feet of him. ‘How the hell…’

It was the day that Professor Xavier and his compatriots had to leave. It was over way to soon. Leaving Logan behind was hard, but he had already chosen, so with Buffy and the other Scoobies he would stay. The only bright spot was watching Scott say goodbye to Willow. Faith had a bet with the rest to see who would kiss who first. It was a tie. Kennedy wasn’t too thrilled about it, but again nobody much cared since she had volunteered to go along with the mutants.

Two and Half Years Later

Sitting quietly reading a book and smoking his cigar in Giles study, Xander sighed contentedly. He was happy; Faith and he were a couple, even though neither would admit to it. They both had several opportunities to wander, neither did. He actually enjoyed being with her. She didn’t talk too much and she was sexy as hell especially with the fringed chaps on, minus most of her other clothes.

That’s when the door opened and he heard running in the hallway. He hurried to the door with his claws erupting and opened the door seeing no one. Of course something hit his legs. Looking down his claws pulled back into his arms and for the first time in a long time he was terrified.

“Nooooo!” Xander cried.

Succeeding in bypassing his Uncle Xander was Scotty, Willow’s son, by Scott Summers. He was once again teething and just getting over a small cold. Looking at the kid Xander smirked and remembered a quote from Bill Cosby about the “Glazed Donut Monster.” Shaking his head in defeat, he knew that the girls, all of them had gone out to party. He had asked them who was going to take care of Scotty Rupert Summers, but nobody said anything.

Settling down in his recliner, Xander picked up the youngster and started to read ‘The Return’ by William Shatner. It was an hour later that Scotty was out and Xander was just grateful that he didn’t have to…


…change him.

Five Years Later After Logan Arrived

Berlin, Germany

Xander arrived in Berlin, Germany three days ago. He had caught her scent just tonight and followed her home along with her snack. He found females there he knew, did know. They lasted quite a long time.

Spike entered the building, noticing the quiet. Smiling, he headed up to her apartment on the third floor. Walking in, he saw the blood streaking the floor and the drained bodies lying prone. He leaned down picked up one of the dead girls to get a taste. The two girls would be happy to see him.

Opening the door he saw Dru nailed to the wall spread eagle with a gag stuck in her mouth, staring at Harmony tied to the bed with a board of stakes held by rope that was connected to the door. He saw Harmony go ‘POOF’ as the board fell on her.

There was a slam of the door and whoosh as he watched an arrow fly to Dru’s heart ending her life as a vampire. Turning he saw Xander/Logan walking towards him smiling…

Cleveland, Ohio


“Out, had a promise to keep.”

“Yah’ shoulda been here with me X!”

“I’m here now.” He said quietly.

“Yeah…yeah you are,” she said leaning in laying her head on his chest, arms wrapped around each other.

“Then lets get this thing movin’,” he growled.

“Lover, you can’t force a…Oh crap! My water broke!”


The End

You have reached the end of "Logan". This story is complete.

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