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Summary: Buffy MArvel Crossover where the scoobies find out a little secret about one of Marvel's well known clawed hero.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsFatherAndSonGrimmFR18315,209086,8437 Oct 087 Oct 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Own anyone? US? Bwhahahaha/ In our dreams. NO none of these people are ours.

Stranger in a Stranger Land

Chapter 1

The stranger trudged along down the paved road at about ten PM just south of Cleveland, Ohio. His treasured motorcycle broke down about a mile away, even though it wasn’t his in the first place. With his satchel in one hand and his ragged, dusty old jean coat in his other he continued his journey. The old black leather Stetson sat low over his dark brown eyes. The bright stars seemed to show him the way as he spotted a bar about a half-mile down the road. Gripping his bag tighter and spitting the old cigar butt out; he headed towards the luminous sign in the distance.

His old dusty black cowboy boots crunched down on the loose graveled parking lot as he made his way to the entrance of the club. Several bystanders watched curiously for a while before again going about their business.

After paying his entrance fee, he entered a world of flashing lights, loud music and dancing. The place was crowded with young men and women as he made his way through the crowd to the bar. Ordering a Molson Canadian he found an unoccupied seat and laid his possessions on the floor. The beer tasted good after a six-hour ride on the bike.

He looked up and caught his reflection in the mirror. With the hat sitting on the bar it revealed a black haired man of indiscriminate age, with two tufts of hair jutting slightly from each side of his head. With a scruffy black beard just making it self known, long sideburns and his dark brown eyes that had seen too much over the years, he made his decision and ordered another cold one. The face was serious, but could show humor when needed. The strong cheekbones and chin made up a very handsome face, yet dangerous. Besides the hat that was perched on the bar, and then placed on the satchel, he wore a black tank top that showed dark curled black chest hair protruding from underneath a very manly physique. The jeans he wore were old and ragged with a hole in the left knee.

The sounds of the over crowded bar tended to irritate more than it should have been, but he got used to it. The smoke, body odor, perfume made for a very uncomfortable atmosphere. He casually gestured to the bar tender and asked if they had sandwiches, the bartender named Sam, handed him a greasy dirty menu and told him to call when he was ready. After a few minutes the stranger ordered a burger and fries. Sam took his order into the back room.

Turning around in his seat the dark haired man watched the goings on in the bar. Two girls talking at a table, a couple of guys checking them out, a man and a woman having an unplanned verbal disagreement in the corner, and some old gray haired guy drinking his troubles away. To the left several guys were eyeing one table, where several girls were bouncing to the music. One in particular, about eighteen, brunet and gorgeous sat in a tight blue dress with legs up to...heaven, seemed to be having a great time. She was laughing with some of her friends at the antics of somebody on the dance floor. Smiling he turned to see a dark haired woman in black leather pants, white-t and black boots dancing like hell. The dark haired beauty moved well, hair flying, arms above her head and moving to the beat with ferocity he saw only in his dreams. She was definitely a keeper. Smiling he turned back when Sam placed his burger and fries before him.

Looking for a napkin, not finding any, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then wiped it on his jeans. He then took a big swig of his beer and downed his shot of Black Velvet whiskey. He turned as a voice beside him asked Sam for a diet coke. It was the leggy brunet; she laid her money down picked up her drink, glanced in his direction, took four steps and hesitated.

Frowning she turned back and asked him, “ I know you?”

Grinning showing sharp canines, he said, “Not that I know of Darlin’.”

Staring at him in a perplexed manner a cold chill went up her spine, which made the hair on her head move in a ripple fashion along with the rest of her body... which from his point of view was very impressive, very, very impressive.

She just stared at him till it made him uncomfortable.

“Darlin’ if your goin’ to stare at me I can think of a lot better positions we could be in.”

Dawn realized what he said and flushed red. “I’m sorry, but...but you look like someone I should know.”

He stood up to his five foot eleven inch frame, which was a good four inches over the young woman, and said, “Well, we can take care of that right now little lady, Name’s Logan, yours?”

“ Dawn Summers.” Dawnie, haven’t been called that since...? “I didn’t get your last name, Mr...?”

“Logan, just Logan.”

She grinned and said, “Shy mister Logan?”

Looking perplexed he said, “Don’t know my last name kiddo, not to sure about my first name. Guess I never had a last name. Some friends of mine said something about induced amnesia.”

Taking a seat next to him after it was vacated, Dawn thought on what he had just said, “Induced?”

“Yeah darlin’, guess they didn’t want me to know who I was.” Logan said as he raised his Molson to his lips.

“Canadian?” she asked.

“The beer?”

“, you have a Canadian accent.”

“Don’t know, nobody ever told me.” He said grinning.

She couldn’t help, but smile. The guy was very likable for somebody she just met. His dark brown eyes reminded her of ... “what...what did you say?”

“I said your starin’ again lass. Do I scare yah’?”

“ just thinking,” as he turned she bit her lip as she watched the muscles play in his arm and upper body.

“So darlin’, you the only one at home?”

Scrambling trying to come up with an answer Dawn says, “Yes...yes I am...I am an only child.” She said with a big grin.

“So you wanna beer Dawn?”

“Ooh, I’d love a beer, see I forgot my I.D. tonight.”

“Well maybe Sam will cut you...”

Shaking her head real fast she said, “NO!” Several people jumped around them including Logan. “I...I mean Sam is very, very strict about that.” Yeah, like the time you got drunk on two bottles of beer and Buffy almost came down here and tore the place up.

“Well I can ask...hey Sam!” The barkeep wandered down and Logan asked his question.

Sam looked at Dawn and said, “Com’ on Dawn you know...” He looked real close at her for a minute. The guy she was talking too was looking down the bar at a fight that just broke out. On Dawn’s face there was a look that almost made him burst out laughing, it was a desperate kind of face, a face that said go along...PLEASE! Sucking it in before he broke down laughing he said, “Sorry Dawn, you know the rules.” He suddenly turned his back on her and walked to the end of the bar shaking with contained laughter.

Taking a drink Logan turned back to her saying, “I tried...” She gave him a big grin with those big blue eyes of hers. After a minute, his nose flared and he said, “You know maybe I do know you, or a sister maybe?”

“ sister just little ole’ me, all by myself a large apartment down the street.” She said nodding with a big grin on her face.

Several young men walked by oh so slowly glancing at her smooth silky legs and low cut blue dress. There were a ton of spilt drinks behind her as the men kept bumping into each other. The men weren’t the only ones several young ladies were doing their share of ogling Logan too. Unfortunately for them the two talking were oblivious to anything going on around them.

“So what about you? Where do you come from?”

“Where do I come from originally? Couldn’t tell yah’. Where did I come from today? Westchester, New York.”

“New York!! Ooh...I’ve always wanted to go there.” She said with a genuine smile that lit her face up. “What?”

He looked into her eyes and said, “Just basking in the beauty of one Dawn Summers.”

She glowed for that minute. She definitely liked this guy. “Us Summers girls appreciate it.” She said blushing and looking down.

Logan smiling gently put his hand on her chin and raised her head. She looked deeply into his eyes as he said quietly, “never look down darlin’, the world would regret not seeing such a perfect face.” They stared into each other’s eyes for an eternity until the moment broke.

She sighed deeply looking at him as he faced the bar again, WOW.

Turning back to the bar he ordered another beer saying, “I thought you said you were an only child.”

Her eyes opened wide as she went over their last few minutes of conversation in her head Summers girls and stated, “Err...yes I’m an only one accept for my... sister...Err half sister. She’s the one who didn’t get the good lookin’ genes, the homely one. She’s way older than me like...maybe in her late thirties...umm early forties. She... she has four kids and she’s a grandmother too. You know what kids do to you, the early gray hair, the wrinkles...age spots. Did I tell you she’s a grandmother! Oh it’s just terrible. Did I tell you she’s fat...lotsa weight problems. Not that I’ll ever get that way, I’ll always look like this...honest…”

“Age spots? Does Buffy know about this?”

“Of course she doesn’t know...oh hi...Faith.”

Smirking at Dawn and who the hell are you handsome. No wonder she was talking her sister down. This guy was definitely worth a good roll in the hay, maybe several. “Hey stud, names Faith.”

Recognizing her from her dance routine he shook her hand and said Logan. She returned the shake giving him a look that was all predatory. He again got her scent and it seemed very familiar and very sexual. She looked mighty good standing there and from the jealous stares and glances of the other men he wasn’t the only one that noticed.

Logan stood up, stretched cat like, glanced at the two girls looking at him like he was a meal on two legs, and excused him self and headed for the men’s room. Half the females at the bar watched his backside as he moved through the crowd.

“Where the hell did you...?” Faith said with tilted head, after admiring the view.

“He was at the bar, sitting. I felt like I knew him. Still do. God I hope he’s not some of my lost relation.” Dawn mused.

“I do,” muttered Faith.

Giving her a dirty look Dawn asked, “What do you want Faith?”

“Hey come on we have to go. You know Giles said to be home by twelve.” Vi said coming up beside Faith. Vi wasn’t too happy she had been sitting at the table with Kennedy, Alicia and Hanna as she watched Dawn and Faith suck up the good potential guys. The other girls joined them at the bar listening in on the conversation.

“Okay guys we’ll take off as soon as Logan gets back. He should be here any minute.” Dawn exclaimed.

“Why wait, lets just go. You’ll just pick up some guy next week.” Kennedy said with a great amount of sarcasm. No one could stand her much since her breakup with Willow a year ago. The only reason she was here was due to the fact; Giles told them if they didn’t take her they wouldn’t be able to go with Faith...PERIOD!


Logan was in the men’s room at the back of the club taking care of business thinking about the girls he met. Several men were walking in and out of the urine stained room talking and muttering about their conquests. One guy in particular was bragging about several women he had sexually, the only problem was all Logan could smell from him was several males. Keeping quiet he thought more about the two girls.

Dawn was just a sweetheart. She was already a heartbreaker and she had a boyfriend, his scent was still attached to her clothes. Logan felt more like her older brother than anything else. Still her scent itself was odd, foreign. He couldn’t get it out of his head, but what he did know was that she was extraordinary.

Faith on the other hand, she was just plain dangerous, the way she moved shouted out predator. Her out right sexuality would have scared most men, but Logan had already seen it all. He enjoyed her scent, even though she was not conscious of it. Her hair, lips, and hell her body attracted him like no other female he ever met, except maybe for Jean Grey. Yet he knew deep down that she was special. She was a warrior and if you didn’t know how to handle her you were going to get burned...badly.

Washing and wiping his hands he continued to think about the two girls as he made his way through the narrow hall coming up to the couple arguing. The boy friend’s hand snapped out slapping the crying female across the face. She fell to the floor, so she didn’t see the hand grab the back of her boy friend’s head and slam it into the wall, denting it, knocking him unconscious. When she looked up her ‘Frank’ was lying on the floor.


Nobody was around.


When he got back he was surprised to find not just two beautiful girls, but five. They seemed to be arguing about when to leave. Well three girls were discussing this, Faith and taller brunets were watching. Faith’s expression was one of amusement, while the brunet seemed quiet and confused. While the girls were fighting back and forth Logan drank his beer, talked to the bar keeper, and then put his hat on and started for the exit.

He was walking out the door when a finger tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t need to turn around, due to her and the others scent, but did anyway. Smiling he removed his hat and asked what she wanted.

“Hang on there stud, just checkin’ to see if you need a ride anywhere?”

Looking at the other taller red head Logan said, “Logan ma’m.”

Putting her head down the girl mumbled a reply, “Violet...Vi.”

“Nice to meet such a lovely young lass, Vi.” She immediately gave him a shy smile.

“Now Faith, yah wanna tell me how to get to a motel around here.”

“I can do better than that stud, we can drive yah, okay?” she asked smirking.

“Yeah, if yah can get the arguing trio to...”

“GUYS, HERE NOW!” A hush fell over the bar.

Three young females rushed to Faith’s side.

“Well trained.” Logan replied smiling. Two girls flushed in embarrassment, the third in anger.

“Where the hell do you come...”

“Knock it off Kennedy, Dawn get the van. Hanna close your mouth, he’s not that good lookin’.” But I wouldn’t mind a little time with him. He comes off as dangerous and that just turns me on!

When they exited the club they found Dawn outside driving an old 95 red caravan with a dent in the driver’s side panel. The passenger door was opened along with the sliding door and the girls piled in. Logan sat in the back seat next to a very flustered Violet. The girl Kennedy just looked at him in fury. Logan just returned a big smile, which pissed her off more.

So looking at Dawn, the driver, Logan said, “How’s that I.D. going there Dawn?”

She flushed saying, “Okay!…I’m really nineteen, but I’ll be twenty in eleven months.”

“Kinda figured that out for myself, darlin’,” he said smirking. He glanced over at Faith and the other two girls to find them giggling. Well, two girls were giggling.

“The motels up here Logan about five miles past the girl’s school.” Said Faith.

“Girl’s school?”

“Yeah, that’s where we’re from. Where we call home. Except for Dawn who lives in a large apartment not far from here.” Hanna said sarcastically. The other three girls giggled, even Kennedy.

Logan heard Dawn mutter, “Damn that slayer hearing.” But what she said out loud was “Okay I live at the school too.” She growled at Hanna, while the others continued to giggle.

He gave a look at the ‘school’, what it was, was an old mansion that boarded horses, essentially a horse stable. It was quite a sight due to all the lights on the grounds and the ‘student patrols’? Okay! He could actually see through the trees as several students walked the grounds.

When they got to the motel he said his goodbyes and got a room and fell swiftly to sleep seeing those deep brown eyes winking at him.


It was a cool walk that he took in the morning, his coat slung over his shoulder he entered the school grounds at about seven in the morning. As soon as he crossed the rusty old gates he felt extremely odd, like he just walked through some sort of a shield or something. He glanced back at the gate, but it revealed nothing. Shaking his head he turned and walked down the badly needed paved drive to the main house.

He was about hundred feet from the house, when six young teenage girls appeared, anywhere from the ages of about fourteen to twenty. They stopped him and asked him some questions. He smiled and answered all their questions truthfully bringing some laughter from the younger ones and sly glances from the older ones. They escorted him around back where they were going to show him in the back door, that’s when he heard it, the sound of pain! The girls turned when they noticed him not following them.

In fact he was gone!


“What do you mean he’s gone!” Kennedy yelled.

“Ken he was right behind us with no cover for at least fifty feet and besides where could he go...” said the redheaded leader Diane.

“Get Willow now!” Kennedy screamed.


Violet was crying, “you’re hurting him he’s not ready yet!”

The horse trainer continued to force the horse, Ozzy, into running through its routine. Ignoring the girl, he didn’t hear or see the man until it was too late and then he really didn’t care anymore. Vi looked up to see the man that Dawn and Faith picked up last night checking the horse’s hooves out. He was petting the horse and it just stood there as he ran his hand down the inside of the back leg and grabbed the hoof itself. Looking concerned he gently put the hoof down and grabbed its halter and walked back to Vi with the horse limping by his side.

Seeing the tears running from her eyes, he smiled saying, “he’ll be fine just put some medicine on it and wrap it up.” She nodded and followed the man...Logan to the barn. “What’s his name?’

“Ozzy, he’s a ten year old gelding.” She said rushing to get the appropriate medicine. She stopped and looked out into the field. “What about...?”

“Leave him, when he comes too, tell him a horse got out and kicked him.” Vi just nodded.

“What the hell? Who is this idiot?” Logan growled as he had a look inside the stable.

Violet just looked at Logan in confusion.


“Okay we checked the house and most of the grounds, but we can’t seem to locate him anywhere.” Diane looked crestfallen. “I didn’t mean to...”

“Hey kiddo it’s cool we’ll find him.” Faith said patting the younger girl on the shoulder.

“Are you nuts Faith! The guy could be anywhere...”

“Keep your mouth moving Ken and you’ll be picking up horse manure with those same mouth parts.”


A man rushed into the room in a robe and some riding boots looking disheveled. His hair was a mess and gray was just starting to appear on his sideburns. He was tall for an older man and quite British. His name Rupert Giles.

“Hey G we have an intru...”

“Yes I know Faith, thank you...Willow any chance in finding him?”

“Yep, got him. He’s in the stable?” Willow indicated.

“OHMYGOD! Vi’s out there!” Dawn said.

“Everybody take it easy let’s remember that Vi is a trained slayer, okay? Come on then, drats, I forgot my spectacles. Ken can you run and get them please. That’s a good girl.”

She turned grumbling all the way as the rest made their way to the Stable. As they were walking Giles pulled an extra pair from his robe and slipped them on.

“Err...Giles I thought you said for Kennedy to...” asked Willow.

“I’m not stupid Willow, she’s been a bitch since you two broke up and I don’t feel like having her beat up some poor individual so she can get her kicks as you colonists would say.”

“Way to go G-man!” Faith exclaimed while the other twenty girls giggled and followed him into the stable.

What they found in the hay strewn stable was Vi and this...this man shooing the horses out to pasture. They also found a pregnant mare that was destined to be destroyed due to the ‘trainer’ saying it was having labor problems, in a stall with its new foal. The man in question then started to muck the stalls throwing the waste into a spreader connected to a running tractor that hadn’t worked for two weeks.

Looking up he saw the older man and a redhead along with Faith and about twenty girls of various ages walking towards him. A warm feeling tugged at his heart, a familiar feeling as if this had happened before. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Vi looks like we have help. Hey girls grab some shovels and start cleaning the other stalls.” Looking at the man who was sweaty, muscular, handsome and not afraid to get dirty several girls pitched in, including Faith.

Giles walked up to Logan and said “Excuse me sir, but what are you doing? We have a trainer for this, He’s supposed to be...”

Logan growled, which made Giles and the girls back up, “Fire him, he’s a... Couldn’t tell a horse was hurt. The mare he was going to shoot, because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty and these horses should be out 24/7. Unless ill or some other good reason. They were in these stalls with about six inches of manure on the floor and if I was a customer I’d report cha.”

“Mr. Logan,” Vi said loudly, “I can’t put the rest of the horses out until we get a line of fence fixed in the back forty.”

“No problem, are there posts and lines?” Shaking her head yes he said, “When the girls are finished cleaning the stalls have them disconnect the trailer and connect the other one to the tractor. Then put the tools, posts and wire in the other. And then drive it out there.”

Moving to the back of the stable he grabbed a saddle, blanket and pad threw it on a horse and tightened the cinch down. Looking at Giles Logan asked, “Can you ride mister...”

“Giles, Rupert Giles.”

“Logan,” wiping his hands on his pants and then shaking hands with him. “I could use a little help.”

Dropping his robe, which covered his jeans he threw on and a white t-shirt (You dirty minded people you). Logan threw him a shirt. While Giles buttoned up the shirt Logan tacked up the second horse.

“You know umm Mister Logan...”

“Just Logan.”

“You saddled a horse that no one else can ride. Did you know that?”

In a raspy voice Logan replied, “I’ll deal.”

As the two walked the horses out into the back, Giles mounted while he watched the other man along with all the slayerettes, as he walked the horse around and talked to it. After petting it and rubbing it, feeling the texture of its coat, he slowly put his left boot in the stirrup and mounted the big roan. Expecting to find him thrown to the ground the others were shocked to see him take off past Giles and then past the trainer who still was laid out on the ground.

“What happened to him?” asked Giles of Logan.

“I hit him...hard.”

“Oh good, I always hated that pillock!”


After a good six hours fixing fences they had Vi and Dawn ride along and check if any other fences needed fixing. They got several calls on the radios, but Giles decided that the fences would be suitable until they get some time to fix them. It was an hour later when they rode in from the back forty, two sweaty, dirty guys who rode up and dismounted. Two girls took the mounts and stripped the saddles and bridals off. They then brushed the horses down and let Giles and Logan pick the hooves. The girls then took the horses by the halters into the pen, walked them around in a circle so that the horses were facing the opening, released them and then hurried back to the stable.

The girls Vi and Dawn rode up shortly after and told the other girls that it was all right to release the other horses into the large pasture. With that completed they watched as the two men stripped off their shirts and washed up in the watering trough. Faith, Willow, Dawn and the other girls just grinned at the two guys while some catcalled and the others whistled. Giles put a stop to it right away, but when the girls quickly left he gave Logan a big grin.


They had stepped in the kitchen to get a bite to eat. Some of the girls had fixed some burgers, fried potatoes and corn on the cob. Sitting down Giles asked Logan a lot of questions. Logan answered them as truthfully as he could.

Willow just stared at him, but Logan was getting used to it. Hell there was a good twenty-five girls coming and going in the dining room and kitchen alone. He kept getting scary vibes from her, not normal from him. He also just wanted to engulf her in a hug, but managed to fight the unfamiliar urge.

“So Giles have you heard from Wood?” Willow asked forgetting about Faith. “Umm...sorry Faith, I...”

“No sweat Red. He had a choice and he made his decision.” Faith replied with no malice.

Watching the interplay between the two, Giles smiled and said, “As far as I know he’s doing a fine job in...Oh hi Olivia.” A beautiful African American woman had just entered giving him the evil eye.

“Where were you?”

“Umm giving Logan...” gesturing to him. “A hand with the fences.”

“You forgot!”

“Excuse me! I may be getting up in age...but I wouldn’t have forgotten anything as important as that!”

Smiling the woman said, “I guess I was wrong, I’m sorry.” She then left the room.

Giles leaned over the table and asked Dawn, “What did I forget?” Giggles and laughter exploded about the room.

From the hallway he heard, “Your visitors are in the lobby Mr. Giles. Oh, wait, you didn’t forget, did you?”

“Bloody hell, I forgot.” More laughter burst out from that statement as Giles, Dawn and Willow rushed from the room.


Willow, Dawn, Kennedy and Faith were talking on their way to the extra showers in the stable. There were four that were used if all the showers were in use in the main house. The four were dressed in short robes and slippers and carrying their towels, soap and shampoo. Along the way they discussed Buffy in Europe, and when she would return. They also discussed Wood in Asia, what was the news from Africa and Australia.

“So Red, how’s the chart coming and how does he compare with the other guy?” Faith asked.

“Well, since Logan decided to stick around and take the room above the stable a couple of days ago. Dawn and I decided to do a comparison chart on the other four stable masters.” Willow exclaims.

“So does Logan have a temper? Definitely! Answer twenty-five can be checked off.” Willow says as she takes her chart and checks off a number. “Will he help out?” Glancing at the others, they were nodding.

“He did some work on the stair rails on the third floor. You can’t even tell which one was damaged.” Dawn said.

“Okay, check that one off. Okay it seems we’re down to personnel questions.” Willow made another check. “Okay, question thirty-five is he a prude? Hmm.”

Behind them a shower stall door opened, and wet feet were heard making their way towards them.

“So prudish or not?” Faith grinned while asking the others. “Remember Mr. Mann the time Dawn walked in on him?” They all laughed.


The four girls turned as one to find a very naked Logan towering over them with a stub of a cigar hanging from his mouth and smoke curling up into the air. There was no embarrassment in his eyes at all. Without so much as a thought Willow just blankly handed him her soap, as she watched his backside enter the shower stall. They all stood with their heads tilted in place for close to five minutes all caught up in their own thoughts.

“Prude?” they all agreed to it as they turned back around.

“I agree.”

“I second that motion.”

“Me too.”

“Hey that answers question number forty!” Dawn said thinking.

“What should I put down?” Willow contemplated.

“Extra!” Three voices said together. “Wow!”

A girl, Veronica, walked out of one of the other stalls, tilted her face up and asked the others, “Hey was someone smoking in here?”

“Answer fifty-five...” Willow yelled.


After a frantic call from Vi, Faith, Dawn, Giles and Willow drove quickly down to the local store to check on some of the Slayerettes. Upon arriving they found Vi and several other slayers standing around watching five bikers laid out on the ground, unconscious. Looking around Giles sees Logan leaning on a tree, attempting to light a stogie.

“Logan! I asked you specifically not to let the girls get into any trouble.”

“Yeah... yah did.” Logan drawled out.

Getting more upset Rupert growled, “Then why are all these guys unconscious?”

“Ummm ...Giles,” Vi asked.

“Not now Vi!”

“Mr. Giles...a...” said Valerie with a concerned look.


Five voices cut Giles off, “we didn’t do this!”

Just about ready to cut into Logan, Giles turned dumbfounded and asked, “What? Then who...?” Pointing at the mayhem.

The girls just looked at Logan.

“ did this?” asked Willow.

Growling Logan said, “Yep, stupid jerks were messin’ with Cho Ann, so I straightened them out.” Again trying to light his cigar after it burned out.

“Oooh, you should have seen him Faith. He used martial arts that I’ve never seen before.” exclaimed Valerie.

Cho Ann spoke rapidly for a minute gesturing and jabbering excitedly as she did.

Willow, Faith and Giles all shook their heads trying to make out what she was saying.

Logan snickered, “Yah’ don’t have a clue what she’s saying, do yah’?”

Kennedy looked at him and sneered, “and you do, I suppose!”

Logan glanced at Cho Ann and started rambling off in some Chinese dialect. The others just stared at him in astonishment.

“She’s telling me thank you for standing up for her and asks if I could show her some of the throws I used.” Logan said smirking. “Oh yes and Rupert...she says that she knows that you meant well in Sunnydale, but she’s lactate intolerant.” This caused all of the people present to burst out laughing and Giles to clean his glasses.

“Oh dear.”


It was late in the day, already dark out when he entered his room in the stable and walked through the door. The girls had done a wonderful job cleaning the place up. The wood floors were washed and waxed. The walls had been washed and the biggest thing was that they had added the large side-by-side refrigerator. He still hadn’t figured how two girls the ages of fifteen and sixteen had manhandled that thing up the steps, but hey it was up here.

He opened the fridge up and found that they had filled it with plenty of food, juice and a note from Giles. Opening it, he read it, laughed out loud, and opened the lower drawer to find a twelve pack of Molson Canadian. Popping it open he took a large swig and headed into the bedroom. As he entered he tensed up, sighed, and turned on the light. There in his room apparently naked under the sheets on his bed was Vi!

“Darlin’ what cha doin’?” He asked.

Looking away nervously, she said, “I thought you might like some entertainment tonight.”

“You’re a sweet, mixed up girl. One that any guy could want, but darlin’ I’m not the man.”

“I...I could give you one hell of a night Logan.” She tried to make herself look confident, by jutting her breasts out and trying to look provocative. But to him it just made her look that much younger.

“Girl…we need to talk.”


She had entered quietly ten minutes earlier looking for Vi. She had checked all her other hangouts, but for some reason decided to check Logan’s place. She now stood outside his bedroom listening to the conversation inside.

Faith moved quietly hiding behind the couch and listened as Vi with head hung low left the apartment.

Going to the fridge again he pulled out another beer, looked up and said in a gravely voice, “Yah want one?’

Faith smiling and shaking her head she stood up and took the proffered beer from his hand. Popping it open she dropped down onto the couch and propped her feet up on the small table in front of it. Sitting down next to her he too began drinking slowly.

They just sat like that for about fifteen minutes when Faith broke the silence, “How’d yah know it was me, Logan?”

“Your scent.”

“You smelled me? Wow! Didn’t see that one comin’? What about Vi?”

“Leave her for tomorrow. Talk with Willow and the G-man.”

Not looking at him she asked, “What about tonight?’

Kicking off his boots and throwing them in the corner Logan headed for the bedroom. Not turning he said, “Get the lights will yah?”

Faith grinned, downing her beer, removing her tank top, dropping her shorts. She shut the lights out and sauntered seductively into the bedroom...


Faith woke up early the next morning to find her-self lying on top of Logan’s chest, breasts flattened, listening to the quiet beating of his heart. Her hair was flung in a splash of brunet about his chest. She could feel one of his calloused hands lying quietly on her lower back. She decided that she liked the feel of him, how he smelled, and his hands on her body. She never felt like this, not even with Wood.

He restlessly changed position under her and she took that as a signal for her to change her position. When she did so she found those dog tags he always wore lying on the bed sheets. They had rattled all night, memory bringing a large grin to her face. Picking them up as quietly as she could she began to place them on the bed side table, but stopped and read what was on them. All they said was ‘Wolverine’.

Still holding them she felt a hand gently slide up her back and turn her head. Before she could say anything a hungry mouth found hers and she was left panting an hour later.


They had just exited the shower, when they heard a knock on the front door. Glancing at each other they shrugged and Faith got up and walked out in her black thong bikini bottom and nothing else, slipping her black tank top over her head to answer the door.

Willow was outside waiting when the door was opened and she turned to look at...Faith? Not much on. Wow! Didn’t see that coming.

“Faith, ohmygod! I’llcomebacklater. Youlookkindofbusy. Maybenextyear...”

“Relax Red, we’re done,” glancing at the bedroom door, smiling she said, “I think...” Slipping on her jean shorts she waited for Logan to arrive.

Logan walked into the living room shirtless, muscles relaxed, looking up he saw who it was and smiled, “Hey Red what’s up?”

Willow flushed red at the sight of a shirtless Logan. She may be a lesbian, but she wasn’t blind. After stumbling around for the right words, to Faith’s amusement. Willow said, “Buffy’s returning this afternoon and so are Charles Gunn, Angel, Ileria, and Spike.” She said excitedly.

Logan looked confused for a minute and said, “And this concerns me,”

“Don’t you see? You get to meet Buffy?”

“Who’s Buffy?” he asked as he slipped a blue t-shirt over his head.

“Dawn’s sister.” Willow replied.

“The grandmother?!!” He asked, while Faith was on the floor laughing and Willow just looked confused...


Logan was outside staining the side of the stable getting ready for the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ stable ride, when a familiar scent wafted across his nose. Puzzled he sees a female that he hasn’t met yet. She was petite, blonde, pretty and watching him with a suspicious eye. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans; short sleeve white t-shirt and a pair of riding boots. Not showing too much concern he went back to the job he was doing.

“Ummm...hey big guy, Dawn said you could fix me up with a horse to ride.” She smiled sweetly at him.

Without turning around he asks, “Have you ever ridden before?”

Watching his backside and smiling she says, “I’m sorry...what?”

“Have you ever ridden before?”

“Yes, of course.” She said a little testily. At about this time Faith wandered up looking mighty curious. Watching her Buffy asks, “What?”

Faith smiled saying, “Just watchin’.”

Logan set the brush down and entered the stable. He walked around looking for Bluto, a paint. “Hey Sara can you run out and get Bluto for this gal here?”

Making doe eyes at him she grabbed a lead line and rushed out the stable door and into the field.

“Okay, now the saddles are over there and the bridles are on the far wall. All the brushes are in the grooming stalls. Don’t forget to pick their feet.” He said as he began to wander back out.

“Hold it! What do you mean brush and pick its feet. Aren’t you supposed to do that for me?” Buffy asked.


“What! You work for us don’t you...well don’t you.”

Starting to get pissed the man said, “Listen, if you ride the horses here, you take care of the horses. If you don’t know how, we teach you, but you still take care of your own horse. Do. You. Understand?”

“Yes! Okay, I get it!” He turned his back on her she looked back at a smirking Faith, Buffy then smiled and said in a demure voice, “Could yah show me how to take care of the horse, Mr. ...”

“Logan, just Logan.”

“Hey stud, I could like show...”

“No Faith why don’t you let Logan show me,” smiling sweetly at him.

Sighing he stopped a student and asked her to see if some of the girls could finish the staining, while he was giving this girl a lesson. She ran out to the main house.

At this time Sara led in Bluto, the paint. She tied it in the grooming stall and went about her business. Logan pointed out a girl who was correctly leading her horse to pasture. Behind him a smirking Buffy wasn’t paying that much attention except to Logan’s... All this time, a concerned Faith just kept making excuses to stay in the stable. And Buffy just kept smiling at her.

Which really irritated Faith.

After about a half an hour Buffy’s horse was saddled and bridled. Her white shirt had manure on it and her pants weren’t exactly clean. About half way through the lesson she had forgot about trying to get Logan’s attention and started to actually listen to what he said.


Outside, Dawn had finished her hour-long ride and dismounted from the horse, but as she was leading the horse in she heard her sister’s raised voice.


Smiling Logan said, “And there yah go, Miss...”

“Buffy, Buffy Summers...”

“The Grandmother?” Logan asked. “You don’t look fat or old.”

Outraged Buffy yelled, “What do you mean grandmother? And who’s fat?”

Perplexed, Logan said, “Well Dawn said...”



Dawn quickly mounted her horse and galloped off down the path and into the woods with a furious Buffy riding in pursuit, Faith on the ground laughing and a very confused Logan just shaking his head.


The two girls were helping Logan replace a window on the third floor in the main house. He had just finished glazing the window when he stiffened. The girls watched him warily as he lets out a low rumbling growl.

His low raspy voice tells the two girls to get to their rooms, as he starts at a fast run towards the stairs in the foyer. The girls watch him with shocked expressions as six, 12-inch long knives spring forth from Logan’s hands in a quick spray of blood. Several doors opened as other girls heard the sudden roar and footfalls of the man they thought they knew watching him spring over the third story railing and plummet three stories to his apparent death.


Just South of Cleveland, Ohio

Six people arrived at a tree where a motorcycle leaned up against it. They checked it over and the tall red haired man could not kick start it. Five of the six were dressed in black leather the sixth was confined to a wheel chair. The man with the red glasses stated that he looked the bike over, but there was no reason for the bike not to start.

A tall regal woman with flowing white hair stopped and called out, “Professor! Come here quickly!”


“Can you feel it? Like a coldness but it only happens here and nowhere else? What is it?”

“Hank!” A blue furred man bounded towards the Professor and Storm, along with Cyclops, Rogue and Gambit.

“Amazing, it’s a natural occurrence. Quite astounding professor! I theorized this type of phenomenon several years ago, but I never expected to be blessed to actually...”

“Mon ami, please in English or French.” Gambit said.

“To be honest Gambit, it’s a hole to another world. And apparently our esteemed Wolverine has wandered through it.”


The foyer was thrown into darkness as something from above crashed into the large chandelier destroying it. Two people screamed in pain as they were skewered by three knives each at the same time. Not being without their own resources they both punched and kicked out forcing it back.

“Angel! You get it?’

“No! Can you locate him? How’d he get in here with several slayers present...” Spike screamed as he was again gutted and flew past Angel colliding heavily with the wall. “Damn this thing is to fast...Ahhh!”

Angel saw his chance, a shadow moving like an animal, he could just barely hear the panting and soft growling coming from darkness. He looked to the right and saw Giles finally coming to his feet. He could also hear several Slayer feet running down the stairs. The battle was quick with no leniency asked and none given. Both Angel and Spike tried to locate and take out the animal, but it was just too quick. Finally the time had come and lucky for the two, a mistake was made on part of the aggressor. He stepped into a punch made by both Vampires at the same time, which made him fly over an unconscious Charles Gunn and through a steel door and into a small study.


“God Faith, it’ll be great to see Angel and Gunn again. To bad Illeria decided to stay in Los Angeles with Lorne.” Buffy stated.

“Yeah, but I kind of wanna get this over with, okay?”

“What Faith you want to see Logan again?” Willow asked with a sly smile, while Faith gave her a dirty look.

“Ummm...what do you mean Will?” Said Dawn, while Buffy and Dawn stared at a never before seen blushing Faith.

“Nothin’! Okay it was nothing. We had a fling, okay? It wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before! Like he’s not going to come flying in here just too...”


Clothes ripped up, blood coursing down his physique from dozens of cuts and puncture wounds, Logan kipped to his feet and rushed out into the foyer with growl rumbling from deep in his chest.

Standing up suddenly, the four girls watched as six knives burst from his hands and he tackled his opponent that they could just see in the dim light.

All four women looked at each other and cried “Angel!” running to defend him they suddenly see Spike grab a growling Logan by both his arms, while Gunn tries to knock Logan out with a punch to the jaw. Gunn hits him and suddenly screams holding his hand. Angel tries to talk to the guy, but Logan isn’t listening.

Roaring Logan throws his head back snapping Spike’s nose, which in turn releases him. Then Logan slashes at Spike, splashing everyone with Spike’s blood. Angel sees his chance and rushes the mad man only to have his charge used against him. Angel’s thrown to the ground with a madman on top ready to shove his claws into his throat.

“Bemishel com!” Logan falls to the floor decked by Willow.

“Good work Wills! Get those lights on Now!” Buffy taking charge moved through the area until the spare lights were turned on. What everyone saw caused cries of concern.

Giles was still shaken up by the attack, but in good shape. A couple of girls helped him to a chair. Gunn was clutching his hand telling everyone he broke it on the other guy’s head. Angel was trying to help Spike up off the floor. Both had several stab wounds and were bleeding profusely. The foyer looked like a war zone. The chandelier smashed to pieces on the floor. A steel door ripped from its hinges and a column cut halfway through.

“Jesus who is this bloody wanker?”

Several girls said at the same time, “the stable master.”

“You got to be bloody kiddin’ me. That guy nearly tore my head off.” Spike said as he lifted his neck for them to see three gashes bleeding down his chest.

“God, what happened? Did he suddenly go berserk? Giles?”

“It’s been known to happen Angel, but usually against somebody they hate.”

Logan was a mess. The glass had shredded his shirt, and he had blood all over his body, yet he didn’t seem to be breathing hard. Dawn leaned down and touched one of the ends of the claws, pulling back quickly in pain.

“Damn, those things are razor sharp.” Dawn exclaimed. “Buffy! Look!”

The claws were slowly starting to retract into the spaces between the knuckles. Then they healed up!

“Alicia, Vi, Faith help me put him on the table.” The four reached down and then...

“Holy shit! How much does he weigh? Crap! Four hundred pounds?” Faith exclaimed.

“Clean him up Dawn. Ummm...thanks Hanna we could use the...”


“What Dawn! I’m bu...”

“You should see this NOW!”

“What...Holy crap!”

Everyone rushed over as they witnessed the healing process of Logan. In seconds his body was free of all cuts and scrapes. In thirty seconds even the scars were gone!

Giles thought for a moment and quickly asked Willow how long he would be out for. She said that he would be out for at least eight hours. He then told some slayerettes to take him into the basement and lock him in a cell.

As they were leading him away Spike, shaking his head, made a comment that shocked all the Scoobies. “Damn never thought Droopy would be so hard to take down...another second and the Poofter and I would have been dust!”

Everyone stopped as Angel, holding his injured arm, said one word, “Xander?”
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