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In the Darkness Lies the Light

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Summary: A continuation of the time still flows series. Never finished. Finish it if you like. No slash.A darker Harry Potter fan fic where The wizards need the scoobies help against the mounting Forces of Voldemort.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > OtherFatherAndSonGrimmFR181241,226114,5187 Oct 087 Oct 08No


Disclaimer: We own no one. Don't sue us. This is an unfinished continuation of the time still flows story we never finished. You may continue it if you so do wish. NO SLASH please.

In the Darkness Lies the Light


The world is older then we thought. Deep mysteries run rampant and people are none the wiser of the other worlds that go on within their own. The world of darkness is one such subculture; demons and vampires run rampant, checked only by the power of the slayer. The Wizarding World full of magic and happiness too is one such world. But there are more.

They rarely ever meet, as if something kept them from each other, a barrier that held them, like a thin net. A net controlled by an ancient evil that wished for the good of each group never to meet and join forces. That evil has recently been slain.

The good may now join together, but so can the evil. That’s the price of such a victory, a double-edged sword.


“So Voldy, when do we take out this Potter kid?” The woman nuzzled up to his ear, as he smiled.

“As soon as I’m sure we’re safe from any outside interference from those of you who don’t use wands.” He smiled evilly, holding her soft hand. “But remember, I get the boy. Anyone else you can kill but the boy’s mine…”

She smiles, just as bitterly as he does. “Oh Voldy, you say the sweetest things and give me the nicest gifts. I just need one more thing from you, to increase your protection.” She bent closer to his ear. “What’s that my dear…”

“We need to find a girl…” She whispered.


It was another prophetic dream, Harry realized. The world was a haze of color’s, but black seemed prominent. Bodies scattered over the field, of both men and beast. Suddenly in the distance, six figures emerged on two sides of the battlefield. One covered by light, the other in a cloak of darkness. All he can make out is that on the dark side, Voldemort is scowling.

Suddenly he turns around, and Luna and, surprisingly Dawn who he hasn’t seen in a while stand, looking to the darkened sky. “The final battle between Voldemort and you is quickly approaching.” They say in unison. “Evil is multiplying while good is gathering its forces.”

Harry shook his head. “I don’t understand. Why now?”

“Because it was destined. You shall be the only one to destroy Voldemort completely even though others can hurt him. But be warned. He has discovered the barrier has been lifted. The time of the mixing has taken place.”

“The time of the what? What do you…”

Harry wakes up abruptly. “Bloody ‘ell…”
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