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Someone To Fight For.

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Summary: Buffy/LOTR crossover. Buffy/Legolas paring. I'm going to give it an FR18 rating incase I go a little OTT with the violence at some point. Basic outline Buffy loves Legolas, so she joins the fellowship. There may later be another under lying story.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasMissAngelusFR1867,9380179,52510 Oct 0824 Oct 08No

Chapter 5 - Detection & Escape

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

AN: By far the longest chapter I have or will do I think.
Had to get it all in.
Ok I tried to make Buffy the Slayer but still keep to the actual LOTR tale as I didn't want to differ from it too much.
So here is my attempt

A wave of panic washed over the Fellowship. Frodo drew Sting from it's sheath and was met by the glowing blue blade.

“Orcs!” Legolas declared disgusted. He removed his arms from around Buffy who, like him, turned to face the door with bow drawn.

Boromir ran towards the doors they had come through to look at the oncoming army, as an arrow barely missed his head he sighed, “They have a cave troll!”

Aragorn ran forward and helped him to push the doors closed as he told the hobbits, “Get back! You stay close to Gandalf!” Together the two managed to push the doors closed and Legolas and Buffy started throwing them weapons to be used as a barricade.

Gandalf and the Hobbits all drew their swords. Brandishing his axe Gimli jumped on top of Balin's tomb yelling, “Let them come! There is one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath!”

Aragorn and Boromir stepped back from the doors as the oncoming attack hit it and began to try and break it down. Legolas and Buffy took the ends of the four man front line, bows ready when there was a clear shot. Aragorn and Boromir stood in the middle, swords drawn for when the arrows would no longer be of use.

As the weapons of the Orcs started to splinter the wood, Buffy pulled back the string of her bow just a little tighter. When the first real gap appeared she saw the arrow Legolas shot hit it mark and heard the shrill cry, she left no time before firing her own, resulting in another hit.

Before they really had time to shot again, the door was broken down. Buffy and Legolas both slung their bows onto their backs and drew their swords in time to meet the onslaught.

The front line joined the fray immediately, swinging swords here and there, getting nothing but killing hits in. Soon Gandalf and the Hobbits jumped in and Gimli was axing orcs from his place upon the tomb.

Sam paused mid battle, looking up. Buffy and Aragorn who were near him both too took the time to turn and look what had caught the Hobbits attention. Buffy gulped slightly as she saw it. A cave troll was being led in by an orc. A chain attaching from it's hands to the cave trolls wrist.

They were only drawn out of their daze when an arrow hit the trolls shoulder and Buffy spun to see Legolas had re drawn his bow. She spun again in time to block a sword that had been aiming for her head, and once again joined in the battle.

Sam, who was still frozen in place, was only brought back to his senses when the trolls mace almost collided with him. He winced as he crawled under the things legs, only to have it spin to find him again. Backed into a corner Sam gulped and a sudden thought of home flashed into his mind. As the trolls arm raised to strike, it was suddenly pulled back and Sam looked to see Boromir and Aragorn pulling it's chain.

The troll roared and whipped around effectively slamming Boromir into a wall and the sights of a blood thirsty orc. From across the room Aragorn flung his sword at the orcs neck effectively ending its life. Still dazed Boromir looked up to be met only with a nod before Aragorn rejoined the battle.

From on top of the tomb Gimli flung his arrow at the cave troll. It hit near Legolas's arrow, and seemed only to make the thing madder. The mace was brought down onto the tomb, smashing it and knocking Gimli to the ground.

The troll began to swing it's chain around, Buffy looked up in time to see it aiming for Legolas. “Legolas! Duck!” She cried.

He didn't even look as he ducked to the ground just as the chain would of hit where he was standing. Again the troll swung the chain and this time he connected with a column. Legolas ran over, stamping the chain down, he ran along it and onto the troll's shoulders. He knocked two arrows into his bow, and shot them into the creatures head. It gave a loud cry and he jumped off, landing near a wide eyed Buffy. She really hated when he did that.

As the fighting continued around them, Merry and Pippin tired to keep Frodo safe, but the troll brought his mace down between them effectively splitting the Ring bearer from his friends. Frodo runs and tries to evade detection behind a pillar. Buffy seeing the danger yelled, “Frodo!?”

Aragorn looked up at her voice, seeing the troll he assessed the danger and began to fight his way over.

Frodo dodged around the pillar, when the troll looked one way, he was on the opposite side. For a moment there was nothing and he allowed himself to let out a deep breath.
Suddenly the trolls face appears next to Frodo and the creature bellows at finding his prize. He drags Frodo from the recess he was on and holds him in the air.

“Aragorn!” Frodo yelled terrified. “Aragorn!”

“Frodo!” Aragorn yelled as he desperately fought through the orcs to get to him.

Frodo twisted around and slashed Sting across the trolls hand. The troll dropped him and he scurried into a corner. Seemingly offended by the slash on his hand the troll lifted its mace, determined to finish off the hobbit lying in front of him. His pause gave Aragorn enough time to jump in between the two, brandishing a spear he had taken from an orc. He lunged it towards the troll, and though it did not pierce the skin, it brought them time.

Infuriated the troll swings its arm knocking Aragorn away, into a close by wall, and momentarily rendering him unconscious. Frodo crawls over to him and tries to rouse him, but to no avail. He begins to run but the troll stops his path with the spear. Taking aim the troll stabs Frodo in the chest.

The whole room seemed to go quiet, the fighting paused, as everyone turned. Merry and Pippin looked at each other in shock, Gandalf had instinctively turned to watch as Frodo slowly dropped to the ground.

Merry and Pippin were the first ones to break. Letting out a war like cry they jumped onto the trolls back and started mercilessly stabbing into the creature. The rest of the Fellowship fought harder against the orcs. All desperately trying to make it towards Frodo.

As the orcs were nearly all defeated, the troll was the only problem left to solve. Gandalf, Gimli and Buffy swung at it's legs, dodging away when it tried to attack them. Howling it's infuriation the troll grabbed Merry from his shoulder swinging him to the ground. Buffy lunged forward only to be knocked away into a wall. She ground as she hit it face first, and felt the familiar splitting of skin and blood. She groaned as she got up and looked around. She saw Frodo and carefully started to crawl towards him.

Legolas took aim at the troll, as Pippin stabbed the creature in the head, its mouth gaped open in pain. Seeing his chance Legolas shot the arrow into the creatures mouth. It's hands fumbled towards it mouth as the creature let out a pained groan before falling, dead, to the fall. This effectively dislodged Pippin form the creature and he was thrown to the floor near Merry.

The Fellowship took only a moment in their victory before all turning and running to Frodo. Buffy had reached him first and as Aragorn knelt next to her she turned the Hobbit over in her arms. His eyes were closed.

“Oh no.” Aragorn sighed, his voice heavily saddened.

At that moment Frodo groaned and Buffy almost dropped him in shock.

“He's alive!” Sam exclaimed

“It's alright!” Frodo said looking from Buffy to Aragorn as he sat up “I'm not hurt!”

“You should be dead!” Buffy exclaimed looking a little more then shocked.

“That spear would have skewered a wild boar!” Aragorn added, equally amazed.

“I think,” Gandalf started, a smirk on his face “There is more to this hobbit then meets the eye.”

Frodo smiled in return and opened his shirt to reveal the Mithril underneath.

“Mithril!” Gimli sighed in amazement “You are full of surprises, Master Baggins.”

Buffy helped Frodo to his feet as the fellowship savored the moment of all being alive and more or less in one piece. Before long the sounds of orcs approaching can be heard.

“To the bridge of Khazad – dum” Gandalf exclaimed.

The fellowship ran through the back exit of the chamber and through into a ornate hall of chambers. They are followed closely by an army of orcs, and more crawl from cracks in the floor and ceiling. They were soon surrounded and formed a circle, all drawing their weapons.

Then, a fiery light appeared at the end of the hall and a low ominous rumble followed. The orcs fled, in fear and dismay and the fellowship were left alone.

“What is this new delivery?” Boromir asked in a low voice, turning to the wizard.

Gandalf took a moment to answer, he looked down, eyes closed. This is what he had feared. What the Dwarfs had awoken in the mines. “A Barlog; a demon of the ancient world.”

A growl was heard from around the corner. Most of the Fellowship looked confused. All except Legolas, who was wide eyed with fear. He grabbed Buffy who was next to him, placing her behind him.

“This foe is beyond any of you,” Gandalf sighed, “Run!”

Together the Fellowship turned and ran down the hall they were in. As they came to a small doorway Gandalf ushered them all through quickly, taking one last look behind them before he followed. They entered a passageway and began to run down the stairs. Boromir stops nearly falling in, only to be pulled back by Legolas. The hobbits too just stop short. Gandalf stopped by a wall, clearly exhausted. Aragorn headed back to him.


“Lead them on, Aragorn. The bridge is near.”

The two looked across the gap towards a thing looking bridge. Aragorn sighed and turned back towards Gandalf making to grab him. Gandalf only pushed him away.

“Do as I say! Swords are no more use here!” Gandalf then ran forward to meet the rest of the Fellowship at the gap in the stairs.

Legolas made light work of it, jumping across easily he turned to face them. It took all the strength he had not to shout for Buffy first. His selfishness for her well being would have to be controlled for now. “Gandalf!” he finally called beckoning the wizard over.

Gandalf took the jump easily, and turned to help the others. An arrow hit the floor at their feet and Legolas turned, bow drawn and fired back, he watched an orc fall from the ledge. As more were shot towards them he continued to protect their position as the others made it across.

Boromir was the next to jump, Merry and Pippin under his arms. Aragorn then threw Sam over, who was caught by Boromir. He turned to get Gimli, but he put up his hand in protest.

“No one tosses a dwarf!”

Straightening himself up, Gimli jumped, almost missing the ledge. Legolas caught him by the beard and pulled him up, then continued firing arrows back at the orcs. At the point some of the stone steps crumbled and Buffy, Frodo and Aragorn stumbled backwards. The gap separating the three from the rest of the fellowship widened and Aragorn put a hand on Frodo's shoulder.

“Steady!” He called.

Buffy looked at the gap. Everyone on the other side was looking at them, hoping they would get over. She knew she could easily jump it. Even with Frodo under her arm, but she couldn't just leave Aragorn. She sighed and moved around to Frodo. She gave Aragorn and knowing look. She could easily toss Frodo that distant. Thank God for Slayer strength, she thought.

She looked down at Frodo. “Trust me?” She asked. He looked up at her and nodded, she grabbed him up and the faces on the other side looked almost panicked. No one believing she could make the throw. Except Legolas who stepped forward. Buffy threw with all her strength and Frodo landed safely in the arms of Legolas. Just in time as the Barlog roar became closer the mine collapsed, sending a rock down into the stairs behind them.

Aragorn and Buffy stood alone on a crumbling piece of stair. As it wobbled Aragorn grabbed her, “Lean forward!” Together the two leaned forward and the stair went with them.

“Come on!” Legolas called and as the stair fell into theirs the two jumped. Aragorn was caught by Boromir and Legolas caught Buffy. She flashed him a cocky grin before they all had to run off again. As they made it towards the bridge the fire was close behind them.

“Over the bridge! FLY!” Gandalf called and the Fellowship began to ran, he stopped and turned back towards the fire. Buffy paused too. She couldn't let this happen. They need him more then her, she ran towards him and pushed in front of him “Go!” she said drawing her sword.

“Buffy I..” Gandalf protested only to be cut off by a glare and the harsh tone.

“Go!” She insisted, then her voice went softer, “They need you more then they need me. Now Go!” With that she turned back towards the oncoming creature. Talk about Slayer override.

Gandalf moved back and the rest of the fellowship stopped to see what was going on. On seeing Buffy on the bridge, waiting, Legolas tried to run back but Boromir and Legolas held him back.

As the Barlog appeared at the end of the bridge Buffy gulped a little. This was not her best idea “Well,” She stated still being her usual self “Can't say you're not hot!”

The Barlog just moved forward and Buffy took a few steps back, raising her other sword as a whip of flame appeared from no where. As it brought it down she lifted her sword blocking the blow. They went like that for a few minutes, neither getting anywhere fast, Buffy spared a look behind her. Why were they just standing there!? This was their chance to leave!

The distraction caused her to miss an attack and she felt burning as the whip connected with her chest and she yelped in pain.

“BUFFY!” Legolas shouted, renewing his attempts to break free of Aragorn and Boromir. Gandalf had had enough he walked forward and Boromir had to effectively use his other arm to hold back a now worrying Frodo.

He made it up to Buffy and using his strength, raised his staff “Go back to the Shadow! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” Bringing the staff down a light emitted and the bridge in front of him and Buffy collapsed, taking the Barlog with it.

Buffy and Gandalf both let out heavy sighs and Buffy quickly turned and made her way back to the others. Gandalf leaned forward on his staff. Buffy was about half way between the two when she heard it. The whipping sound. She turned wide eyed in time to see it wrap around Gandalf's leg and for him to be pulled down. She ran forward meaning to catch him. He looks at her running and then to Frodo.

“Fly you fools!”

With that the wizard let go and fell into the chasm below, Buffy skidded to a stop at the edge. Looking sadly down. She could hear Frodo and Boromir, hear the rest of the Fellowship being ushered away. Suddenly and arm is pulling her back and she is dodging arrows as they head for air.

Gandalf the Grey has been lost to darkness.

Well there it is.
What did you all thing.
Like I said I wanted Buffy to be the Slayer, but I wanted to stick to the story hence why Gandalf still dies.
But she got in there.
Reviews and ideas loved.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Someone To Fight For." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 08.

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