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Someone To Fight For.

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Summary: Buffy/LOTR crossover. Buffy/Legolas paring. I'm going to give it an FR18 rating incase I go a little OTT with the violence at some point. Basic outline Buffy loves Legolas, so she joins the fellowship. There may later be another under lying story.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasMissAngelusFR1867,9380179,51310 Oct 0824 Oct 08No


Disclaimer: I do not unfortunately own anything in the Buffy or Lord of The Rings realms. All characters, places, ideas, belong to their respective creators.

Notes: Ok this is my first ever fan fiction of more then like a page ha ha. So if it sucks I apologize now. I will try and stick to the story as much as possible but things may change and I will ask all of your forgiveness for that now. So here it goes.


She paced. All she ever seemed to do since the Powers had sent her here was pace. She wins a big apocalypse, against the First evil no less, and they say for a reward she gets to live a nice new immortal life, in a nice new existence. And all she had managed to do was fall in love and worry like hell. Yeah. That about summed it up.

She sighed slightly. Why was she even thinking about this? It wasn't like there was much to think over. Legolas had gone to Rivendell, to be in some meeting about the One Ring. She wasn't that boned up on it's history, but she got the gist. Major evil, had to be stopped. It was just like back home. But, she'd always been under the impression he was coming back. Then two days ago the elves of the court he had taken with him returned minus one Legolas Greenleaf. He'd joined some Fellowship to take the Ring to Mordor to be destroyed. Sauron was rising and it was going to be hell on Middle Earth if he got that ring. He'd sent her a personal letter too. Nothing long, just he would be careful, he would always be thinking about her, and she was to stay safe while he was gone. Not one mention of how long this mission would take.

“Screw this,” she murmured. Coming to the decision it had for some reason taken two days to get to. She grabbed clothes; leggings, a tunic, a riding cloak. She strapped on her sword and daggers, threw on her boots, put the hair that was hanging down her back into a ponytail and added a few small plaits to it to match the ones on the sides. She took her bow and quiver adding them to her outfit to. She was not just sitting around any more.

Being careful not to get caught by any guards or Legolas personal spies, who were always lurking somewhere, she snuck out to the stables. She walked over to her horse, hood on her cloak up to cover her face. She silently thanked the Valar that her horse just so happened to be one of the fastest around. If the Fellowship only left Rivendell two days ago she could catch them in two herself. She mounted her horse and as one of the stable boys opened the doors she kicked the horse into action and they were gone.

“Show me the meaning of haste,” she murmured soothingly to her horse and the speed picked up. She couldn't sit around and wait for him to come back, she couldn't sit in Mirkwood while there was a battle going on out in the world that he was a part of. Hell, even if he wasn't she'd probably still have to. She was a Slayer, she still had all that power and skill here, just with the added bonus of immortality. Buffy Summers had never shied away from a fight, and she wasn't going to start now.


Notes: Well there is the introduction out of the way. How and why Buffy came to Middle Earth is likely to be explained later in the story. I'm kind of going with the flow right now.

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