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New Faces

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Summary: When the Cullens leave Bella in New Moon they meet Angel and the scoobies in Sunnydale

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Twilight > GeneralXanderloverFR752,195189,02911 Oct 081 Nov 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, or Twilight.


Edward sighed as he glanced out at the window, his mind on Bella. The others looked at each other, worriedly. Carlisle cleared his throat as he began to talk.

"I think everyone will like it in Sunnydale," he decided.

"Is there any of our kind there?" Jasper questioned. Carlisle smiled.

"Yes, actually. One who's similar to us. His name is Angel."

"Kind of an ironic name," Alice mused with a soft smile.

"Edward?" Rosaline looked at him. "Are you all right?"

"No." Edward wasn't even bothering to lie about it now. It seemed pointless to him. Esme and Carlisle glanced at each other.

"Edward," Esme said slowly. "This isn't easy on any of us, but..."

"But your attitude isn't helping," Carlisle inturrupted her.

Edward bit back a sharp retort and tried his best to swallow his anger.

"Sorry," he finally said. The others glanced at each other, still unsure of what to say to him. Ever since the break up with Bella he had been different. Darker and more quiet. More sullen, if that was possible.

"Tell us more about this Angel person," Edward quickly added, feeling guilty for the tense atmosphere he was causing. Carlisle smiled, glad for a distraction.

"Yes, well he's a very interesting vampire. Probably one of the most interesting one out there. What makes him so unique was that he was once evil but was turned good by a curse..."

As Carlisle continued talking their car drove closer and closer towards Sunnydale and the home of the Hellmouth....
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