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GMX Adventures

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Summary: The Adventures of Gambit, Methos and a cursed one-eyed cat named Xander: Gambit's life takes a turn for the surreal. Then stuff happens.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Highlander > Xander-Centered
ScorpioFR1811476,37758891604,67814 Oct 0810 Jun 11No

1 - Brooding

The Adventures of Gambit, Methos and a cursed one-eyed cat named Xander

Genre: crossover, series of related ficlets
Characters: Gambit (X-Men), Methos (Highlander) and Xander (Buffy)
Rating: R (to be safe - each ficlet varies)
Disclaimer: I don't own any character from any of the various fandoms. I'm not making $ from this.
Summary: Gambit's life takes a turn for the surreal. Then stuff happens.

1 – Brooding

Gambit was brooding on the roof of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children. When he first got back from Antarctica, the other members of the X-Men had avoided him as often as he tried to avoid them. Now that he had healed up enough to start going on missions, X-Men approved or independent, he’d found that they were almost forcibly cheery around him as if to try and prove to themselves that the past was just that, the past.

It was sometimes difficult to say who had more guilt and righteous anger; the X-Men were in a rage over the Morlocks while he was swamped with guilt about the massacre. On the other hand, he was furious over being left to die in the frozen wasteland of the south, while they felt terribly guilty over it. The whole mess was made even more poignant when it was pointed out by those who weren’t there for the trial that Gambit had never been given the chance to tell his side of the story, nor did they have all the facts. As it stood, easily half the X-Men still thought that he was guilty enough to deserve death or banishment despite being forced to make nice by the others.

Being totally honest with himself, Gambit had to admit that the mansion the X-Men made their base of operations no longer felt like a home to him. And it had before, as surprising as that had been to the lonely young thief banished from his home town. What had started out as a quest to help a sweet young thief return to her family had turned into finding a new place to call home for himself.

Antarctica ruined that. He no longer felt that sense of close kinship. The mansion was now simply a place to sleep and the X-Men were just some people he knew and worked with on occasion. That was saddening.

To make a tense situation worse, Rogue was blowing hot and cold. One moment she seemed as if she wanted to pick up their relationship where it had left off and the next she was guilt ridden and pushed him away. Added to that was his own confusion and guilt over Jake Gavin Jr getting turned into a woman by Sinister. Jake had been there to help him and he hadn’t protected Jake from Sinister even though he knew how dangerous the madman could be. Now Jake was stuck in a female body and going by the name Jackie. How do you apologize for that? So sorry your dick fell off, have this nice set of tits as a consolation prize…non, not good enough.

Part of him wanted to encourage Rouge to take him back and try to regain the closeness he once shared with the X-Men. Part of him wanted to go find Jake and promise to take care of him…her, whatever, now that his world had been turned upside down on Gambit’s behalf. One tiny part of him wanted to strike out on his own. He knew that he was at a crossroad in his life, but which option would lead to the best future?

With a snort he muttered, “Gambit sometimes wish a hole would open up and drop him in it. That way he don’ have t' deal wit’ any of this crap.”

In a flash of heat, a young woman with a deformed face appeared before him. With an oddly harsh and grating voice she intoned, “Wish granted.” At that point, a large swirling vortex of light and sound sprung into being beneath his feet and Gambit tumbled into the hole in reality.
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