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Fan Art

Summary: Multi Cross Art with Buffy and/or Angel.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredJarodsSlayerFR183184011,05715 Oct 0815 Oct 08No

Chapter One: Sepiroth and Leverage.

Disclaimer is standard. I don't own anything but the computer used to make it and my own time.

This picture is of Sephiroth. *points up to the title* Yeah. When I get the first chapter up, I'll post the link with the picture made the time it was finished.

Leverage Inspired 1 (Sephiroth)

The picture is under the idea that Sephiroth was there during the finale of Angel. The story starts with how each 'bad guy' came to them, I mean, Wolfram and Hart's a dimensional law firm, so I'm running amok with it. I want to give credit to one of my faves, Amerie, though, she won't know how she helped.

Oh, and requests are welcomed. Though, if you flame it, I will ignore it.
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