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Faith BC

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Summary: What happens to Faith after "Chosen"...Ash gets a visitor in the past. Major spoilers for "Acheron" & "Go Ask Malice".

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Disclaimer: See 1st Chapter. I own nothing!

A/N: This is sort of a half-chapter. I am not going to go through the entire remainder of Acheron’s crummy life, but it’s in the book ‘Acheron’ if you want to read it. This is bits and pieces which are summarized and quoted from the book. Part II is in the works now.
Thank you to all who have read and recommended!

November 11, 9532 BC

Ryssa, his sister, finds him in their Uncle Estes’ palace not many months after Faith’s disappearance. Acheron is being punished and beaten for not pleasing a client. She and her bodyguard try to take him out of the little room where he barely has enough room to be curled into the fetal position.

“Put me back,” Acheron begged, fear evident in his eyes.

“No,” Ryssa said, “I am getting you out of here.”

“Please, idika, you must put me back,” Acheron pleaded, “It’s only worse when I fight.”

Ryssa cringed at the word idika, it was the Atlantean term a slave used for a superior. Her baby brother was no slave.“I’m taking you home,” she said.

“No, it will be worse if I leave!” he looked truly terrified now.

They spirited him away from Estes’ palace. After stopping for lunch at an inn, Ryssa decided they should stay the night because Acheron looked ready to drop from exhaustion. A few moments after she had settled into her room she heard the door quietly open and close.

“I owe you for my food and clothing idika,” he began to remove Ryssa’s himation.

She pushed his hands away and said sharply, “You don’t touch family like that.”

She saw his stricken look and knew what must have happened.

“Did uncle…did you you?” she could not bring herself to say the words.

“I must pay him every night.” Acheron whispered as he hung his head in shame.

September 14, 9528 BC

His nephew has been born! Acheron was filled with excitement. Apollodorus - the son of princess Ryssa and the god Apollo... Acheron was certain the tiny child was the most beautiful, precious thing he has ever seen.

He imagines what his and Faith’s children would have looked like. He pictured a little girl with fair skin and blond hair and her mother’s dark, amber eyes. She and Apollodorus would be the best of friends. ‘She left me though, like everyone else,’ he chastised himself.
Still he keeps hope alive that the beast, Kakistos did not really kill her. Faith was strong perhaps she escaped and was living a peaceful life somewhere far away.

After Artemis took her pleasure and fed from him he imaged being with Faith. She stood by his side proudly and held his hand. He remembered the smell of her hair and the fire in her eyes.

Closing his eyes he pictured sitting with Faith on the tiny balcony of his old room. They were enjoying a brief respite from everything. On his uncle’s orders Acheron was allowed to sit on the terrace for twenty minutes three times a week. The lord did not want his prized slave’s skin to get pale and sallow after all.

Faith reminded him of a cat as she sat curled up on the warm stone of the balcony. They had a view of mostly rooftops, but they could see a bit of the city and dream of escape.

"We're gonna get out of here, Ash, I promise," she had told him.

June 23, 9527 BC

On his 21st birthday Acheron jumped off the balcony in his room, but was saved by a demon. It was Xiamara who had been sent by his true mother, the goddess Apollymi, to give him an amulet that awakened his God powers. Xiamara tells him he is Apostolos son of Apollymi the Destroyer.

Even after his godhood is returned no one can tell not even Artemis. After the pain is over he does not feel different. He can read minds now and he delighted in hearing his nephew.

Ash was the only one able to quiet the baby. Appie was Apollodorus’ nickname for himself his nickname for Acheron was Ackee.

He can hear everyone’s thoughts now even his nephew’s. Apollodorus cannot talk yet, but Acheron hears his thoughts quite plainly.

‘Appie loves Ackee,’ the baby thought as he gripped Acheron’s finger tightly in a little, baby fist.

June 25, 9527 BC

They were all gone now, every one of those he had loved…first Faith and now Ryssa and Apollodorus. He had no one now but Artemis and he hated the red haired bitch with every fiber of his being. Now he was dependent on her for food - forced to take her blood just as she took his.

The jealous Apollites had killed his sister and her baby because she was the favored mistress of Apollo. He had been helpless to save them because thanks to Artemis he had been drugged and half conscious.

Then the faithless bitch had watched silently as her twin brother murdered him. She had resurrected him not because she loved him, but to save her own worthless skin.

The End

You have reached the end of "Faith BC". This story is complete.

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