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Faith BC

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Summary: What happens to Faith after "Chosen"...Ash gets a visitor in the past. Major spoilers for "Acheron" & "Go Ask Malice".

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181011,84921912,86815 Oct 087 Feb 09Yes


Disclaimer: Faith belongs to Joss & CO. Ash belongs to Sherrilyn Kenyon. I own nothing. Thanks to Robert Joseph Levy for filling in the gaps of Faith’s past.
Spoilers: Buffy through Chosen & maybe a tiny bit for S8. Kenyon novels – especially the latest novel “Acheron”. Major spoilers for Robert Joseph Levy’s book “Go Ask Malice” as well.


I stand next to Buffy watching her as she cuts her hand and dribbles a little blood onto the seal. I take the knife from her and repeat the process myself.

We stand looking out into a vast cavern full of Turok Han. It feels good to be standing at Buffy’s side. I’m hoping like hell that Red is able to pull off her mojo and this is a battle rather than a massacre. Then the Turok Han are charging us and it’s on.

At first it seemed like the spell had worked and we just might pull this crazy shit off. The Potentials now Slayers were holding their own. B was beautiful to watch as she swung the scythe mowing down the uber vamps. We had gotten separated in the battle and I could hear Buffy shout, “Keep the line together! Drive them to the edge! We cannot let them…”

Then Buffy was cut off. I watched in horror as the sword slid through Buffy’s gut – the tip poking out of her stomach. Buffy went down.

“B!” I yelled. ‘No this can’t be happening!’ As I try to push my way over to her I keep thinking, ‘B’s gonna be okay. Just gotta kill a few hundred Turok Han to get over there.’ Buffy’s gasping from the pain. She pushes the scythe towards me, “Hold the line,” she manages to get out. I nod.

For a minute I’m on fire. The scythe is singing in my hands and we are going to deal some death. Then I’m going down. I throw the scythe to Rona before I feel myself pulled down under the weight of three Turok Han.

Then the world went black.
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