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Only Human

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Zeppoverse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Supernatural Crossover. Xander has always been around people with powers, but what if he meets people like him, only human. Final Chapter up.

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Chapter 9

Title: Only Human
Chapter: 9
Author: Jonathan
Rating: M
Category: Xander/?
Summery: Xander has always been around people with powers, but what if he meets people like him, only human.
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy. Supernatural is owned by Kripke, CW, Warner Brothers
Timeline: Buffy post “Go Fish.” Supernatural, pre-series. The year this takes place is in 1999. Xander is 18. Dean being born in 78 is 21 and Sam is 16 since he was born in 83.
Author Notes: 1) This fic started formulated after I saw the recent episodes of Supernatural. I know What the Shell is what is on plate and I would love to go back to Darkverse, but I think this will have to be where my muse is right now.
2) There is no planned shipping right now, but do know that I am a BX fan at heart and that still remains a possibility.

Xander whipped the back of his hand to rid the beads of sweat forming upon his forehead. His eyes, still adjusting to the blazing fire stared at the heated cauldron.

He let out a breath as the Winchesters and Gabrielle continued to forge their destined project. “How much longer?” Harris asked in a tired tone.

The five of them have been building an ironclad battering ram. After some experimenting on the invisible “walls,” magic was determined to be the source. And when dealing with magic, iron was the element to work with.

But what puzzled them for a bit was the Jericho line. It was quickly referenced to the street that currently resided in Point Pleasant, but when combined with the four crash sites, it was quickly debunked.

It was actually Gabrielle who came up with an answer. It looked like it fit. Since using the four deaths as a metaphor for four entrances, Jericho could relate back to the ancient story. And seeing the demons walking around the border only cemented in the comparison.

So they figured one way to break through the wall was iron. And to do so, a battering ram was decided upon. They have been working on this weapon now for a couple days.

It was a long process. Especially combining iron with wood.

John returned, “If we move on this, we should be able to have this done by morning.”

“That is if you stop talking and get working.” A voice said from behind them.

They turned around to see the farmer in charge. A short man. Just slightly under Sam’s height. A scruffy brown beard covered his chin as his dark blue eyes gazed at them five of them.

“Honestly, if you want to move, you need to stop your yamming and start your hammering.”

Xander rolled his eyes when the farmer turned around and left saying he had to finish some chores. “What a real prince.”

Dean shook his head as he flashed a wired grin. “Farmer boy’s got a stick up his ass.”

Xander chuckled.

“Oh god…”

The two turned to Sam.

“There’s two of you.”

Xander grinned, “And you’re realizing this now?”

He shook his head as he continued to work on at the battering ram.


A sudden gust of wind cascaded in a circle as two large feet stomped on the graveled dirt. The owner soon inspected his surroundings. His bright red eyes looked for any source of movement. He allowed his senses to view the environment.

On the other side of Point Pleasant, the demons continued their march. It was actually almost to competition. All they had to do was finish their last lap, and the town of Point Pleasant would successfully be closed off from the outside world.

The mothman soon felt the ground vibrate as wheels caressed the pavement. He could tell that the Winchesters, Xander, and Gabrielle were on their way. The mothman went to a tree and flew up to the top. He bent down to inspect the scene unfold.

Xander opened his door. He got out of his car and waited for Gabrielle and Sam to come around the hood.

The three of them were just a few feet from the north invisible “wall.” They waited a few moments while Dean and their father came up from behind.

They shortly parked right behind the car and turned off the engine. While they got out of the car, Xander, Sam, and Gabrielle made their way over to the vehicle.

The five of them went to the roof and unfastened the battering ram that they just built.

“I didn’t realize it would be this heavy.” Sam said as he and the others took the weapon off the hood.

Xander, Gabrielle, and Sam took one side while John and Dean took the other. They made their way to just beyond the “wall” and took a few feet back.

“Everybody ready?” John asked as they grabbed hold of their positions.

One by one each of the quintet agreed and they took the battering ram in their arms and chose a spot for them to start the lunching.

At the count of three, they started running. When they reached the “wall,” they immediately felt the ram hit hard. It didn’t respond to any movement. But the thought of an easy collapse wouldn’t come feasible.

So once at a time, the five took the ram back and shoved it again. Each time from the second time, a little rupture was heard.

With each rupture, the “wall” weakened more and more.

Time passed with each blow and more and more strength was used. Soon…the battering ram shattered the wall.

“We did it?” Dean asked when they watched the top of the battering ram dive through the “wall.”

“It looks like it.” Sam said.

“We don’t know for sure.” John reminded them. “Never over assume. Remember that.”

“Yes sir.” The two brothers said in unison.

Gabrielle let the battering ram down as the others did as well. She walked to the edge and felt the “wall.” Her hand felt the smooth surface as she did before. But when she got to the hole, her hand immediately rounded the edge and she felt the rumbled tough worn surface the battering ram created.

“It worked.” She said to the others.

“That’s iron and magic for you.” Xander said to her. He joined her. “After we go through, we’ll come back in and blow down the other walls.”

They agreed and soon began crawling through the hole.


“I didn’t think there would be this many.” Gabrielle said as she just coming out of the hole.

Xander replied as the demons started to charge the five of them, “It’s all about perspective.”

He turned slightly to the left and spotted Dean and Sam were already in a fight of their own. John had his own small group and that only left him and Gabrielle. The mysterious blond was already in her own battle too.

Harris then turned back to the scene unfolding in front of him. He took out a sword that was sheathed behind his back. Taking both hands, Xander grabbed the weapon by the handle tightly.

Three demons charged toward him. The middle of the three leapt forward and was soaring through the air to catch Xander and force him to the ground. However, Xander took a step to the right and watched him fall to the ground in a heap. Xander smirked for a moment only to block an incoming punch from the shorter demon of the three.

The other demon soon tackled Xander. Two punches were repeating to hit the young man. Harris retaliated spinning his back to the demon only to come back and slice the blade through the demon’s wrists. He immediately hollered out in pain.

Xan didn’t wait for a second as he turned to his right to take on the two others. He took the blade and jammed it into the chest of the demon that leaped toward moments ago.

Xander grunted when he heard the slice the bodily tissue that only a demon could maintain. He pulled out the sword and went for his third demon. Xander jabbed his blade for the handless blunder.


“Watch out Sammy!”

Sam turned his head to the right where he saw his brother throw a dagger at the demon his younger brother just tackled.

Problem happened however. The demon took his armored tail and clubbed the incoming weapon.

“Shit.” Dean uttered his breath. The elder brother then turned back to the demon and pounced on the creature. “I so had no idea that I would try to bed a demon before.”

He held the demon down and went for his second dagger. He raised his hand and was about to slam the blade down but was soon forced to roll on his back by the demon.


Dean soon found gigantic weight being lifted from his shoulders. He looked at the reason and spotted Sam forcing the demon off of him. Dean rolled away from underneath the creature. He sprung to his feet and forced himself back on the demon.

The demon fell to the ground in a thump. Dean pinned the demon again and was back on top. He smirked, “Didn’t think I be in this position again.” He didn’t wait for a response. Dean took his spare dagger and slammed it into the demon’s chest.

He got back to his feet and headed for his brother who was busy going one-on-one with a demon of his own.


John lowered his rifle after he rang out a round of buckshot. The bullets soared through air and they ripped into one of the four demons surrounding the elder Winchester.

He raised the weapon again and went for the second demon, but was soon grabbed from behind. John’s limbs fell limp to the ground due to the shift in gravity. He found himself being carried away.

John took his hand that carried the rifle and passed it to his left hand. Using both hands, he slammed the rifle back and hit the demon in the shoulder that was carrying him.

He fell to the ground within seconds. A moment later, John turned around and got on his hands. He followed through with a foot sweep. Going to his rifle, he cocked the demon on the forehead with the butt of the weapon and followed through with an uppercut.

He later took a lesson from an old friend and followed through with a whack to the head from another demon with the butt again. He quickly bent down to his bootstrap and pulled out a small dagger. He followed through with a blow to the clavicle of the said demon.


Dean quickly threw some demon remains off his jacket. He shook his head. “They never give me a chance to shower.”

He soon noted three demons running toward him.

“Haven’t you had enough?”

When he didn’t get an answer, he took a step back and got into a fighting stance. He took both daggers in his hands and gave them a hand twirl. “Alright all, Putrid, Scalely, and Ugly…come on.” He gritted his teeth awaiting the charge to meet up with him.

Dean followed through with a diving jab at the center demon. He flew full force, not wanting the demon to get any chance to get an upper hand. Dean elbowed the demon straight in the gut knocking the wind out of him.

He twisted to his right and went for the second, but was soon stopped by the third. The third demon went for the stomach and did the same move.

“Lucky shot.” He wheezed in response.

The demon then followed through with grabbing Dean by the neck and took his other hand and grabbed the elder brother by the right limb. The demon smiled as he started to pull.

Dean stretched out his neck in pain and searched for his free hand. Due to his current situation, Dean long lost the dagger and was unfortunately trapped to the demon’s will.

But he soon felt a lost of pressure. He rotated his neck to find the reason. Gabrielle stood a few feet from him and threw down the now limp demon. A trail of blood trickled from a deep wound that appeared on his upper chest.


He held his hand up at the blond. “Hey, it’s cool.”

She nodded as she went for another demon.


Carnage continued to flow for sometime. Xander, Dean, John, Sam, and Gabrielle took the demons head on. Each one of the five truly hand their own battle to take on. Blood caked all over their skins. Their hair was tasseled and their clothing was torn.

And the demons kept coming. They had no idea how long this was going to last.

But all of a sudden, everything stopped.

They looked at one another. Each of them had a peculiar look on their faces. The demons soon disappeared leaving even the bloodied sand they were standing on cleared.

A gust of wind circulated around them as two feet stomped onto the ground. They all looked at the reason and saw what could only be described as the mothman.

Two bright red eyes glanced at each of them.

No lip movement was seen, but a thought passed through their minds.

‘Be seeing you.’

Without another thought or comment, the mothman spread open his wings wide and flew back into the sky.



Xander Harris will return in Blood Driven. Coming to a computer screen near you soon.

Well, there it is. The end of Only Human. This fic is the start of a series. More Xander Harris action to come. And no, mothman is not going to end here. He’ll make appearances throughout the series run.

I would like to thank a group of people who helped me in this fic. Namely, William Gilmore, Silent Bob Foley, Diabloslayer, and Tenhawk. All of which have helped me.

I hope you enjoyed this fic, and I hope you enjoy the sequel. Soon to start next week I hope. Again, thank you for reading, and I hope you liked it.

Also note, the Dead Like Me movie is soon to come out. If things go well, I also hope to return to Between Life and Death. So many things to come.

The End

You have reached the end of "Only Human". This story is complete.

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