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Only Human

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Zeppoverse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Supernatural Crossover. Xander has always been around people with powers, but what if he meets people like him, only human. Final Chapter up.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
JonathanFR181220,15312540,46215 Oct 089 Feb 09Yes

Chapter One

Title: Only Human
Chapter: 1
Author: Jonathan
Rating: M
Category: Xander/?
Summery: Xander has always been around people with powers, but what if he meets people like him, only human.
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Wedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy. Supernatural is owned by Kripke, CW, Warner Brothers
Time line: Buffy post “Go Fish.” Supernatural, pre-series. As for ages, ok. The year this takes place is in 1999. Xander is 17. Dean being born in 78 is 21 and Sam is 16 since he was born in 83.
Author Notes: 1) This fic started formulated after I saw the recent episodes of Supernatural. I know What the Shell is what is on plate and I would love to go back to Darkverse, but I think this will have to be where my muse is right now.
2) There is no planned shipping right now, but do know that I am a BX fan at heart and that still remains a possibility.

Xander Harris stalked the night. All around him sounds of the city rippled through the air. He could feel the cool of night. A blanket of chill surrounded him like a blanket. The only separation between the two was his clothes.

He had been doing the same procedure now for a little over two weeks. Every night, he’d go out. No slayer. No witch. No watcher. No werewolf, not even a vampire. Definitely not a vampire. It be warm night in Antarctica before that would happen. Well, if he had anything to say about it.

His pray had been a demon. Not just an ordinary demon…oh no not a ordinary demon. This was a demon that had been leaving a trail. A trail that even the demon knew he was leaving. For this demon was a smart demon…a demon who had the mind of a serial killer. And this killer has gone through seven victims. Seven victims that he had stumbled upon and now sought through to clean up the mess.

Xander Harris had tracked this demon. He had done well, and even come close to times. But however…a twist would happen at the end of a search only to throw him in the complete opposite direction. This really was a smart demon.

He bent down to look on the ground that he was walking upon. With his fingers, he felt the dirt and felt the slight formations that formed from the demon’s footprints. They were still warm. The demon wasn’t far. He truly thanked that dreadful Halloween. Because of all those army memories, he knew how to read between the lines. He knew how to keep himself inconspicuous.

Xander got to his feet and rubbed his right arm with his left hand. He looked around his surroundings and could easily see the difference between Sunnydale, California and Point Pleasant, Virginia.

He was a long way from home. And that was planned. He could still remember why he left and he would do it again. He would do anything for his friends and keeping on the move was what he decided.

That last night in Sunnydale meant gave the protection Cordelia, Buffy, Willow, Giles, and Oz needed. And he didn’t know when he was going to go back, but that wasn’t what he wanted to think about it. He would at least give enough time for things to calm down. That would definitely take a while.

He headed for the end of the sidewalk and grasped his hand against the stop sign. He turned onto Ingrid Street. Walking toward his motel room, he couldn’t believe that it had been a couple months since he left the Dale. But time does fly when you start to do solo hunting. The time had give the opportunity for not only for his strength to grow but also for his mind to wrap around his Halloween memories and build a knowledge of military skill through research and training.

He decided to head home and jump into his car. There he would give Point Pleasant another spin. After which he would go to sleep for the night.


Xander finally pulled around the corner of Weisman and McFarlane ending his patrol of Point Pleasant. He had successfully gone around the perimeter of the city. Damn that demon. He definitely was smart.

Letting out a sigh, he was no need of going to bed right now. Shaking his head he needed a drink and maybe a clear head. Nodding to himself, he looked both ways and went in pursuit of a bar.


A tall man walked into the bar. He headed for the counter passing a young man who was by himself…sifting through what seemed like a lot of paper.

The man in question took a seat on a stool. He looked at the man who was at the cash register. He nodded to himself and ran his fingers down the back of his head. “Bartender…”

The bartender nodded as he closed the drawer, through a towel over his shoulder and went to the man in question who looked surprisingly built. “What can I get for you?”

“Whiskey.” The man replied dryly.

The bartender said, “Sure thing.” He turned around and grabbed the liquid in question. Going back to the man, he pulled out a shot glass and poured him a glass.

The man smiled his thanks and lifted the glass in his hands. Taking it to his lips, he nursed the drink. “Hey, I was hoping something.”


He swung the liquid a little and took another sip. “I’m looking for someone.”

The bartender commented, “Who for?”

“I think he just came into town. Have there been any reported missing people?”

He whipped the inside of a glass. “Nothing out of the norm.” The bartender shook his head, “Real shame though.”

The man took a sip. “Really?”

He nodded as he placed the towel back on shoulder. “Problem is I don’t know much about what happened though.”

The man sighed as he went into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. Going inside he pulled out a $50 bill. Passing to the bartender he waited for the answer.

The bartender took the money. “Yeah, they’re been some missing people. Problem is that these people aren’t the usual outcome. Normally, they’d wind up in the morgue. These people though are found stripped of their muscles and organs. What’s even more strange is that their hearts are left in tact.”

The man nodded and finished his drink. “Thanks.” He dropped a tip by his glass and headed for the door. As he left, he failed to notice the young man was already gone.


The man took a breath and headed for his car. He took a few steps and stopped when he heard a slight sound. Turning around he looked in a direction that that he felt where the source was coming from.

Turning back to his car he did a few hand gestures and went back to the source. Going in his sleeve he pulled out a silver poker. Wrapping his fingers around the instrument he headed further down.

And disappeared moments later behind the corner. Suddenly Xander dropped from above the fire escape. Grabbing his axe that was belted to him, he got it in the ready. Closing to where he saw the man go, Xander walked in the procedure that would best serve the situation.

He gently turned the corner to find no one. Xander let out a breath when he soon felt an incoming cold breath. Looking around him, he noted another latter above him. Attaching the axe to his belt, Xander climbed the said latter and waited for two following men to come across his previous location.

Satisfied, he jumped down in the middle and slammed his shoulder into the taller one who backed into the wall of the bar, he then followed through with a foot sweep knocking Xander to the ground.

Xander retaliated by spinning on his back and grabbed the tall man by the feet and forcing him to the ground. Xander then somersaulted and pinned him to the ground. He immediately withdrew his axe and held it in the ready.

“I’m not looking for trouble.” Xander said honestly. He looked at the shorter was going to attack Xander. The young Californian then flicked his wrist and a silver knife shout out of his palm.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Finally the first man walked from behind the corner with a shotgun in the ready. “Stay away from my boys.” The man threatened him.

He looked at the elder man and replied calmly. “I don’t want to do anything I’m going to regret.” He looked at the two men beside him, “And I don’t think you want to either.”

Xander sighed realizing if this were how the current discussion was going to pursue, it would have to go through another tactic. Plus, he did hear from what the man was saying in the bar. “I’m a hunter. Like you.”

The man looked at him sternly, “You’re a hunter?”

He nodded, “For a guy from Sunnydale, I think I can call myself a hunter.”

The mention of the town caused the man to ease a little. “You’re from the Hellmouth?”

“Hellmouth?” The taller one asked.

“Before we talk, how bout we call off this Mexican stand-off?” The shorter one reasoned.

Xander and the first man looked at one another and nodded. They carefully let their weapons down.

“Good.” The shorter one replied as he helped the taller one to his feet.

The four of them looked at one another and the elder one finally spoke up. “I’m John Winchester. These are my boys Dean and Sam.”

Xander nodded, “Xander.”

“Now that being said, why don’t we go talk?” Dean asked.

Xander replied, “My motel room isn’t that far away.”

“We’ll follow.” John said.

That said, the four left to talk.

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