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The Son of the Gods

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Summary: Xander discovers he is not as normal as he thought. But how will the Scobbies deal with the new Xander? And what does the Greek God Hephaestus have to do with it?

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredSirWilliamFR13613,66474639,78415 Oct 0815 Oct 08Yes

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

They had already walked Willow home and were now patrolling the first cemetery of the night. Xander and Buffy had fallen into a comfortable silence, mainly because everything that needed to be said had already been spoken. As they walked they both could have sworn that they were being followed, but it didn’t really matter though because whoever it was didn’t stand a chance.

They passed through the first cemetery without incident and decided to move on to the next. They had only been there for a minute when five vamps began to approach them talking about how they were going to use them as a happy meal.

But both Xander and Buffy had other plans. “You know Buff, there are only five of them so maybe we should just let them go.” Xander smirked “These guys won’t even be able to make us work up a sweat, I mean really, I was kinda hoping for a workout, you know?”

“I here ya Xan, but if we let them go I don’t think we could trust them not to try and feed on someone else.”

The vampires were a little confused at the pair in front of them, two teenagers who were so sure of their victories over them that they haven’t even blinked as they changed into their demonic faces. At this point they decided that they would show these punk kids exactly who was going to kill who. Unfortunately for them however, 30 seconds later they were all dust.

“How come four of them went for you and I only got to dust one?” Buffy asked with a playful pout.

“I’m a demon magnet remember, got the plaque and everything.” Xander quickly replied.

“Still not fair, I wanted to kill at least two of them. Why should you get all the fun?”

“How’s about next time I try only to wound them so that you can get your happy time killing in on them afterwards?”

“Cool. By the way Xan, nice moves. I never even saw you dust the first two. One moment they were there and the next moment, poof.”

“Well you know Buff, sometimes I tend to get a little carried away. By the way, you do know that we are still being followed right?”

“Yeap. So, who do you think it is?”

“Personally, my money’s on Dead Boy, you know your personal stalker.”

“Can’t be, he said he was gonna leave town.” Buffy replied

“Yeah, but did he say when? This is Mr. brood-for-a-century we’re talking about here remember.”

“Yeah, maybe. What say we just worry about it later.” Shrugged Buffy

“Not a problem.” Xander stated “Guess we should just keep moving huh, still got some more happy time killings to do.”

Buffy just smiled, looped her arm through his and just silently lead him deeper into the cemetery.

They continued their patrol for the next three hours. They had killed two vamps in the next cemetery they went to and then four in the one after that. They were in the last cemetery for the night and so far hadn’t encountered a single vamp in this one. After about half an hour they had decided to call it quits.

However they both knew that before they called it a night that they needed to deal with the vamp that had been following them around all night long. Buffy had sensed earlier that it was definitely a vampire and that she was pretty sure that Xander was right, it was probably Angel.

Buffy leaned up against a grave stone and decided it was time to end this little game of cat and mouse.

“Angel, we know you’re there. You’ve been following us all night, so just come on out.”

They only had to wait a short minute before Angel emerged from the shadows.

“Hey Buffy, I only wanted to make sure that you stayed safe.”

Buffy just rolled her eyes “That’s not your job anymore remember.”

“Hey Dead Boy, thought you were leaving town.” said Xander “What’s the matter couldn’t find anyone else that wanted you?”

Angel then looked at Xander strangely and began to speak. “Xander, there’s something different about you. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something.”

“Must be new the shirt. You like?” With that Xander did a little spin as if modeling it off.

“That’s not what I meant, and didn’t I see you using a sword earlier?”

“Guess I must have dropped it somewhere.” Xander said with a shrug.

Buffy just watched the two for a second but then finally decided it was time to interrupt them and get the conversation back on topic.

“Angel, why are you still here? The only way I could stop Giles and Xander from hunting you down earlier was to promise them that you had left town.” Buffy lied with a little half truth.

Angel looked as if he had just been stabbed with a dull knife, however he didn’t make a sound.

So Xander decided to rub a little salt in the wound. “Well Giles did ask for my help and it’s not like I could have just said no. Dead Boy here did murder his girlfriend and then left her mutilated body in his bed for him to find.”

Angel with a soft whisper seemed to have just barely gotten out the words. “That was Angelus.”

“You say “to-ma-to” I say “ta-mod-o”” Xander snipped

“Xander, you’re not helping.”

“Wasn’t trying to Buff. You’re the only one that still sees him as anything other than a dangerous animal. And unless you’ve forgotten, he has been stalking you all night and had apparently lied to you about leaving town.”

And with his final few words setting her back on track, she turned to Angel with a look of wanting an expansion.

“I’ve made some arrangements. But everything won’t be ready for another few days.”

Buffy thought about that for a moment and then replied. “Whatever, just make sure you don’t miss the bus.”

And with that she walked over to Xander, slipped her arm through his and with a smile started to speak.

“Care to walk me home Xan. There might be some scary demon or something out there that might want to hurt me.”

“No problem Buff, I won’t let the mean little walking corpse get you.” Xander said with a smile.

And with that, both Xander and Buffy turned their backs on Angel and just simply walked away. Both of them with feelings of leaving behind them their pasts and heading towards their futures.

THE END, For now…

The End

You have reached the end of "The Son of the Gods". This story is complete.

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