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The Son of the Gods

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Summary: Xander discovers he is not as normal as he thought. But how will the Scobbies deal with the new Xander? And what does the Greek God Hephaestus have to do with it?

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredSirWilliamFR13613,66474639,79715 Oct 0815 Oct 08Yes

The Son of the Gods

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the characters in this story. Just thought this would be a great story to tell. But I could be wrong about that so I’ll just let you be the judge.

Authors Note: I realize that this story is out of sink with the television show but I think you will get the overall storyline without to much difficulty. Also I took some liberties with the myths of the Greek Gods as well. I did actually try to research the main character Hephaestus but found that there were so many different stories out there that it was impossible to know which one to go with. So I just simplified every thing and went with my own version. So please don’t get upset if you happen to be a major fan of him because the version I put out is just fiction and should be consider as such. So please just sit back and enjoy the story.

The Son of the Gods

Chapter One

Xander Harris was feeling a little left out as usual. Buffy was with that freak corpse Angel and Willow was spending all her time with Oz. And what was he doing, well at this moment he was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. Life sucks..

Xander's mind began to wonder, trying to think of something he could do to pass the time. He finally came to the conclusion that he needed a hobby. But what he wondered, the only thing he really cared about was helping to kill vampires, it was the only thing that ever made him feel important. However the more he thought about it he realized that that wasn't true. Before Buffy came alone and turned his world upside down he often dreamt of being a blacksmith. It was a dream that he had never shared with anyone, not even Willow or his best bud Jesse. They would just think him nuts, after all who wants to be a blacksmith. But when he was younger and first saw the movie Conan, where at the beginning of the movie Conan's father pounded on the red hot steel and carved the pommel with great care, he decided right then and there that he would someday have that skill.

And just then it occurred to him, his Uncle Rory had an old anvil that he never used and his Aunt Kathy has a pottery kiln that could reach some very high temperatures.

Suddenly Xander sat straight up in bed and decided that he was going to give it a try. Even if he failed miserably, then at least he could say he gave it a shot. It was Friday at 5o’clock and he had the whole weekend to succeed or fail. So Xander threw an extra set of clothes into his backpack and proceeded to snick out of the house, hell chances were his parents probably wouldn't even realized he was gone. Course neither would Buffy or Willow for that matter, they had their own lives now.

Xander snuck out the back door of his house and proceeded to the old junk pile of old strap metal that his dad had collected over the years. It really didn't take him to long to find the right piece, it was about 4 feet long, 2-1/2 inches wide, and about 1/4 inch thick. Xander figured once he pounded on it for awhile and shaped it to its desired form it could become a thing of beauty, well at least the vision in head thought so, reality could be another story. But you never know until you try right. So with steel in hand and determination in his heart he proceeded to walk the 30 minute trek to his Aunt’s and Uncle's house.

Once there he slid the piece of steel and his backpack behind the shrubs in front of the house and then proceeded to reach out to ring the doorbell.

"Xander my boy, what are you doing here. Your worthless dad didn't kick you out did he?"

Xander looked at his Uncle Rory and could only smile. Uncle Rory was an alcoholic like his own parents, but unlike them he learned long ago how not to let it ruin his life.

"No Unc, I was just hoping to get out of the house for the weekend and was just wondering if you guys wouldn't mind letting me stay here. I really don't get to see you guys much you know, what with you and dad fighting all the time and all." Xander said while smiling that Xander smile of his.

Just then Xander heard his Aunt Kathy's voice from within the house. "Rory, who’s there? It's not those weird guys with the white shirts and black ties trying to tell me what religion to believe in is it? Because if it is I got a few things I can tell them."

Both Xander and his Uncle Rory just kind of smiled at each other and just shook their heads. However it was just a moment later when Rory yelled back in response with a happy tone. "No dear, it's just our favorite nephew paying us a visit"

Kathy came walking out of the room that Xander knew to be the kitchen with a genuine smile on her face. "Xander, come inside. Are you hungry, I just made dinner and I always make enough for leftovers."

"Thanks Aunt Kathy, truth be told I could stand for a bite to eat."

"Well get in here then, you to Rory and be quick about it." She said with a little laughter in her voice.

"Yes Ma'am" Both Xander and his uncle said in unison. Which made them both laugh as they headed to the kitchen for what they both knew was going to be a great meal.

And they were right, Kathy sure knew how to cook. It was one of the things she truly enjoyed and she was very good at it. About half an hour later they were all full and had caught up on the family happenings. Xander learned that his cousin Chloe that lived in some small town in Kansas had become the head of the school paper that she reported for, and that she still had a big crush on some boy named Clark. While Kathy and Rory learned that Xander's parents still hadn't changed that much and that he really wasn't crushing on Buffy anymore due to her dating some sleaze ball that she just couldn't see pass his handsome face and brooding charm. How can you keep caring about someone that just keeps passing you by for some jerk with a pretty face? Xander told them how it took awhile but that he had finally accepted the fact that Buffy really didn’t look to him as anything but a friend and that’s how it will always be, and truth be told that was fine with him. He really couldn't picture himself being with her any longer knowing that she had been with that "person".

After conversations about many subjects Xander had finally told them the real reason that he was there and that he was hoping that they would let him use their stuff, mainly his Uncle's anvil and his Aunt's kiln for a furnace. They were a little weary at first but with a little convincing they had eventually agreed. His Aunt Kathy went ahead and fired up the kiln that night since it took it awhile to reach the desired temperature of 1650º F. Xander had actually done some research when he was younger and even watched a few documentary videos on the subject so he did actually know the basics of how to forge a sword the old fashion way. He had just never tried it before. But that was about to change.

Xander could not sleep at all that night with thoughts of how he was going to achieve his goal. And visions of what he wanted his sword to look like.

At 3'am he had gotten up and started drawing pictures of what he thought would be the perfect sword for him. The sword needed to be light, after all he was no Conan, but it still needed to be heavy enough to stand up to combat conditions. Using a yard stick ruler as a reverence he decided that the blade needed to be 1-1/4 inches at the base, that it should be 27 inches long, and be about 1/8 of an inch thick. Of course that would mean that the piece of steel that he was using would need to be pounded down quite a bit, but then he figured that might just help to strengthen it.

Once the blade was worked out to his satisfaction Xander decided to start on the hilt of the weapon. From different movies and shows that he had seen, not to mention the ones he had seen in Gile's collection, Xander decided to go with a classic Cross Hilt design. The hand guard itself would be 7 inches long and the handle would be 7 inches long as well, though with the pommel he designed it would actually become about 8-1/2 inches. The pommel itself would have a cross on each side that might come in handy while fighting vampires.

But of course Xander was no fool, the odds of actually forging the blade much less the elaborate design of the hilt, handle, and pommel was stacked against him. But hey, if you’re gonna dream then dream big right.

It was 6’am when he finished his designs and he decided it was time to get to work. He placed the long slender piece of steel in the furnace and waited nearly an hour for the metal to become red hot. Using some large metal thongs he pulled the future sword out of the fire and started pounding.

He pounded on the steel for several minutes, first trying to simply get the metal to a smaller more desired size. He even folded the tip end over to shorten the steel and hopefully strengthen the tip of the sword. He made the sword 34 inches long, 27 for the blade and 8 for the handle, better to have a little extra than for it to be to short. After placing the steel back into the furnace for awhile to heat it back up, he decided to take a short break.

While he rested he began to day dream, if only he had the power to enchant his sword with magical powers. He could make the sword so that it was indestructible, so that it could slice through anything, and even so that if he dropped it in battle or even lost it he could summon it to his hand from anywhere. And of course most importantly, while in his hand no swordsman in the world would be his equal.

Ah, but of course that would require magic that not even Willow possessed. Oh well, time to get back to work.

Over the course of the day Xander forged the steel into what really began to look like a real sword. The dimensions were perfect. The blade came to a long sharp point and began to really look deadly. Like in the videos that he watched so long ago he had drenched the steel in an old water tub off and on to help harden the steel. He wasn’t sure he was doing everything quite right because it had been years since he had seen those videos but the sword was starting to look good and he was proud of his work.

Once he finally had the blade looking perfect he decided to take a chance and engrave the center of the blade with some cool looking markings. The markings themselves just seem to flow from him like magic.

And of course with Xander being Xander he couldn’t help but to continue dreaming. What if he really could make a magical sword? What if the markings could somehow imbue the sword with the powers of his imagination? What if?

It was nightfall by the time he had finished the blade to what be thought was perfect. The markings had turned out beautifully, if he did say so himself. Xander’s Aunt and Uncle had checked on him off and on several times throughout the day and had seen the work he had accomplished, to say they were impressed was an understatement.

They had tried to get him to take a break and get some sleep but Xander would have none of it. He was determined to have his sword finished by Sunday night and that only left him about 24 hours. Besides he was on a roll and driven by forces he couldn’t understand, he had to keep working or he may never finish his masterpiece.

The cross hilt and the pommel pieces he made out of an old solid brass bed board that he softened and then shaped. The handle itself was made from oak and sanded down to fit his hands perfectly. He attached the cross hilt to the blade, then the handle, and then of course the pommel at the backend. He did this by drilling holes and then hammering in brass rivets to hold everything in place.

He kinda felt like using an electric drill to help create this sword was cheating but really, he simply couldn’t think of a better way, so he conceded to the fact and moved on. The rivet was showing on the pommel but he knew he could polish it out and make it look seamless. The handle itself he was planning to wrap in a black velvet material that his Aunt had offered to him once she had seen just how beautiful the sword was and she was proud to sacrifice one of her new velvet throw pillows for the cause.

Sunset had given way to sunrise by the time he had finished the complete assembly. Now all that was left was to polish it and to sharpen it.

For the first stage of polishing he decided to use steel wool. It actually did a great job and the sword was starting look shiny and new, except for the scratches that the steel wool left behind. The next stage he needed something else.

He talked his Uncle into taking him into town to the hardware store that was open till 12 o’clock on Sunday and there he found what he needed. Once back at the house he used a very fine steel wool to take out the large scratches and then a polishing rag to remove all the scratches. This process took a lot of time but it was definitely worth it, the sword looked beautiful and bland new.

Now all that was left was to sharpen it to a fine razors edge. Using a wet rock that he had gotten at the store that morning he got to work. Having helped Buffy and Giles sharpen swords before, this was the easy part.

Having sharpened swords before Xander was once again able to day dream while he worked.

Just imagine if I could sharpen this beauty so that it could cut through anything. Or that while using this sword no one, not even Buffy would be his equal. Just imagine that if he were to ever lose this masterpiece or if someone were to steal it, he would only have to call for it and it would appear in his hand. Just imagine that if the blade was so tough that is was indestructible. Just imagine.

It was 7:00 pm Sunday evening and he was officially done. Xander’s Aunt and Uncle just looked at the sword in awe. They had decided that Xander definitely had a gift for sword making. Neither of them was much into swords themselves but each knew that if they had seen this sword somewhere in a store, then the shear beauty of it would compel them to buy it. It was just that beautiful, there was no other way to describe it. The sword was light and well balanced, you could wield it with ease. The blade itself was polished to perfection and razor sharp. The strange markings were accented with a black permanent ink that was guaranteed never to fade. The hand guard was polished brass that came out 3 inches on each side of the handle with both ends coming to a small round ball. The handle itself was double wrapped in black velvet that Xander had cut into a 1/2 inch wide strip that gave it a comfortable and non slip grip. And finally the pommel was also polished brass that started from the end of the handle then rounded out so that it was slightly larger than the handle itself and then came back to a dull point at the tip. And finally on each side of the pommel was a recessed cross also accented in black.


However, little did the Harris’s know that at the same time someone else was also admiring the newly crafted sword. Because when he felt someone begin to draw from his power to create a magical weapon he knew that that someone had to be of his blood. But to Hephaestus the Greek God of the Forge and Fire that was impossible, for he had never sired a child. His wife Aphrodite had some serious explaining to do.
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