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Summary: Nobody told him his wife had died. Ex-wife, that is. After all the time away, and all that's happened, can Hank reignite the relationship with whats left of his family?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Past Donor)lucidityFR131927,957620140,55716 Oct 086 Mar 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Fingers and Toes

Hanks’ thoughts about Harmony’s potential were interrupted by the blonde’s face morphing to her demonic visage. She hissed at something in the darkness behind Dawn. Next thing anyone knew, Harmony was rolling around on the ground, pulling brown hair and thrusting her knee into the sensitive parts of a jock-like vampire. She was hissing and growling like a cat and screaming things like “you sonofabitch”, “fucking liar”, and “I wouldn’t suck on your …”

Hank and his youngest exchanged confused glances, then worried glances, then inquiring glances before silently agreeing to start running for it.

Spike ran into them half a moment later, quickly taking stock of the situation. One scared eyebrow rose at Harmony’s presence. Both eyebrows rose at what she doing to the now shrieking-like-a-little-girl male. She had managed to pin him down with one stylish boat against his neck, one hand pressing all of her weight on his crotch. Her other hand had removed his dirty sneaker and she was biting his toes off one by one and spitting them across the street as he struggled and begged.

Spike, Hank, and Dawn all shuddered, the latter quickly turning away until she heard the quite “shwuff” of a disintegrating vampire. She turned back to see Spike standing over Harmony, his stake threatening to descend once more.

“What the bugger all was that?”


“Don’t ‘Spikey’ me, bint. What. The. Fuck?”

Harmony slowly got to her feet, wiping her mouth with her hand then licking the blood from her fingers before straightening her outfit. “That was Kevin.” She sniffed pitifully. “He told everyone in school that I … That I wanted to suck on his toes.” Her face scrunched up in disgust. “Just cause I wouldn’t put out for him, he had to spread all these lies. He was a total jerk.”

Spike sighed and pocketed the stake. His eyes returned to Dawn and Hank. “Everybody alright?”

Hank answered, “Yes, I think so.” Then he remembered, “she found another note, though.”

Ignoreing that for the time being, he went over and smoothed his hand over Dawn’s shoulders. “How about you, bit? You alright?”

Dawn nodded, then dove in for a hug.

Spike looked back to Hank, a question in his eyes.

“It seems, well, Buffy got upset and …”

“And what?”

Hank looked at Harmony, not sure if he should continue. He decided to get to the immediate problem. “Look, Buffy ran out upset and we came out to look for her. And then this” he gestured “blonde almost ran us over with her bike and we really need to find Buffy. She’s in no state to be out here."

“And you are, boy?” Spike sighed, squeezed Dawn, then pressed her away a bit so they could walk.

Hank continued, “We figured, that is, I thought she might have gone to see her mother’s resting place.”

Spike shook his head. “I’ve been trailing her just about every night since she got back to wandering around and staking things. “ He frowned. “I know where she’ll be. Harm, leave the bike – come with us until I figure out what the hell you’re doing here. Right?”

Harmony glanced at her scratched up bike and shrugged. “Whatever.” The four of them set off in a new direction.

- - - - - - - - -

Tara woke slowly, still exhausted. Her discomfort was more than she could ignore. She groaned as she rolled to her front, starting a coughing fit that ended only after there was another pile of red goo on the floor from the blood she had swallowed and inhaled. On her hands and knees, she tried to make the room stop spinning. She was so very very tired and she wanted to just lay back down on the floor and pass out again. Her head hurt, her body hurt, her face hurt. Ribs hurt when she breathed. Her inner and outer thighs ached and she could feel where Willow’s shoes and knees had left their marks.

A sob escaped her, but she had to concentrate. There was something … something had woken her. A loud noise. She had no magic left in her to try to feel out her surroundings. She would have to do it the old fashioned way. Climbing up the side table and the chair, she managed to get herself up and standing in a dizzy haze.

She realized voices were coming from upstairs. Willow’s and a man’s. Her eyes glanced at the door. She should run. She knew she should run. A beating like that was never a one-time thing. She’d been through them enough to know that this might be her only chance to get out before she was hurt worse.

But… her eyes slowly slid back to the stair case, ears straining to understand what the voices were saying. Or at least, who was talking. But she couldn’t make it out. She took a step and stumbled, catching herself on the back of the chair. She could feel her consciousness fading. She was too drained from the magic she’d used and the beating she’d taken. And her head … goddess, her head hurt so bad.

An image of Xander flitted behind her closed eyelids and she forced herself to straighten up. She could do this. Just stay awake a few more minutes. She got down on her knees and slowly crawled to her phone. It seemed to take an eternity and she couldn’t be sure if she’d stayed lucid the whole time, but then she hit a buton and the phone was ringing in her ear and tears poured even harder from her eyes as the sound seemed to vibrate her brain.

She heard Xander’s voice as if it was far away. It took her a moment to remember she had to speak out loud. Had to ask for help. But it was just like in the kitchen when pa had beaten her mamma and broken her fingers and it hurt so much and she had to be a big girl and call the ambulance. She had to tell them where she was. She had to warn them.

“She…” her voice was hoarse and nasal. “I…” What was she doing? Where was she? “Home. I’m h…” The darkness overwhelmed her and she fell once more to the floor.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hank" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Mar 14.

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