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Six Things Spike Stole After He Had a Soul

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Summary: Even with a soul, Spike still stole things. But these things were a bit different. A slightly angsty, slightly schmaltzy Spander. WARNING: Contains non-explicit SLASH

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/Xander(Past Donor)vinniebatmanFR1563,2474410,03416 Oct 0816 Oct 08Yes

Tuesday Morning

Warnings and Disclaimer in Chapter 1

Tuesday Morning

Their lives had settled into a routine of sorts, becoming somewhat domestic. They shared a home, rode to work together in the morning, and rode home together at night. Granted, Spike and Xander fought demons and trained super-powered girls, but that didn't keep their lives from following a sort of pattern.It had become obvious soon after they'd begun their relationship that it didn't matter if they said they wouldn't have sex while showering. Because no matter how rushed they were, as soon as they were nude and in close proximity to one another, any restraint they supposedly had flew out the window. Even not showering together didn't guarantee restraint. Despite how long they'd known one another, regardless of how many times they'd had sex, they still couldn't get enough of each other.

Xander sat at the table drinking his coffee while eating a breakfast of toast, already showered and dressed for work. Spike soon wandered in, barefoot in jeans and an unbuttoned shirt. His hair was wet and unstyled as he poured himself a cup of tea. Since moving in together, Xander had become quite proficient in making tea, even though he didn't drink it. Although there was a meeting that morning for which they were already late, Xander couldn't bring himself to leave the table as he watched Spike move about, the sides of his shirt framing his chiseled abs. Somehow, despite eating like a regular person, Spike was still incredibly lithe and muscular. Xander supposed it had to do with Spike training the young Slayers. Xander was thankful for whatever it was that maintained Spike's physique. Spike soon joined Xander at the table and began eating his own toast. He grinned as he ate, well aware of how Xander couldn't stop staring at him.

"See something you like, pet?"

"Why do you even ask? I mean, you breathe and I'm ready for sex."

Spike chuckled, the low sound sending tremors down Xander's spine. Finishing his toast, Spike leaned back in his chair. His shirt fell open as he spread his legs.

Xander was dumbstruck as his gaze traveled down from Spike's mouth to his chest, then to his belly, before his eyes finally settled at the top of Spike's unbuttoned jeans, memories and ideas floating through his head.

"We're already late for the meeting. Any reason for us to show up?" Spike asked.

Xander jumped, startled by Spike's voice.

"Not that I can think of," he lied. Spike grinned, then stood and walked over to him. Xander pushed his chair away from the table, but before he could stand, Spike was straddling him.

"Good, 'cause I've got plans for you." Leaning down, he nipped at Xander's throat, then laved the abused skin with his tongue.

"Like what?"

"Well," he started, running his hand down Xander's chest, "we still need to paint the guest room."

"Aw man, can I paint something else?" he asked, nudging Spike's ass with his growing erection.

Spike stilled. Looking down, he raised an eyebrow.

"Did you really just say that? As an innuendo, it doesn't even make sense," he said, laughing. Reaching out, he began undoing the buttons of Xander's shirt.

"Hey, the blood isn't heading to my brain right now; I'm doing the best I can," Xander protested, dropping his shirt to the floor before pulling Spike close.

"Then I guess it's a good thing I love you for your looks," Spike said with a put-upon sigh.

"Well, I am a looker."

Spike pressed their lips together, their mouths opening soon after. Kissing each other was common for them, but each, they became each other's sole focus, only separating for air.

"Bed? I think the bed would be good," Xander said, his voice breathy. Spike only winked at him before standing. He didn't even bother waiting for Xander to stand before he dashed off toward the bedroom. Xander quickly followed, noting Spike's shirt haphazardly tossed onto the coffee table.

The phone rang, but neither of them paid attention to anything but each other as the answering machine clicked on.

"Xander, Spike? Where are you? You're already a half-hour late. I really must insist that you try to make the meetings on time. Your house is three doors down from Council Headquarters, honestly. I really don't- what was that Dawn? What do you mean they're busy? Oh. I see. Oh good Lord."

The machine clicked off. The only sounds audible were those being made by Xander and Spike in the bedroom.

As far as Spike and Xander were concerned, they were all that mattered.

The End

You have reached the end of "Six Things Spike Stole After He Had a Soul". This story is complete.

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