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The Truth Behind His Life

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Summary: Xander discovers that he is much more than just the Zeppo.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredFaeryFR152933,951610885,05916 Oct 0818 Apr 14Yes

The Truth Behind His Life 26

Title: The Truth Behind His Life
Fandom: Batman/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chapter: 26
Characters: Xander, Dick, Willow, Joyce, Giles, Angel, Penn, Spike
Word count: 1,542
AN: And we see the smack down finally. I am seriously going to do a full on real chapter story for this plot. I swear.

Just need to finish other things to.


After arriving in Sunnydale, Xander and Dick had gone to Angel’s mansion and set up their room, falling into bed to sleep away their jet lag before getting up. Angel, Spike and Penn had all headed to the magic shop to warn everyone that he and Dick would be there soon once it got dark enough to run to their car, leaving them to meander through the falling night.

“You were right about Sunnydale,” Dick said musingly, hands shoved into his pockets. Xander had one hand looped through his boyfriend’s arm and was sweeping his eyes back and forth as he made a questioning sound. “It’s very pretty and simple on the visual surface but under that there is this rot, seething and trying to control everything.”

“The portal, which is under the school library, has had time to spread its evil through the town before it’s stopped by the holy land,” Xander explained as they passed by the only night time coffee and doughnut shop. “There’s a sect of specially trained priests and knights who come every so often and add fresh blessings to the land. The Mayor couldn’t stop them from doing so.”

“Well then, that’s good,” Dick snorted lowly as he smiled and shook his head. They were soon standing before the Magic Box, staring at the display in the window. Xander twitched his barely floor length skirt before making sure that his hair and shirt was smoothed down. “Come on, let’s go deal with the banshees and Giles. I want to get it over with so we can go home and break in that new kitchen table that you bought. Which, by the way, is gorgeous.”

“ Alfred suggested it when I asked,” Xander admitted, reaching out to push the door open, the couple stepping inside. He looked around with a raised eyebrow, amusement dancing on his lips, taking in the atmosphere of the shop. “Well, it reads as a stereotypical magic shoppe,” he chuckled.

“Yeah. Man, I’m starting to miss Gotham already,” Dick sighed, shaking his head.

“With all of its psychotic criminals, minor gangs that annoy the poor, over worked police force and the little old ladies that would prefer to smack you than accept your help?” Xander asked before bursting into laughter, Dick grinning widely.

“Good lord, what is all the ruckus out here?” Giles asked as he came out from the back room, cleaning his glasses. “Xander? Is that really you?” he asked, sliding his glasses back onto his face.

“Hey there, Giles,” Xander greeted after he had gotten himself back under control. “Giles, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend and lover, Dick Grayson. Dick, this is a good friend, Rupert Giles,” he introduced, the two men shaking hands. “Is everyone here?”

“Yes, they are. Joyce also came even though she hasn’t been feeling very well lately,” Giles said, Xander and Dick exchanging concerned looks. “They’re all in the back.” Xander was quick to drag his lover into the back, finding Joyce rubbing at her head with a pinched look on her face.

“Joyce, what’s wrong?” Xander asked as he rushed over, kneeling down before her and grasping her hands in his own.

“Oh, just a little headache, Xander,” Joyce said, curling her fingers around his with a small smile.

“Mrs. Summers, my name is Dick Grayson and I’m dating Xander now. Do you mind if I take a look at you?” Dick asked, pulling up a chair to sit down next to her.

“Oh, I’m fine but if it’ll put your worry to rest, you may,” Joyce chuckled, smiling at the two young men.

“Who the hell are you?” Buffy screeched as she came out of the storage room in the back. Xander stood up and glared at her, arms crossed over his chest.

“His name is Dick and he’s with me. Now sit down, Buffy. And don’t think I don’t see you, Willow Rosenburg. You sit your ass down to. We have things to talk about,” he snapped. Buffy and Willow were quick to sit down, their eyes wide as they watched Xander turn back to Dick and Joyce.

“Now, Mrs. Summers…”

Joyce broke in with, “Call me Joyce, please.” Dick smiled and nodded his head.

“I can do that. Now, Joyce, these headaches, do they happen often?” he asked.

“Nearly every day actually. But I’ve been under so much stress I just thought that’s what it was,” Joyce replied, blinking at the gentle touches to her head and neck.

“Do they start in one place just as a full on throbbing?” Dick asked, checking Joyce’s eyes with a frown on his lips.

“They start around here,” Joyce said, pointing to a spot high up on her head, “and then radiate from there.”

“That’s not good is it, Dick?” Xander asked as he laced his fingers with Joyce’s. Dick sighed and rubbed at his face.

“I have a friend that I want you to go see tomorrow. I’ll have a car service pick you up in the morning,” Dick stated, pulling out his phone. “I want to make sure it’s not a tumor or something worse. He’ll probably want to keep you for a few days to, so make sure you pack and have someone to watch your store.”

“Oh dear,” Joyce breathed, rubbing at her mouth, Xander hugging her close with soft sounds of comfort. Dick stood and moved to call his friend, setting up a full array of tests for Joyce, noticing that Buffy and Willow didn’t look too devastated. Once he got off of his phone, he rejoined the group, Giles coming to sit on Joyce’s other side.

“So, you have your first test at one tomorrow afternoon. He said we probably caught it early enough that it’ll be an in and out surgery with follow up care if it is a tumor,” he told her, getting a thankful smile from Joyce.

“I don’t like it,” Buffy grumped. Xander sighed and patted Joyce’s hand before standing up and turning to face her.

“Elizabeth Summers, you will shut the fuck up and open those damn ears. If it is a tumor, Joyce going to LA is a good thing. It means that we can make sure it’s not something even more serious and your spoiled Cali princess attitude is not welcomed now any more then it was when I first met you,” he snarled, his eyes snapping.

“Who do you think you are? You’re nothing but the Zeppo! A normal human who can’t do shit,” Buffy snarled back. “I’m the Slayer and what I say goes!”

“Oooh, so very scary, but you’re not The Slayer, you’re just a slayer,” Dick drawled. “Oh yes, Xander told me everything that has been going on around here before he left. You see, according to the tomes that I’ve seen, since you died and a new Slayer was called in your place, you are nothing but back up and your death won’t call a new slayer,” he continued, looking bored with her hissy fit. He noticed that the three vampires were watching from near the back door, everyone else watching the three carefully.

“You’re nothing to,” Buffy snorted, eyeing Dick and mourning the fact that he was gay and fucking Xander. “Just a normal, boring human who would get in my way.”

“Not true. I’ve had more training then you have. In Gotham, you either know how to fight or you die a really hard death. I learned how to fight,” Dick stated. “I’ve seen video of your fights and despite your strength, your fighting skills are lacking. I’ve gone toe to toe with guys like Killer Crock and the Joker, and I came out of them winning despite my aches and pains. So, tell me, little girl, am I that normal now?” he asked, standing up with fire burning in his eyes.

“And let me set you straight on a few more things, Buffy. I’m so far from normal that it’s not even funny,” Xander stated, sitting down and crossing his legs. “You see, I was adopted by the Harris’. My mother came from a long line up of mediums, seers and witches, all of that history passing on to me. Yes, I practice magic and I have since I discovered a how to book on rituals. Yes, I hid it from everyone but Jesse. It was my secret because I wanted to learn without any influences.”

“Then why did spells go awry around you?” Giles asked, Xander just smiling in return.

“Because either I didn’t want the magic done to me, or Willow here messed up or speed over a step,” Xander told him. “I also know how to fight but because of the glamour I wore, it made it hard for me to do so,” he continued. “Now that I dropped it, I can fight just fine. For that matter, I spar with Dick often enough that I’ve learned new things. Buffy, you are not amazing. All you are is a super strong girl with now skills.”

“Wanna tell us why you went into the Harris house by the way?” Dick asked the dumbstruck blond. Angel, Spike and Penn all snickered lowly while Giles and Joyce glared at the girls.
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