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A-Team on the hellmouth

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Summary: A-Team End up on the hellmouth and Decker Can't follow because of some older standing orders that no military US or otherwise is to enter Sunnydale without permission.

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Television > A-Team, TheObsidianFR1321,273043,07517 Oct 0817 Oct 08No

Chapter two

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer, any of the characters of that show. Nor do I own The A-Team or any of those chacters.

Authors note: Well that muse has once again struck and here's some more.

Col Smith took a puff of his cigar and spoke "Murdock. What do you mean off limits? Explain please. Give with the intel Captain."

Murdock sat up streighter and looked at the Col "Well sir it all started way back when I was in this nutward way up north near the border of Oregon or some such. They had brought in some soldiers and we got to talking and he told me he was involved in a op so black even the top secret clearance didn't cover it. it was ultra violet it was so black. Anyhow he told me he was involved with hunting demons. Now you know me. I'm open to just about anything but demons? Nah no way. Then I saw his scars and got to wondering." Takes a breath and continues " I did some asking around and he wasn't the only solider who had been hidden away in our ward. There where others. Jibbering about vampires and other nasties. Well I got curiuos and I got to make some calls around and found out where this little op was held. Right here in Sunnydale, California. Highest murder rate in the US period. Enough churches that rome should take a notice for such a small town."

Murdock wipes his brow before continueing "Anyhow I called in some favors and asked around in military circles like. There's alot of folks out there that think the A-Team is doing good and got a bum rap. So they are willing to help when they can. Well They tell me that Sunnydale has a no visit order. Do not enter on penalty of Death unless ordered to enter under presidental sanction. Now this made me sit up and Really take notice. But after hearing some of the stories these other soliders told me and what could be dug up this town was bad news and NOT to be taken lightly."

Hannibal smith took a puff of his cigar and considered Murdocks words.

From the drivers position BA piped in "Col you gonna listen to this jabbering fool? He's nuttier than a fruitcake with extra nuts. I mean come on no such things as Vampires. Or demons."

Hannibal looked at BA "Well BA. You may think so but I happen to know they are Real. VERY real. And VERY deadly. What you think the VC where the only one's kililng our guys in the night in Nam. I dont' think so. Even the VC wheren't that good."

Face spoke up at this "COl no offense but BA's right Murdock is usually spouting off stuff like this all the time. Why take this so seriously now? I mean yeah I go along with his little sock puppets or invisible dog routine every now and again but thats to keep BA from killing him in frustration and irratation."

"Face I'm surprised at you. You of all people should know Murdock isn't as crazy as he seems. or acts. He just wants everyone to think he is. Right Murdock?"

"Uhh sure Col. But still I think we need to turn around and leave this town. I mean we don't wanna get involved in this. I mean we got enough problems with decker on our ass's like white on rice and just as sticky. Come on Col we gotta get outta here, like now!"
Murdock was once again fidgeting in his seat and looking around.

Col Smith thought for a second. "Ok BA Turn it around and head back out of town. Hopefully Decker isn't close behind. We can cut across the desert and go back up the coast and double back on him. He'll never expect that."

BA Sighed "Alright but I'm not doing this because of some fools jabbering I'm doing it cause you said so."

With this BA Turn into a driveway and backed out and turn around and headed back out of Town.

Few minutes later they reached the city limits and sure enough there sat decker just outside the city limits blocking their exit. BA Stopped the van and just sat their staring down decker and his men.

What seemed odd to the A-Team was that decker was pacing back and forth looking at the A-Team but making no move to enter the city after them.

After a few minutes Decked walked over and took a mic from a solder and started yelling into it.

BA was the first to speak up "Why isn't Decker on us already? Whats he doing?"

Face looked at decker and looked at BA "Well it appears Murdock was right on this one. Decker CAN't Enter Sunnydale. And if I'm not mistaken he's probley on the horn now trying to get clearance to do so and if that vain in his head thats throbing is any indication he's not getting it. Surprise surprise."

"Alright BA head back into town. Seems we are safe from Decker for the moment. Lets find a place to lay low and off his radar till we can figure this cituation out." Col Smith said around puffs of his cigar.

BA once again turned the van around and headed back into town looking for a place to lay low and hide from Decker.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A-Team on the hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Oct 08.

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