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A-Team on the hellmouth

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Summary: A-Team End up on the hellmouth and Decker Can't follow because of some older standing orders that no military US or otherwise is to enter Sunnydale without permission.

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Television > A-Team, TheObsidianFR1321,273043,07517 Oct 0817 Oct 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I Do not own Buffy the Vampire slayer or any of the characters from said show. Nor do I lay claim to any characters from A-Team.

Authors Note: this is just a snippet of a larger story that a plot bunny planted in my head at 4am in the morning *gives said plot bunny a dirty look*.

Anyhow at this point not sure where it's going but I had to get this down.
A Large black van with a red stripe down the side drove through the city limits of Sunnydale
california and a man inside awoke with a start and a yell.

"What the!?! Wait where the hell are we? and what woke me up!?, someone better answer me!" "Howling Mad" Murdock said from the back of the van.

Templeton "Faceman" Peck looked At Murdock and said "Uhh Murdock you ok there?"

Murdock just raised an eyebrow and stated once again "I asked a damn question. What the hell is going on and where the hell are we!? Someone answer me!"

From the drivers seat the big black man in gold chains rumbled "Shut up fool and go back to sleep we in some small town in california. Now Shut up ya yammering before I pull over and shut ya up. Damn Fool!"

From the front passenger seat Col. Hannibal Smith Raised an eyebrow took a puff on his cigar and looked at Murdock and Back at B.A. Barackus.

"Now you listen here Sergant you WILL tell me where we ARE right fucking now! Or so help me I will I have this van stripped and sold for parts! Do YOU UNDERSTAND ME SOLDIER!?" This last from Murdock who looked very serious and not crazy at all. All officer that would brook no answer but SIR yes SIR.

Hannibal smith looked at B.A. And said "B.A. I think the Captains serious this time. He doesn't have the usuall gleam in his eye. He's in officer mode. Just answer him like you would an officer."

B.A. Just looked over briefly at Hannibal and Ground out "Sir Yes SIR! We are currently in the town of Sunnydale, california Sir!"

AT this Murdock got very nervious and twitchy. "Sunnydale?! THE Sunnydale? oh this is not good not good at all. Col we are NOT suppose to be here. THis area is off limits to all military personel. This place gives my nitemares nitemares. Col we gotta get outta here. Or we are in Deep shit. and I mean upto your eyeballs about to drawn SHIT. Col Please Turn around we have to LEAVE! NOW!" Murdock was practically pleading at this point and was looking around as if for an exit.

This made everyone in the van VERY nervious.
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