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Fan art for fiction I'm going to write...someday

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Fan Art

Summary: Anime Buffy, InuYasha,Final Fintasy, Planet of the Apes...FanArt for Jezaeiri's-Breaking the Fall series

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Anime > Inuyasha
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
CristinaFR7111,623097,52517 Oct 0829 Oct 11Yes

shikon reincarnated

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is property of Joss Whedon, GSM belongs to herself, pic were fund on Google.
Image in the background is Shikon no Tama and belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, characters fro Inuyasha also belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I'm not making any money out of this...but I am loosing hairs with the drawing and coloring.

Summary: Midoriko was a very powerful Miko ( shrine maiden, priestess, sorceress, female medium; fortuneteller) whose spiritual power alone was stronger than any other living persons. It was said that she could purify and destroy 10 demons at once.
Hundreds years before the feudal era, she protected humans from youkai. She used spiritual powers not only to subdue demons, but to purify them as well. And then came the battle. She dressed herself in miko robes and old armor, and wielding only a single sword, she began battling countless demons. The battle raged on for 7 days and nights, until finally the many demons she fought formed into one. When this demon got Midoriko in it's jaws, Midoriko used the rest of her powers to force something out of her chest. That something was the Shikon Jewel Shikon no Tama, or jewel of four souls. She imprisoned part of her soul inside the jewel, along with the demon.

Decades later in California in a town called Sunnydale, on January 19 1999, current Slayer (or one of the two) just turned 18th, and as its their habit Watcher's Council orders Giles to prepare Buffy for the Cruciamentum, a test the Watchers put each slayer through on her eighteenth birthday. And now Buffy is slowly loosing her Slayer powers...but what Buffy doesn't know is that the part of Midoriko's soul (that wasn't traped in the Jewel) has been reborn in her and now her soul's heritage is about to explode....vampires beware.

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