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And Hell Shall Follow

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Summary: Xander is captured by the initiative just before his road trip.

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Games > Crime > Max PayneTjinFR1811,8232145,91918 Oct 0818 Oct 08Yes
And Hell Shall Follow.


Xander Payne 2



Hell. People have varying thoughts concerning hell, but not me. I’ve seen it, the real thing, so close you can smell the brimstone.

Yeah, there is a hell, but after what I’ve been through, I think there are humans that have been taking notes.

Me? My Names Xander Harris… and I am a monster.


(Two Weeks Earlier)

Xander blinked as the world came back into focus, after a moment’s pause he tried to place the brightly lit room he found himself in before giving up, the only time he had seen something similar had been on the X-Files.

Sitting up, Xander found that one side of the room was a mirrored glass surface. Thinking back, he tried to remember how he had gotten here. The only thing he remembered though was leaving on his road trip when a large black SUV had run him off the road.

Everything beyond that was a blank.

Forcing himself to his feet, Xander looked around the empty room before noticing the simple blue scrubs he was wearing. Walking towards the mirror, he knocked on the glass in an attempt to get a response. He was surprised when several thousand volts of electricity tore through him as soon as his hand contacted the glass.

Picking himself up off the floor, Xander moved away from the glass that couldn’t be actual glass and curled up in one corner of the room.

He really hoped Buffy would save him soon.


“How is he?” Margaret Walsh asked as she stared at one of the newest test subjects.

One of the researchers looked over the notes before responding, “Subject ‘Alexander’ is rated at ninety-nine point nine five percent human, point zero five unregistered nonhuman. Subject has been attempting to gain some contact since waking eight point three hours ago,” the researcher read before turning back to the monitor.

Nodding in satisfaction at getting one so close to a baseline human, Margaret looked over the Being’s medical report carefully before making a decision, “Tag him for Serum testing, prototype twelve.”

“Yes Ma’am,” The researcher said before typing in a series of commands, the subject would be drugged and taken to another section of the facility, this was the second one today.



I haven’t always been this way, not too long ago I was a happy go lucky kid. Good friends, a diploma, nice car and a couple hundred bucks to see the country with.

Then they got hold of me, and now? Now I’m not so nice.


(Thirteen days earlier)

Xander cowered in the corner as he tried to ignore the burning pain that seemed to fill his every waking moment, he didn’t know where he was, but he had been moved from the sterile white room to a cement gray cell with bars.


Xander froze at the soft words. For a moment he wondered if he had imagined them before dragging himself over to the bars and looking out. He could just see a small hand reaching out of the cell beside his. Licking his lips, he finally managed to respond, “Hey there, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” he tried to lighten the mood through the pain he felt from whatever the white masked men had injected him with.

“P-Probably the same as you, though not as b-bad I expect,” She said softly.

“How do you figure that?” Xander asked as he tried to focus past the pain.

“I-I didn’t s-scream for four hours when they brought me in,”

Groaning in pain at the memory, Xander tried to put a light spin on it, “Heard that didja? What say we keep that between us when we get out of here, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m a sissy,” Xander said as he rested his head against the bars.

“I don’t t-think that’s going to b-be a problem, I d-doubt they’re going to just l-let us out when they’re done.”

Pressing himself against the bars, Xander looked over in her direction “Hey now, none of that. If I rolled over for every single hopeless situation I found myself in I’d… well… roll over a lot,” Xander finished lamely as a small laugh worked its way out of the other cell, “See, we’ll beat this yet and then, I’ll take you out for waffle’s.”

“A-alright, b-but I’ll hold you to those waffles.”

“Deal, I’m Xander, by the way,” He introduced himself as he finally started to fade out from the pain, as the world darkened he barely managed to catch her response.

“M-my names T-Tara,”



I wish I could have gotten to know her better those first two days, but they were pumping me so full of drugs I was barely conscious a quarter of the time, the rest was mostly filled with screaming.

But when the screaming stopped, she was there. She never talked down to me or made me feel stupid.

It turns out they were pumping me full of steroids and crap to increase my strength, it was two days after they’d started on me that they finally began working on her too.


(Eleven days earlier.)

Xander was shaking in pain and fear as they finished strapping him into the metal chair. This had been going on for two days now and it was always the same. They would strap him down and inject him with a red or green liquid three or four times a day, then the pain would start.

“Baseline test subject started, enhanced test subject ready.”

The voices were the same, but the words were different this time. Who was enhanced? Ready for what?

This time the injection was a bright blue color, Xander watched in amazement as the man filled the syringe full before slipping the needle into a well worn hole in his arm.

This time there was no pain, no screaming, and no fear. he sat in the chair for the first time and felt… calm.

He did notice the sound of fluttering wings.

They watched him as he sat in the chair and was asked a series of questions and he never even noticed the electrical current that was coursing through his body.



Yeah, Tara was the baseline, they wanted something mostly human to see what differences there were on someone not drugged up to their eyeballs.

It went on for several days, Tara would always be taken first, then me. I don’t know why they didn’t hear them, the winged ones. The flitted back and forth in the shadows, Tara saw them too, so I know I’m not crazy.

They were getting more and more bold, coming out further and further from the shadows each day, I tried to talk to them, thinking maybe they could have helped us escape, but whether they understood or even heard me I can’t tell. I did manage to get a name, Valkyrie.


(Six Days Earlier.)

Darkness, the fluttering sound of wings was almost constant and now Xander knew what they were, Angels of Death. He just wished he knew who was supposed to die.

A scream from down the hallway jerked Xander fully awake as the gathered Valkeries swarmed in the direction of the scream, Tara’s scream.

Moving towards the bars, Xander desperately tried to look in the direction the winged ones had flown, but darkness was all he saw.


The soldier moved into the cell carefully as his partner covered him from outside, not that they needed it. This one hadn’t put up a fight since the first day, he was currently kneeling with his hands behind his head, facing away from the entrance.

Reaching for the prisoner’s right arm the soldier moved to cuff him so they could take him to the research lab. He never even saw the prisoner move as the pacifistic nonhuman spun and gripped the soldier’s head and with a quick twist, the soldier’s neck snapped. His backup stared in shocked horror as his partner was killed.

Xander knew the second soldier’s training would kick in and he would either slam the cell door or shoot him, so lifting the still twitching body, he slung it towards the open door just as the soldier reached for it.

As the body jammed the door open, Xander rushed the soldier as he franticly tried to bring his weapon up on the enraged prisoner.

Reaching out, Xander knocked the gun aside with his left hand as his right caught the young man in the throat. The punch crushed the soldier’s wind pipe just before Xander’s follow up strike shoved his nose bone up into his brain.

Neither had managed to raise an alarm, but that would soon change. Picking up the dropped rifle, Xander checked the chamber before heading down the hallway towards the sound of wings.



I’ve seen demons before, soulless monsters that care nothing for the pain and suffering of others, what I saw when I opened that door was something no demon I know was capable of at all.


(Six days earlier.)

The researchers’ heads snapped up as a rapid burst of gunfire cut their guards down in a bloody spray. They were horrified to see the enhanced test subject standing there with a deadly weapon pointed at them, looking at his fellow researchers, one made a mad dash for the panic button on the far wall.


Xander cut the moving target down before turning back to the others and it was a cold, merciless execution that followed. None of the researchers escaped.

As the last body started to cool on the floor, Xander turned towards the table, though he had never seen her, he knew who she was. Carefully wiping a stray hair from her cheek, he felt a cold hatred towards those responsible for such acts. He barely looked up as the alarms blared in a far off section of the compound, it seemed his escape had finally been uncovered.

Reaching down, Xander picked up the medical clipboard by the table and scanned it quickly for the name responsible.

Margaret Walsh.

Dropping the clipboard to the blood soaked floor, Xander carefully picked up Tara’s body and moved towards the exit.

He almost hoped someone tried to stop him.



I stare down at the human as she tries to escape. She knows her toy soldiers won’t stop me and she’s willing to sacrifice them all just to slow me down long enough for her to get away Slipping the safety off of my liberated M9, I move after the bitch responsible for everything I have become.

My name is Xander Harris, I am death, and hell shall follow in my footsteps.


(A/N) I Watched Max Payne today, got this little plot bunny soo…. Here you are.

I don't own BtVS or Max Payne


The End

You have reached the end of "And Hell Shall Follow". This story is complete.

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