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Red, White and Blue

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Summary: The NWC's B-team find themselves out of this world

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Stargate > General > General: Atlantis(Past Donor)HiltonKFR1545,40523113,64019 Oct 0810 Nov 08No


A/N Thank you all so much for your comments, advice and quite rightfully pointed out errors and omissions. Admittedly I haven’t fixed most of ‘em but duly noted. My excuse -artistic licence, etc etc :0) I’ve created many more improbabilities with this one so may I suggest going with the flow or flee now. Abandon all hope ye of sound reason.

Special thanks to RevDorothyL who led me off in this direction. No idea where I’m going to end up but hopefully it’ll all make sense in the end!

Oh and I apologise but it’s changing into independent snippet chapters rather than a coherent long story. Weak skills on my part I’m afraid. I have the chapter after next all written up, short tho it maybe, just wrestling the muse over the filler in between...

I’ll shut up now.

“We go tonight.” Willow stated as she sat cross legged in the middle of the bed.

“You looped the feed, pet?” Spike glanced up toward the camera in the room.

“No Spike. I thought I’d leak our escape plans to the security team watching us.” Willow sighed.

“I was just askin’. Bloke reaches a point where all this inaction starts to make him a little twitchy.” Spike got up and started to pace. They’d been here for just under a week, most of that spent confined to their quarters. After refusing point blank to submitting to a medical examination they’d been informed, politely, that they were no longer at liberty to interact with Atlantis’s general population.

Their tour of city had culminated in the infirmary where both Spike and Willow had recognised one of the doctors from the Initiative. The man paled considerably once he spotted them, something that had not escaped Sheppard. While Spike would have quite happily outed the man whilst ripping him limb from limb, Willow restrained him. She steadfastly refused to answer the Atlantis crew’s demands for an explanation and just leaving it a classified. Which left them ‘confined’ to quarters.

Willow accepted it as a sensible precaution on the Atlantean’s part. Illyria was indifferent but Spike had been going stir crazy. At least they’d been keeping him fed, the Colonel had told Willow that they were voluntarily donated blood supplies. It had led to one of the more interesting developments from their time here.

Spike had begun hearing things shortly after drinking the first batch of blood. Their first thought had naturally been that it was some kind of drug or experiment. However even Spike was convinced at their vehement reaction to the suggestion. It had faded but not before Willow noticed that Spike’s mood had affected a number of things in the room. Further investigation had revealed the mental component of controlling the alien technology in the city.

Willow had spent the next few days ‘meditating’ in full view of the cameras in their quarters. She had been careful not to leave a trace of her presence in their systems which had been surprisingly easy given her wiccan and hacking skills. Fooling the system into believing she had the gene had been relatively simple and the Earth based interfaces with things like the gate had made her task a lot simpler. She was just glad she had her enhanced PDA on her still and that it hadn’t been confiscated. Magical Bluetooth trumped all.

“I’ll be able to dial the gate and disable the shield but we won’t have much time. No killing on the way through the gateroom understood.” She looked pointedly at Illyria then Spike, both of whom nodded shortly. “I’ve gathered the gate addresses from a number of worlds that we should be able to use for shelter and trade. While I’ll be able to disguise where we’ve gone to for a short while I’m pretty sure Dr. McKay will be able to figure it out so we’ll cycle through several gates quite quickly before picking somewhere to stay more long term.”


“That’s fine with me pet. You don’t sound too happy about it though.”

“Spike, this is the only connection to Earth in this galaxy. Once we leave here we’re essentially cutting ourselves off. I’ve piggybacked a hidden message that will be sent with their next databurst to Earth to let the others know what happened to us but after that we’re alone in another galaxy with no way home.” Her voice cracked slightly at the end and Spike sat beside her on the bed.

“Don’t worry Red, you’ve got me and Blue and you’ll figure it out. You just need a bit of time without the threat of torture and experimentation from secret government agencies.” He gave her a grin. She took a deep breath and pulled herself together.

“Okay, thanks, we can do this. We move in six hours.”


The End?

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You have reached the end of "Red, White and Blue" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Nov 08.

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