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Red, White and Blue

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Summary: The NWC's B-team find themselves out of this world

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Stargate > General > General: Atlantis(Past Donor)HiltonKFR1545,40523113,65719 Oct 0810 Nov 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Also old and not complete – I’m hoping for some inspiration…


Willow smiled as Spike tried once more to engage Illyria, in an attempt to avoid helping with the cataloging. Since the destruction of Sunnydale, Willow had gone wherever Giles had said she was needed. The constant moving had put a strain on her relationship with Kennedy and they had broken up. She was sad but not too upset with the way it had ended.

After the battle for LA, Illyria had brought a badly wounded Spike to the San Francisco Slayer School where she had been posted at the time. They’d barely managed to save him. Gunn was dead and Angel was MIA. There was no evidence he’d died, Willow was sure she would have known due to her part in the restoration of his soul, but no one could find any trace of his current whereabouts. Spike simply refused to talk to anyone about it.

It seemed that Illyria had decided that Willow would replace Wesley as her guide in all things human and Spike showed no signs of wanting to separate from the two of them. So they’d become an impromptu team, mainly lead by Willow’s skills. They worked well together and had proved more than capable of handing their selves.

Giles had acknowledged Willow’s request for a break from the fighting. However, ever the watcher, he’d convinced her to take her vacation in England. His added proviso being if she got bored at any time he’d asked her to begin the work of cataloging what remained from the old Watcher’s legacy. Not a lot had survived the destruction of the council building by explosives rather than magical means. Giles had incorporated both physical and mystical safeguards for all the new repositories as well as spreading the supernatural treasures across the world.

Spike sighed realising that Illyria wasn’t in the mood for a fight today. He looked over at Willow who was engrossed in the latest box of ‘treasures’. He silently cursed Giles for luring his redheaded siren into working on her break. The watcher should have known that Willow wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of undiscovered knowledge. She’d been at it for at least 5 hours without a break this time. Yesterday it had taken both him and Illyria to drag her out of here.

“Red, it’s time for a break. Food, fun, fuc,” He stopped himself at her glare. Spike shifted uncomfortably as he wondered if she had any idea what her little dom side did to him.

“I too would like to see some of the sights that Spike has been promising.” Illyria spoke quietly. Willow’s demeanour became instantly remorseful.

“I’m so sorry guys, its just there’s so much interesting stuff here. I’ve just found a box of relics from Egypt which I can’t find anywhere on the Watchers manifest, and it’s practically humming with energy.” She stopped at Spike’s amused look.

“Alright I’ll give it a break just let me finish up with these few bits I have out already.” The pair wandered over to see what had got the witch so excited.

Laid out on the table top were a number of large amber crystals and a small carved ring about the size of a dinner plate. Spike picked up one of the crystals.

“So wotcha think it is Red?” He watched as a small wrinkle of a frown appeared on her forehead.

“They seem to be a form of energy storage and bear some relation to the ring but I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do.” He could hear the frustration in her voice.

Illyria idly ran a hand over the artifact. “It is reminiscent of a Chap’arai.”

“Chap’arai? I don’t recognise that word.” Willow picked up another of the crystals turning over in her hand.

She accidentally brushed up against Illyria as she peered over her shoulder to take a better look at the piece she felt a surge of energy pulse through her causing her to cry out. Spike reacted instinctively at the perceived threat to the witch and grabbed her arm to offer his support. Willow felt a further energy surge as Spike touched her before feeling an intense pull to Illyria. The demon’s hands seemed to locked around the outside of the device and as the energy flowed through her from Willow a silvery vortex rushed outward for the center of the ring.

The last thing Willow heard before they were enveloped by the watery surface was Spike’s roar of anger.


“What the hell was that!” Spike’s attention was on Willow as she stumbled after the silvery liquid had faded from around them. He’d taken on his vampire visage at the perceived threat. Illyria stood unmoving beside them.

Willow leaned on Spike heavily as she tried to regain her equilibrium. She could feel her senses going haywire and was struggling to get them under control.

Finally she managed to center herself by tapping into the well of power that permanently resided within her. At this familiar sensation she was able to turn her attention to her two friends.

“Are you guys alright?”

“Fine, Pet. You?” At her nod he turned to the other member of their group. “Blue?”

“I do not believe your assessment is correct.” Illyria’s gaze was not on the two of them but facing the room within which they were standing.

Spike took one look at the guns pointed at them before exclaiming loudly. “Oh crap.”

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