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King of the SWARM

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Summary: Based on my Plot Bunny. During the Acathla arc, Buffy finds out about Xander's lie. She pushes him into "Hell" with a sword soaked in Angel's Blood.

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Games > Sci-FiMrSpottyFR1817382144,00521 Oct 0821 Oct 08No
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Xander, or StarCraft. Nor do I own any other crossover's that will be in this story.


The Power's were mad. They were some of the oldest of The Creator's creations, and yet The Creator would not let them control a universe, even their younger siblings had been give control of their own universe.

They had had enough. They decided to create their own universe and keep it's knowledge away from The Creator. It took them almost thirteen billion years to construct their universe without The Creator's knowledge. And then they had their own.

They banished Lucifer's demon's from their realm, and put their own on their chosen planet. And for several millenniums they played a game of chess with their creations. Calling themselves the Powers that Be, and the Senior Partners. And it would have went like that for the rest of eternity, all under the nose of The Creator. But one thing went wrong.


Xander was worried. Angelus was running around, and Buffy wouldn't do anything. Then to add to it, Angelus had put Willow in a coma, and kidnapped Giles. Thanks to the soldier, Xander made sure that when Angelus got him, he'd take him down with him. All thanks to the high-explosive grenade that he carried with him.

Xander was with Willow when she awoke, telling him that she was going to try the soul spell on Angelus again, and to tell Buffy. Xander lied. He told Buffy, when they meet outside of Angelus mansion, that Willow had told him to tell her to kick Angelus ass.

He got Giles out of the mansion, before going back in to try and help Buffy. By the time he got there, the Portal was growing, Buff and Angel were lipped locked. It was then that Buffy noticed him. And he was not liking that grin on her face. It was easy enought for Xander to figure out that Buffy knew he lied, really Angel was back and who could do that?

As Buffy was stalking Xander, the Portal kept on growing. With the knowledges that Angel's blood was the only thing to close the Portal, Buffy tossed the sword at Xander. Then with a toss from Buffy, Xander went flying into the Portal, with it closing as soon as he entered.

Buffy gave a satisfied grin, and bounced over to Angel. The pair left the mansion with the knowledge that Buffy had sent Xander into Hell.


Xander fell with an explosion of air rushing from his lungs. The first thing that he noticed was that the ground gave off heat, and was moving. Then something breathing on him. Xander looked up and gave a shriek. The giant bug that was staring at him was three foot long, and five foot high. It had scythes for arms, and two different jaws. And it looked hunger.

Xander quickly shoved his grenade into they things mouth and ran. It tried to give chase. Tried, because three seconds after it swallowed the grenade in exploded.

Xander did not stop running, he was soon on solid ground, and he kept on running. In fact the only reason why he stopped was because he ran into something.

As Xander looked up, he gave another shriek of panic. The thing he had ran into was over eight feet tall, it had gold colored armor on, no nose, no mouth, and it's eye's glowed.

Xander fainted.


The Creator felt something go into the only part of the Multi-verse that was forbiddened. As The Creator went to were the disturbance was, He found a human from a universe he didn't know about. Seeing as he was with the Protoss, He went to find were he had come from.

It was then She found out about The Power's little act of defiance. She had wondered why they had stopped whinnying.

It was time that they remembered just who He was.


A.N. I'm going to try and make a story out of The King of the Swarm. My beta mentioned the fact that I skipped too much in the plot bunny of it. So I'm going to try an make a 5-10 chapter story based on it.

Also Xander killed a Hydralisk and meet a Protoss Zealot.

Also, for the gender of the Creator. IT'S THE CREATOR it has no true gender. I just thought the saying "hell know's no fury like a women's scorn" would be fun to play on.

I will be using both gender's when I'm talking about The Creator.

The End?

You have reached the end of "King of the SWARM" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Oct 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking