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Buffy's Crossover

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Fan Art

Summary: Everything and Anything that I can cross with Buffy... (Walls and Banners)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsbuffdeanFR15231,115086,85122 Oct 0829 Jun 10No

Buffy and Joker - His biggest Obsession

This one is a buffy/joker crossover.

The idea is this:

They used to date, but one day she was gone.

He god mad and started to do bad things.

Then she's back to stop him...

But she's still is biggest obsession...

buffy joker

**I own nothing, pics found through google and pretty as a picture**

Hope you enjoy!!!

Enjoy, comment, requests and ideas are always appreciated, even if they involved Buffy or not...!
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