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Paradise in Hell

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Summary: Deciding to escape the troubles of Orange county Seth, Ryan, Summer and Marissa head to the beaches of Sunnydale

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Television > OC, TheXanderloverFR752,342052,06023 Oct 081 Nov 08No

Chapter 4

"Seth!" Ryan shouted while Marissa shouted Summer's name.

Buffy rushed towards the monster that had attacked their friends.

Within minutes dust piled the floor.

"Seth? Oh my God, Seth!" Summer shrieked and shook Seth's rather limp body. Buffy rushed over to him.

"He's been bit," she said grimly.

"Bit!" Summer shouted. "By a vampire?" Horror filled her face and Buffy nodded. "Does that mean..." Summer looked sick as she continued. "Does that mean that he's..."

"No," Buffy assured her quickly. "He's not. He has to suck their blood as well. It's a whole complicated thing. Most of the time they just kill their victims. But he's not dead!" She added with wide eyes. "He's just out of it."

"Will he be all right?" Ryan asked softly while kneeling next to Seth. Buffy nodded.

"I was bit by a vampire once," she said. "I was out of it for a while, but soon I regained my strength."

"And her superstrength," Xander added with a smile. He looked surprised at the glares he got. "Sorry, not a joking time," he added quickly.

"I've got him," Buffy assured Ryan as she scooped up Seth.

"You're really strong," Marissa said in an impressed tone. Buffy shrugged.

"It's a gift," she said. "And a curse," she added with a sigh. "Come on, I know a nearby hospital."

Ryan and Marissa nodded and slowly followed while Marissa turned to Ryan and whipsered.

"We so should have gone to LA."

Ryan nodded.

"Agreed, no questions. Next time I'M planning our vaction."

Each giving the other person a weak smile they followed the scoobie gang while wondering if Seth would ever be the same again.....

(Sorry for the short chapters but at least they are updated frequently and the lack of reviews aren't really motivating me to write longer chapters, ya know?)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Paradise in Hell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Nov 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking