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Paradise in Hell

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Summary: Deciding to escape the troubles of Orange county Seth, Ryan, Summer and Marissa head to the beaches of Sunnydale

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Television > OC, TheXanderloverFR752,342052,06023 Oct 081 Nov 08No


I got this idea in my head, and I couldn't get it out so I decided to go with it :)

"Sunnydale, California?" Marissa wrinkled her nose at Summer. "Why not some place cool, like LA?"

"Well for one, we've already done LA, remember?" Summer asked, smiling. "Besides, my aunt lives in Sunnydale. I've been promising to visit her like forever. She's so awesome, and has this amazing condo at the beach. She invited all of us!"

"I don't know Roberts," sighed Ryan. "I'm with Marissa on this one. Sunnydale seems kind of dull."

"Of course you'd side with her," Seth said. "Listen, man, the whole point of this vacation is for us to take a break from all the action! We want dull, remember? We love it. Besides, we'd have more chances of being robbed by zombies in LA than we do in someplace like Sunnydale?"

"Zombies?" Summer frowned.

"It's possible!" Seth said in a highly offensive tone.

"Okay, honey, I love you, but I don't think you're helping any," Summer told him kindly.

"He has a point," Marissa said. "I mean, not about the zombie thing," she made an odd face. "But about the relaxing thing. LA was pretty intense when we went there last."

"True," sighed Ryan. "And we do need to get away and breathe for a while." He nodded. "Sunnydale California it is!"


Days later the four walked in the streets of Sunnydale.

"See, this is nice," sighed Summer.

"Yeah," Ryna agreed. "Your Aunt's condo was great."

"And she was pretty cool," Marissa admitted.

Seth opened his mouth to agree when something attacked him causing both Marissa and Summer to scream. Seth's eyes widened as he stared at the demented face in front of him as the attacker tried to strangle him.

Ryan threw himself onto the attacker's body but the attacker threw him to a wall.

"Ryan!" Marissa screamed.

Suddenly a group of kids ran up to them.

"Are you all right?" A redhead asked Ryan as he stood up.

"Yeah, fine..." He said shakingly.

"Hey you!" Shouted a blond girl. The attacker looked up, realising his grip on Seth's neck. "Looking for me?" She smiled.

The attacker, whatever it was, froze as he stared at her and ran. She sighed, almost in frusteration.

"Why do they always run?" She asked the group that was next to her. With that they took off, leaving OC gang alone again. Seth slowly stood up, still panting.

"Okay, did anyone else see that?!" He shouted, and the others stared at each other. For the first time, all of them were at lost for words...
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