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Visitor to the Stars

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Summary: Xander is chasing five demons and falls into a portal onto Martha's ship. Yeah, the chaos! Crossover with Johanna Lindsey's "Warrior" triology.

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Literature > RomanceAlmadynisFR1821,6351512,79623 Oct 0824 Oct 08No

Upon Awakening

Visitor to the Stars
Upon Awakening

AN: Wow…I did not expect so many nicey-nice comments! I love them and all of you who gave them to me! *squees and does a massive glomp* Okay, I’m better now…and here’s more of Xander loffiness.

Xander opened his eyes to pure darkness and promptly began to freak out. He felt the bottom and sides of whatever he was in and then the top and pushed with all his strength, saw the lid of the box pop open and was out of it and across the room before he could think straight.

It wasn’t anything personal, but after the thing with Buffy and then Anya dying, he was very afraid of dark enclosed spaces. He had even wished that Anya’s dead body was cremated to let his love escape such possibilities.

Slowly, his breathing clamed and his heartbeat slowed and he was able to look around a pristine white room that held a row of boxes similar to the one he just crawled out of. He blinked his eyes around at all the shiny, then froze. A hand slowly made it’s way to the patch still covering his left eye and pulled it up. “Oh…my…god…” His fingers gently touched his eye, that thing he had been living without for over six years. He laughed in delight and ripped off the patch and threw it, then watched a little robot shoot out of a door close to the floor and take it away, but just grinned. For once, he didn’t have any comment, he just looked everywhere and anywhere he could with his eyes. Both of them.

He spoke to the empty room at large, “Whoever is looking out for me, thanks. I…I don’t know how to repay you.”

To say he was startled when the room replied was understating a little. “You don’t have to, kid. Besides, I just Transferred you into the meditech, it did the work. You’ll also find all your scars are gone, your DNA has been fixed, the poison out of your system, and your blood cleansed of seven diseases that had been floating around trying to get into your hemoglobin.”

Xander looked around wildly, “The monitor to your left. I’m Martha. Welcome to the Androvia.” His eyes picked out the screen and then raised his left eyebrow, grinning as he did it, though he was confused.

“That’s the room I jumped into. Since you’re not the redhead…you’re the computer?”

“That was a fast conclusion you just got.”

“Lady, over the last twelve, no thirteen years, I have done things that would make your circuit boards shiver and your creators to faint. Having an intelligent computer talk to me isn’t even a two on my weirdness scale.”

Martha snorted her laughter, “I think I like you, kid. Yes, I’m a computer. A Mock II to be exact.”

“I don’t know what that is,” Xander commented, feeling reality set into his world as more things occurred to him. “And no offense, but right now I really don’t care. I have my eye back, which I lost six years ago, I’m in a scientific dimension with no way to get back home to my family, and I’m covered in about two weeks worth of dirt. Would you mind directing me to a shower or a bath or whatever it is that the humanoids clean themselves with? That at least is a problem that I can fix.”

Though she did answer, it was with a hint of hurt in her tone, that or pity. He ignored both. “Get on the lift and it’ll take you to your quarters. When you get there, go to the back right corner and step into the circular room. You’ll be squeaky clean in no time.”

“Thanks Martha. I appreciate it.”

The entire populace watched the screen with the man as he talked to Martha. They were judging his reactions, finding out a bit of his past, and being generally stumped. Brittany was the first to speak, “Was he telling the truth, Martha?”

“Yeah doll, the entire time.”

“That’s just…wow. How sad for him.” She felt Dalden’s arms wrap around her waist from behind and she gave him a small smile as she looked over her shoulder. “He knew he wouldn’t be able to get home and he came after that thing anyways. Injured and alone.”

Dalden and the other warriors nodded but Lowden was the one who commented, “He is a honorable warrior, Brittany. He could choose no other recourse.”

“He talks like I do. On my planet, warriors are unheard of except in fairy tales. He deliberately chose this life and taught himself how to fight like that. He wasn’t like you guys, where you grow up being taught how to be a warrior and with others to show you how to be, he did it all on his own.”

It gave the barbarians something think about as they watched the screen go blank as Martha thought they had seen all that they needed to see. They probably had.

Well, here’s more. Tell me what you think!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Visitor to the Stars" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 08.

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