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Visitor to the Stars

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Summary: Xander is chasing five demons and falls into a portal onto Martha's ship. Yeah, the chaos! Crossover with Johanna Lindsey's "Warrior" triology.

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Literature > RomanceAlmadynisFR1821,6351512,79623 Oct 0824 Oct 08No

Visitor to the Stars

Visitor to the Stars

Disclaimer: I am not Joss Whedon or Johanna Lindsey. I do use some of their characters and places though. Still not mine. Crossover with Lindsey’s “Warrior” triology.

AN: This wouldn’t leave me alone, I had to write it down or go nuts. All comments are welcome, as well as any suggestions. Also, this story has no beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Somewhere in Africa, Earth May 13, 2008

Xander cursed vehemently in his mind on the concept of maybe having a Tuesday off once in awhile. In the last thirteen years of fighting, it never failed. Tuesday was cursed. Well, it had company, because so was he.

He had been tracking a group of five demons intent on bringing Hell on Earth for the last two days. Finally, he had caught up to them in one of the many caverns around this part of Africa. They were of average height for a demon, around six feet six inches. Skin mottled red and green, they glowed a phosphorescent in the dim light of only five black candles. Other than that, they looked pretty human, oh, and the fact that they were trying to open a portal to a hell dimension. The group of them were sitting cross-legged on the points of a pentagram with a candle between their pelvis and feet. They rocked back and forth as they began chanting…it was time.

With their attention diverted, Xander had the element of surprise and quickly seized it by taking his first head of the night. There went surprise. The fight was on, four against one. Damnit.

Xander swung his razor-sharp battleaxe with the ease of long years of practice and managed to get another head before he was hit for the first time across the chest. He flew back several feet before he regained his footing and charged back at the three left. Two charged him as well and he ducked, making them hit their heads on each other, knocking them loopy for just long enough that he could get a head and an arm. Then another head.

One left.

Wait…where was the other one?!

Xander’s one brown eye narrowed and looked around anxiously, and caught the closing blue portal nine feet away. He dove.

A hardy, worn and loved, leather boot was all that was left of the man in the cavern among four headless bodies.

Xander rolled to a stop on the other side of the blue portal, feeling the magic fade away behind him. He took in the scene around him in microseconds.

The last demon running toward a tall redhead in a room full of complex computer equipment. Xander hefted the axe and threw with all his strength. He watched it spin and curve, taking the head of the demon, and clatter to the metal floor with a loud clang. He saw that the woman was only stunned for a couple of seconds before she started screaming, but he also knew that if she was screaming she wasn’t hurt. That species of demons killed in one blow…which would be why he didn’t feel so good now that the adrenaline was out of his system. Sighing, he looked down. And cursed.

“Damnit all to hell, why do they always have to attempt to gut me?” Xander looked at the woman, who had stopped screaming now that she had a seven foot tall hero holding her, and glaring at him with a mean looking sword with about a dozen other men just as tall and just as glaring. “I mean, why can’t they pick a new spot? Like my back? I hardly have any scars on my back…” His voice started to fade as the world got narrower and he cursed again. “Don’t touch…the…claw…s…”

It occurred to him that if he was dying in another dimension, he would never get to see Dawn again. And that bothered him more than anything else.

Brittany Ly-San-Ter couldn’t help the scream that escaped. Who wouldn’t scream when between one second and the next you had a big…thing…rushing you looking like it wanted to kill you, then a dirty madman suddenly appear with a huge deadly ax, then was swinging it to curl at her head, only to chop the thing’s head off instead! She had to scream, at least until she felt Dalden’s arms come up to protect her and she calmed enough to hear the man’s words.

“That was American. My native language.” She only said it after her brain caught up with her, which was after the two foreign entities were Transferred to somewhere else.

“That’s right doll. I’ve transferred him to a meditech, but it’s going to take awhile. Whatever that creature is, it poisoned him along with trying to cut him in half. I can also tell you that he isn’t fully human. But in another couple hours you can interrogate him to your heart’s content, Dalden.” Martha said cheerfully. Brittany knew it was probably because this was the best and most interesting thing to happen to the computer since Brock suggested they have kids.

Well, what do you think? Should I continue or give up while I’m ahead?
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