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Glory to the King

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Summary: Pure crackfic: In the need of help to fight Glory, Buffy calls on her father, legendary wrestler King. Tekken (Games) crossover.

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Games > Martial Arts > TekkenEffieFR1315160389725 Oct 0825 Oct 08Yes
Glory to the King

Summary: Pure crackfic: In the need of help to fight Glory, Buffy calls on her father, legendary wrestler King. Tekken (Games) crossover.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tekken nor BtVS, they belong to their respective owners and companies.

Note: This doesn't really make any sense logically but after all those biological father fics and a long night, this is what came up. In Tekken, the players can execute a series of continuos moves; the end is making fun of this fact. This is possibly the worst thing I have written...

Buffy looked at the texts in front of her. The Council hadn’t been any real help. She needed to protect Dawn. No matter what, it was time she got back in contact with him; no matter how much she had been trying to keep them apart because…She supposed most families could have dealt but she had enough problems as it was. Nevertheless, she picked up her cell phone and dialed.

“Dad? I need your help….” A low growl answered her. Buffy sighed, she had to do this.


“Uh, Buff?” Buffy turned around as she saw Xander gawking. She didn’t blame him. The leopard mask, even in Sunnydale, was unusually and intimidating. Still, Buffy smiled, her muscles felt strained.

“Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my biological father, King.” She really hoped he was at least, because, in all the years she had known him, her father had never removed his mask in her presence. He hadn’t had the mask when he was with Joyce but that had been before Hank and months before the wedding. “He’s here to help us with Glory.”

King growled, loudly, at that and motioned that he’d take her down with his hands. He actually squatted and drove his fist down. Buffy resisted the urge to wince.

“Uh, Buff,” Xander began again. Buffy sighed, having a father who only growled was hard.


Buffy grunted as she skidded and the hammer skidded out of her hand. She saw Glory running toward him. Please let this work. She thought and she grabbed the hammer and prepared to swing to stop the God from killing her father.

However, King grabbed Glory and didn’t let go. Buffy stopped, gawked as he swung the God up, slammed her down…and kept going. She turned and ran up the steps….Dawn needed her...

“Wow, look at him go.” Willow chirped as she held Tara at her side. Dawn was safe at Buffy’s side and was also gawking. She had to admit, it was rather impressive. He hadn’t once let go and she didn't even know how he was causing her so much pain.

“My word…” Giles uttered as his eyes followed them.

Xander whistled. “And to think I thought it was a crazy idea…” Anya nodded.


“In a thousand years I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone do that.” Anya added after Glory’s cut off yell.

They fell silent, the only sounds echoing around them being a series of loud roars and Glory’s sounds of pain.

“You sure he’s human?” Dawn asked Buffy as she watched the duo climb into the sky.

“Pretty sure.” She said and looked at her watch. Fifteen minutes and it didn’t look like King was done. She smiled, she knew he’d pull through. When she saw Glory change to Ben, King only adjusted his grip, flipped him over so that he faced the ground while King was holding tightly onto his legs and drove him down, hard.

“SHIT!” Ben yelled as he realized he was heading straight down to the earth face first.


The End

You have reached the end of "Glory to the King". This story is complete.

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