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Black and Red

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Summary: Two wrongs don't make a right, but what about two Big Bads? Clark & Willow; substances within may resemble crack.

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredCaminusFR1822,527062,32327 Oct 0830 Oct 08No

Property Damage due to Superheroes: A Case Study

Disclaimer: See first chapter

Spoilers: BtVSverse through all of Season Six. Smallville through 3x02.


Clark was at a loss, and in these circumstances, that was actually pretty understandable. The strange girl got over her sniffles and now looked up at him with a slightly curious expression. “What are you anyway? You don’t feel like a demon, but you’re definitely not Joe Normal.”

Replying without actually answering her question, Clark said “I’m Clark, who are you?” As startled as he was by the events of the last couple minutes, he didn’t even realize he’d given her his real name.

“I’m Willow. I’m not exactly at my best right now.” She shifted position to be sitting cross legged on the floor and started to wipe the tears and blood off her face. “This was sort of my last hope and it failed. It seemed pretty unlikely to work but I had to come and check it out anyway. I detected the magical signature in the blood from half the country away and thought it might be powerful enough to work, but it isn’t aligned right for what I need to do.” At that, she broke down crying again, amid the faraway sounds of approaching police sirens.

Magical signature? Maybe it wasn’t his blood in the vial after all. And what was all this about demons? He’d think the girl was just completely crazy, if it wasn’t for the actual, seemingly magical, powers she’d demonstrated on him. Well, failing logic and reason, Clark decided he’d fall back on the tried and tested attitude that had seen him through the last couple months. “You want to go out to a club and party?”

She stifled her latest bout of crying and looked back up at him, but before she could say anything his gaze shifted upward to someone behind her. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Jonathan Kent. This office is turning into Grand Central Station.”

“Clark, what are you doing here and who is she?” Dear old dad looked pretty concerned; he was probably worried about the big secret getting out again. Didn’t he ever think about anything else?

Before Clark could respond, Willow cut in, quickly rising to her feet. “Didya think that maybe you might be wanting to direct that last part of the question at me, seeing as I am right here and all.”

Upon getting a better look at Willow in all her witchy glory, Jonathan rapidly reconsidered the situation. Was she affected by the meteor rocks? “Look, I’m just here to take you home to your family Clark.”

“And if I don’t want to go? You can’t make me do anything.” Clark walked around Willow and got right into his father’s face.

“That’s where you’re wrong, son.” With that, Jonathan grabbed Clark roughly by the arm.

Clark frowned and threw the older Kent off, creating yet another dent in the wall. “No way. I’m done with the farm life. Let’s leave Willow.”

She however, paused, staring down at Jonathan as he slowly got up from a collision that should have knocked him cold. “I smell borrowed power. This could get interesting.” Her right hand took on a black glow that seemed to absorb light rather than create it, but before she could do anything else Jonathan sped up and tackled Clark past Willow, across the room, and out through the now tattered, destroyed remains of what had used to be the window.

A grin slowly returned to Willow’s face. “Well, that was rude. He didn’t even wait to get my name.”


Twisting, tumbling, turning, Jonathan and Clark dropped toward the ground below. Jonathan felt himself smash through a circle of glass and landed under his dazed son after falling another couple dozen feet. He didn’t even think he was bruised. Reacting faster than Clark, Jonathan flipped him over and tried to pin him facedown on the ground. Unfortunately, the surrounding floor was in multiple pieces after their landing, and Clark was able to grab one with his free arm and knock him over the head with it. With the pin broken and Jonathan briefly dazed, Clark used his speed to run off and hide among the piles of junk in what looked to be some kind of underground warehouse.

“Clark, your mother and I raised you better than this. Just take off the ring and hear me out, it’s clouding your judgment.” Jonathan blamed himself as much as he blamed Clark for this disaster, if he hadn’t sent Clark away after the accident none of this would have happened.

“I think my judgment must be clouded with the ring off, or I’d have never wasted so much time in Smallville with you!” Clark rushed out from behind Jonathan with a steel girder and tried to catch him by surprise, but strength and speed now equal, Jonathan was a far better fighter and ducked Clark’s wild swing. He followed the movement through by grabbing his boy and throwing him headfirst against the opposite wall.

“You are coming home whether you like it or not Clark.” Jonathan went for his son, but as he ran past some sort of gas canister, Clark used his heat vision to set it off, and the resulting explosion knocked Jonathan off his feet and to the side.

Jonathan slowly got up, but just as he got to his feet Clark threw a man sized metal propeller at him and knocked him down again. Soon after, a refrigerator followed it, but Jonathan used the remains of the propeller to slice it in half before it hit him, causing sparks but thankfully no more explosions. Clark came at him again, this time barehanded, but now Jonathan was prepared and flipped Clark to the ground. He saw the ring as exposed as it was ever going to be, and tried to bring his fist down to smash it.
Midway through the motion, a female voice somewhere behind him shouted “Thicken.” Jonathan’s fist slowed to a crawl as the air seemed to turn to mud. Though he hit the ring, it was barely a tap and lacked the required force to break the damned thing. Quickly regaining his senses, Clark kicked him in his exposed gut and sent him flying halfway across the room.

The girl from upstairs had followed them down into the warehouse and was now hovering 10 or so feet in the air and looking down at Jonathan with a wicked smile and black eyes. She floated over a hunk of still burning wreckage from the gas canister, seeming supremely confident with the situation. Moreso than any meteor victim Jonathan had encountered, she just looked evil, and Jonathan wondered if her powers were due to Kryptonite exposure or some other source. Clearly, she was in a mental state as bad as Clark’s, if not worse, and Jonathan needed to subdue her without injuring her too badly.

From his prone position on the ground, Jonathan went to a kneel and then jumped up at her. She didn’t even try to dodge, and let him take her to the ground; Jonathan had to be careful and took the brunt of the fall, landing with her on top. She didn’t seem to be nearly as strong as he was now, and he was pretty sure he had her secure, but he had no idea what to do with her.

“Well now that we’re here, I guess I could use a topper.” Jonathan the light seem to dim near her hands out of the corner of his eye, but before he could react he felt a darkness wrap around his heart and rip away the energy given to him by Jor-El. He saw stars and almost blacked out as she calmly got up, leaving him lying beaten on the ground.

“Wow, I don’t even know what flavor that was. Maybe blue? Sorta like that blood in the vault but in convenient lunchable form.” She stretched for a moment and then ran to Clark and jumped into his arms. “Did you mention a party? I want to burn off all this bouncy shiny energy!”

Clark took a couple steps towards his groaning dad. “Kal-El and Willow 1, Jor-El and Kent 0. Game’s over dad, pack it up and go home.” With that, Clark ran off with Willow and left a bruised and aching Jonathan Kent lying amid the rubble.


Author's Note: Thanks for the reviews. I'm not sure how quickly this is going to progress, but I'm going to try to come out with something about this size every couple of days.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Black and Red" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Oct 08.

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