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Everything's Relative

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Summary: Mac Taylor once said "One way or another, everything's connected." Xander's about to find out how right he was.

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CSI > CSI Miami
Television > Magnificent Seven, The
JadeAislinFR13717,086119142,07727 Oct 0811 Jan 09No

You've Got Mail!

Disclaimer: See Chapter One
Beta: Queen Sereya

AN: Thank you to whoever nominated this story for the Crossing Over Awards. It was a nice surprise to open my email to find that not just one story, but two of my stories had been nominated for different categories.

AN2: Just a small warning. The next part may be awhile as I have NO idea what will happen in it. Unless my muse talks to me or someone gives me some ideas, I won’t be writing it for a while.

Chapter 7: You’ve Got Mail!

//NCIS headquaters, Virginia//

Tony sat down in his chair, glancing at the letter in his hand in curiosity. He didn't know anyone in Colorado and wondered who it was from.

"What's that, Tony?" Tim asked.

Tony glanced up at McGee and asked fondly, "What's it look like, McGeek? A letter."

"Who's it from?"

"Well I won't know until I open it, will I?" Tony asked as he was slitting the thick envelope open.

"It's probably one of his many girlfriends," Ziva put in as she approached the two.

"Just be careful, you don't want to catch the plague again," Tim said.

Ziva looked at Tim in surprise. "Plague?" She whirled around to stare at Tony. "You got the plague? The Black Plague?"

Tony nodded absently as he gingerly took out a letter and sealed envelope. He started reading the letter as Tim explained, "Yeah, an upset mother sent a plague infested envelope to NCIS and Tony opened it, he almost died."

Ziva's eyes widened, her eyes staring at Tony in shock. "What?!? Should you even be opening that? Do you know who it is from?"

Tony shook his head no as he sliced open the sealed envelope. "It was addressed to me. The one with the plague was addressed to NCIS in general."

"Who's it from?" Tim asked, leaning over to read the letter.

Tony snatched it before he could read it. "My Uncle Ezra."

Tim lookeed at Tony. "I didn't know you had an uncle."

"My dad doesn't like his profession." At his coworkers look, he explained, "He's a Feeb. From what I heard, Ezra is on permenant loan to ATF somewhere. The 'family' didn't like him taking on such a demeaning job like law enforcement."

"Are we fooling around?" Gibbs asked as he passed by Tony's desk.

"Just waiting on a case, Boss," Tony said as he rifled through his file folder, looking for a particular form.

"Don't you have some paperwork, McGee?" Gibbs barked.

"On it, Boss," McGee said as he quickly went to his desk to finish his reports. McGee finished spellchecking the report before printing it off and dropping it on Gibbs desk. Seconds later, Tony passed by Gibbs desk on the way to his and dropped off another form.

Gibbs raised his eyebrow at the paper. “What’s this?”

Tony blinked and turned toward Gibbs. “A vacation request form, Boss.”

Everyone paused in shock.

“But you don’t take vacation, Tony,” McGee said. “You even came back early when you were on sick leave.”

Tony shrugged. “My Uncle Ezra’s having a family reunion.”

“You don’t talk to your family, Dinozzo,” Gibbs said.

“Ezra’s the only family I talk to,” Tony said. “Apparently he found some more relatives to meet. Hopefully they won’t be like the my parents.”

The elevator dinged and Abby came brarreling out. Holding onto a letter that looked a lot like Tony’s, she jumped onto Gibbs’ lap.

“Gibbs! This is so exciting!” She said as she waved the letter in the air. “I’ll actually get to learn about my mom’s family. And I can bring someone with me. You’ll come, won’t you? It just wouldn’t be fun without you.”

She handed the papers to Gibbs and pouted at him. He glanced at the date on the paper and then glanced sharply at Tony. “Dinozzo?”

Tony shook his head. “It’s a reunion of seven different families, Boss. Abs isn’t on my family tree.”

Abby squealed and jumped Tony who deftly caught her. “You got one too? You’re going, right?”

Tony nodded. “If I can get it off.”

Abby turned to Gibbs. “Please, Gibbs. Let Tony come. It will be fun.”

Gibbs stared at Abby’s puppy dog eyes for a few moments before reaching over and signing Dinozzo’s leave time.

Abby squealed and pounced him, thanking him repeatedly.

Chris Larabee - Family Tree

//Manhatten Felony Crime Lab, NY//

Danny knocked on the glass door to Mac’s office.

“You got a minute, Mac?” he asked.

Mac and his second in command, Stella, paused their conversation to blink at him.

Danny glanced at Stella. “Is this a bad time?”

Mac shook his head. “No, come on in. Did you need to speak with me in private?”

“Nah,” Danny said. He held up a beige colored letter and his two coworkers stared at him in shock. “I was hoping to take some time off. . .”

“In May?” Stella asked.

Danny lookedat Stella in Surprise. “Yeah. How’d ya know?”

Stella held up a similar beige letter and Mac nodded his head at another one on his desk. Stella said, “We both got the same thing.”

Danny blinked and looked at his family tree. He didn’t remember seeing either of them on it and sure enough, they still hadn’t magically appeared on the paper.

“Different families,” Stella said and glanced at her paper. “Apparently, I’m descended from a JD Dunne and Mac’s ancestor is. . .”

“Chris Larabee,” Mac said.

“Wow. And mine’s a Vin Tanner on my Ma’s side,” Danny said.

Stella looked at him in concern, she knew what trouble he had with his father’s family, how they hated him being a cop. “are you sure you want to meet these people?”

Danny nodded. “I do. You know that Speedle down in Miami?” At Stella’s nod, he continued, “Apparently, he’s a cousin.”

Stella’s eyes widened in surprise.

Danny turned to Mac with a hopeful expression. “So, can I have an extra couple days off?”

Mac looked down at his calendar which was opened to May. “You’re already scheduled off for the CSI convention that month, Danny, but that’s work related. And it looks like the building renovations are being planned for that week so the city wants us at reduced staff. . .”

“Wasn’t those renovations why we could afford so many of us going to the convention, Mac?” Stella asked.

Mac nodded.

“So. . .” Danny asked, “I can go?”

Mac closed his calendar. “We can all go.”

“Great. Thanks, Mac,” Danny said.

As he headed for the door, Sheldon knocked on the door and entered, holding a familiar beige paper. Before he could open his mouth, Mac said, “Yes, you can go to your reunion, Sheldon.”

Sheldon jerked back in surprise. How had Mac known what he was going to ask? His eyes widened as Danny, Stella, and Mac all held up their own letters.

Nathan Jackson - Family Tree

//Miami-Dade Felony Crime Lab, Florida//

A knock on his office door had Horatio looking up from his paperwork. The smile on his face dropped when he noticed the worried expression on Yelina’s face. In concern, he asked, “Yelina?”

She held up an open letter. “Horatio? A young man just handed this to me at my desk?”

Horatio smiled in relief. “That was Xander, Speed’s nephew. He’s holding a family reunion in a few months.”

“But I’m not related to the boy,” Yelina rotested.

“But apparently, I am and so is Ray Jr.,” Horatio said. “I got a letter as well. As did Mr. Wolfe, I believe.”

“Ryan? He’s related to you and Ray?” Yelina asked.

Horatio shook his head and showed her the family tree sheet he had gotten. “No. He’s not on our family tree, but a different one.”

Yelina looked the paper over and frowned. Pointing to a female she didn’t know, asked, “Who’s this?”

Horatio frowned. “That is my sister.”

Yelina raised her eyebrow. “I didn’t know you had a sister. Ray never mentioned her.”

Horatio sighed. “He wouldn’t have. He was pretty young when our mother was pregnant with her. One day, she had to be rushed to the emergency room for an emergency c-section. I was told the baby didn’t survive, though, I guess she gave the baby up instead.”

“Why would any mother give up their child?” Yelina asked, horrified.

Horatio shrugged. “It was a hard pregnancy. And our father didn’t want another child, especially a girl. He had made his feelings on the subject quite clear.”

Yelina nodded. “So this Alexander? He’s a good boy?”

Horatio nodded and smiled. “From what I’ve seen, yes. I met him when Speed got shot, and he seemed like a nice young man; who is very protective of his family. I plan on getting to know him better. You should take Ray to the reunion.”

Yelina looked at him for a moment before nodding in agreement. She couldn’t see any harm in taking Ray Jr and it might be good for Ray Jr to meet more family members.

Buck Wilmington, Ezra Standish, Vin Tanner - Family Tree

//BAU Headquaters, Virginia//

As Reid took a sip from his coffee mug, he heard someone call out, “Dr. Reid!”

Reid turned around and looked at the man questioningly.

“You got a letter, sir,” the man said handing over a thick envelope.

“Oh. Thank you,” Reid said. Making his way to his desk, he quickly opened the letter. Glancing briefly at the letter, he committed it to memory before setting it down to open the enclosed envelope. Unfortunately, for him, he made the mistake of lifting his coffee mug up to his face to sip before glancing at the enclosed paper.

The shattering crash had both Morgan and Prentiss turning to Reid in shock. Morgan looked down at the broken mug that laid at Reid’s feet, cold ice water splattered against the bottom of Reid’s pant’s leg, before he looked up to see the stunned expression on his friend’s face.

“Reid?” Prentiss asked.

Reid blinked and looked at his teammates.

“You okay, buddy?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah. . . . I. . . . Uh. . . Hotch!” Reid called out, seeing his boss.

Hotch paused near the stairs to his office and glanced at Reid in concern. Reid didn’t normally shout out across the room. He wondered what was wrong.

Reid quickly gathered the beige papers he had gotten and headed for his boss with a determined look. Handing over the papers, he said, “I just got these in the mail . . . I’d like to take some time off.”

Hotch looked over the letter before turning toward the last page. After a moment, he gasped in surprise and looked up sharply at Reid. “This could be a hoax.”

Reid shook his head. “That’s my birth mother’s name, Hotch. They would have to have done a lot of searching to find out that kind of information.

Morgan, who had walked over with Prentiss, asked, “Isn’t your mother, Diana Reid?”

Reid shook his head. “No. Diana Reid was my birth mother’s best friend. She adopted me when my mother died delivering me.”

“You knew that you were adopted?” Prentiss asked.

“Yes. Mom never kept anything from me,” Reid said.

Morgan stared at Reid. “Did she tell you who your father was?”

Reid shrugged. “No. My birth mother never told my mom.”

Hotch handed Reid back his letter which he promptly folded and put into his back pocket before Hotch cautioned his subordinate, “He might not be there.”

Reid sighed. “I know. But if I don’t at least make the attempt to see him, I’ll always be asking myself ‘did he go’?

“We’re both going,” Rossi said from behind Morgan, holding up his own beige letter.

“What is that?” Prentiss asked.

“Someone researched the history of their family and that of six other men whose ancestors were really close,” Rossi explained. “A reunion has been set up to meet all the relations.”

“And you both got an invitation?” Prentiss asked.

“And want to go to this reunion?” Morgan asked.

Rossi nodded while Reid said, “Yes, I want to see my father.”

Prentiss blinked. “Don’t you mean meet?”

Reid and Hotch exchanged a glance. “No. I mean see.”

Morgan frowned. “Who is your father?”

Reid chewed his lip nervously. “You have to understand. I never knew who it was and never really thought about it. . . . but. . . . well . . . my biological father is listed as . . . well . . Jason Gideon.”

JD Dunne and Josiah Sanchez - Family Tree


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You have reached the end of "Everything's Relative" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jan 09.

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