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Nightmare Revisited

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Summary: Lighting might not strike the same place twice, but it can come dang close.

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It's Easier to Ask......

It’s Easier to Ask…


Disclaimer:  They aren’t mine.  I make no profit on the following.



Senator Robert Kinsey smiled as he entered the chamber.  In front of him was a long conference table.  Most of it was shrouded in darkness, the exceptions being a chair at his end, which was bathed in the light of a single flood lamp, and three figures outlined in bright lights at the other end.  Kinsey advanced confidently into the room, he was followed by two men who were dressed in dark suits and wearing sunglasses. They were pushing an electric pallet jack on which was a metal skid loaded with several layers of neatly stacked silver bars.  Kinsey took the lighted seat and the pallet was dropped next to him.  The two men placed the jack to the side and then took up positions on either side of the door.


Kinsey spoke first, “Gentlemen, as promised, five hundred pounds of refined naquadah.”


“Impressive,” the figure on the right said.  “I’m curious as to your source.”


Kinsey gave a sly smile, “I’d prefer to leave that my secret for now.  I’m new to the organization and I’m not sure I can trust you with all of my secrets.”


“You mean you don’t want to tell us that you still went to Wolfram and Hart after we warned you not to when you first brought them up.”


Kingsley shrugged, “I think I proved beyond any argument that they would be a valuable resource in keeping America safe.  It took them barely a month to secure this load,” he said waving at the bars.  “I doubt it would take them much more time to acquire another.  Plus anything else we could wish for.”


“At the cost of our souls,” the center figure growled.  “We are well aware what Wolfram and Hart is capable of.  They have been trying to infiltrate the Trust almost since our inception.  They represent a threat to life on Earth as least as great, arguably greater, than the Goa’uld.”


Kinsey paled as sweat beaded on his brow, “I, I, I, didn’t know.  I’ll sever ties with them immediately,” he stammered.


“Yes, you will,” the central figure agreed.


Behind Kinsey the guard on the right pulled out a silenced pistol from a shoulder holster and shot Robert Kinsey behind the left ear.  the bullet exited the other side of his head and sprayed the naquadah bars with gore.  What was left of Senator Robert Kinsey slumped onto the table.


“Thank you Peter,” the figure on the right said in a conversational voice.


“Paul,” the center figure said, “Please remove the mess.”


“Yes sir,” Paul replied. “What do you wish to do with the naquadah?”


The left figure replied, “Wash it off and put in the vault.  After all, waste not, want not.”    
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