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Nightmare Revisited

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Summary: Lighting might not strike the same place twice, but it can come dang close.

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Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it belongs to some one else. I make no profit from the following


Constructive criticism always welcome, flames cheerfully ignored.



The President of the Untied States stood backstage and frowned.  He was having probably the worst week of any president, ever.  Oh sure, FDR had a worse day on December 7th, but for pure hell, he’d put this week up against any in the history of the country.


There had been contingencies worked out if either the supernatural or the SGC had to go public, but no one in government service had the imagination to plan for both to go public simultaneously, go figure. But, that’s what happened, and the press, plus most of the US’s allies were ticked. Of course, that had nothing on what the nations that weren’t overly friendly with the United States were saying. China was still mobilizing and said they would not stop until they were sure the US had no technology that could perform a decapitation strike on them. Of course this meant Russia was mobilizing too, and moving troops to their shared border with the communist country, which of course was making China even less happy.


On the domestic front people were streaming into churches with the revelation that yes, there really might be a monster under your child’s bed.  Thankfully the Vatican and the mainstream Protestant Churches had contingencies in place in the event that this knowledge became public, so that was taking some of the pressure off.  But, many of the splinter churches were ratcheting the pressure back up at a rate that was at least offsetting what the mainstream Churches were doing. So far the Islamic clerics had been silent on this and his advisors were split on how the debate was going to end, half said they would react much as the other mainstream religions, the other half thought that there would be an explosion as they first tried to purge their own countries of demons, then they would go after any country that ‘harbored’ demons.  The rabbis, thankfully were also keeping silent on this, though the intelligence he was getting was that the debate going on inside the Jewish community made what was going on inside the Islamic look calm.


The President sighed, the consequences of those debates were for the future, he had to get through this press briefing first.  He glanced at the others waiting with him. His advisors had suggested that they limit the number of people on stage at the Kennedy Center, where the press briefing was being held, so he had decided that two senior people from The Watcher’s Council and the SGC would join him.  For the Council, Rupert Giles and Buffy O’Neill had been chosen.  Giles would do all of the speaking, it had been thought that Buffy, given her age and appearance, would not be taken seriously until her place in the Council Hierarchy could be explained.  For the SGC it was Major General George Hammond and Lt. Colonel Jack O’Neill.  The President was worried that with Buffy and Jack being related there would be some unnecessary speculation that they had some how conspired in the great revelation. The big problem was that technically they had.  Oh, they hadn’t instigated the revelation; that could be laid squarely on the vampire’s shoulders. From what the President had found out, the vampire’s own people hadn’t been aware of the end game until the last minute, and it had gotten one of them killed, the others wounded to one level or another.  They still weren’t completely sure if Charles Gunn was out of the woods, though Dr. Fraiser was hopeful. No, the problems would begin once the conspiracy nuts really started to look at the timeline. It was clear that the Initiative had started mobilizing almost a full day before they could have possibly known what was coming, and that Buffy and SG-1 had gone off world to contact the Asgard shortly thereafter.  He hoped that the explanation of Slayer Dreams would go over; otherwise Congress was going to lynch him.


He saw the director give the high sign to the Master at Arms and as he stood to deliver the traditional, “Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the Untied States,” to begin the press conference. He idly considered using some of the dirt he had on various members of the congressional leadership to get them to back off. But, that too was for the future, he had a press briefing to get through.


Buffy followed the President onto the stage and took the far seat behind the table, Giles slotted in next to her. She stared out over the sea of faces; she reminded herself there was only about a thousand of them, reporters and journalists representing pretty much every place on Earth. This was to be a briefing only. The President would explain what happened out in LA and then give a brief overview of both the Council and the SGC. After that Giles would give a slightly more detailed description of what the Council did, and what precisely Slayers were. When he was done then General Hammond would do the same thing for the SGC. When everyone was finished speaking, Buffy and Giles would retreat to another hall in Kennedy Center, while her dad and General Hammond would head over to the Pentagon and the President would head to the White House. At that point a group of reporters would be randomly chosen from the crowd and they would be given a choice of who they wanted to interview. Another larger group would be chosen for a press conference. Buffy was not looking forward to any of that. It’s not that she didn’t recognize that positive PR was important right now, it was that there was so much more important things she could be doing.


The demon underground was going nuts. They relied on the invisibility that the general public believing them myths much more than they pretended. The sad fact was, that even though they were individually powerful, ten-thousand to one odds where pretty much unbeatable. You might run up an impressive body count, but you were still dead. Throw in modern, or the sci-fi weapons that the SGC could bring to a fight, and humans didn’t need ten-thousand to one odds anymore.


Buffy snorted to herself as Giles stood up to begin his prepared remarks. The Slayers had already broken up more than a dozen lynchings in countries that were normally considered part of the civilized world, one had actually been a demon, and the attitude was getting uglier. If there was a more xenophobic race in the universe than Homo Sapiens Sapiens Buffy prayed never to run into it.


Buffy made herself more comfortable, she didn’t have a speaking part for this briefing, but she knew that when it came time for the interviews she was going to get more than her share, after all, talk to stodgy older men, or talk to the hot chick with superpowers, not much of a choice. She organized her thoughts; she knew that other than some of the films that showed Slayers doing impossible things in LA, this would be the publics first exposure to Slayers.  If she blew this, it would make life a lot more difficult for every girl Chosen, both now and into the far future.


Giles sat down and General Hammond stood up and began speaking.


Buffy considered what the Slayers were going to be doing with the SGC. Andrew had already put in a transfer request to become the Head Watcher for Colorado Springs, and not without some trepidation, Buffy had okayed it. There had been a couple of Slayers that had expressed interest in joining the SGC and Buffy was planning on talking to her dad and General Hammond about it. She knew they were interested in having a couple of Slayers on staff.


Dawn was currently enrolled in the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, but Buffy had noticed she was studying some brochures from the Air Force Academy. She wasn’t sure she was comfortable with the idea of her sister in the military, but she was an adult and could make her own decisions. She knew it would make their dad happy, and it she knew he’d watch out for her, but Buffy knew where Dawn would be serving, possibly before she graduated.  On the other hand, turning the SGC into an O’Neil family preserve would not be a bad thing.


General Hammond sat down and the President began speaking again, explaining about the personal interviews, the reporters chosen for these would be limited to the major networks of the member countries of the UN security council, and the world wide news networks. For the press conference the pool would be of any reporter that was not part of interviews. The President then thanked the reporters for coming (like they would have missed it) and turning left the stage, ignoring shouted questions.


The representatives of the SGC and the Council also stood and walked off ignoring the reporters. As Buffy exited the stage her lips looped up into a smile, the future would be different, challenging, the smile turned feral, and fun.




A/N: Any author that would like to play in this universe, feel free. I have no current plans for continuing this as a series, but if the inspiration strikes I will revisit it.





The End

You have reached the end of "Nightmare Revisited". This story is complete.

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