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Fanart for my Favourites

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Fan Art

Summary: Just a few things I whipped together in my spare time for some of my favourite fanfic stories (Some written by me, some written by others)

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Multiple Crossings > FanartMarcusSLazarusFR13557,55103137,96428 Oct 0824 Jul 14No

Crossed Wires; Supernatural/Alias


A unique pairing for an equally unusual story, "Crossed Wires" sees street-hardened Hunter Dean Winchester and professionally-trained secret agent Sydney Bristow joining forces to track down what Sydney initially believed was just a historical artefact, but for Dean could be the only way for him to save Sam from Lucifer's Cage...

Set post-Season Five for Dean and mid-Season Three for Sydney- in other words, Dean was living with Lisa and Vaughn's married to Lauren prior to her double-agent status being revealed-, the story continues to impress as it unfolds, demons and angels racing against Dean and Sydney to find the Spear while the two of them find an ever-deepening bond with someone who has lived the other-genre version of their life (Dean fights demons and Sydney deals with spies, but the two have so many similarities in the essential details of their backgrounds that other details hardly matter)
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