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Fanart for my Favourites

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Fan Art

Summary: Just a few things I whipped together in my spare time for some of my favourite fanfic stories (Some written by me, some written by others)

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Multiple Crossings > FanartMarcusSLazarusFR13567,86103238,48728 Oct 0824 Dec 14No

Hitting the Road- Dr Who/Lost Girl


The first of a series, "Hitting the Road" sees Bo and Kenzi of Lost Girl, feeling isolated and cut off from their former allies, take on a new case before they can go through with their plans to leave town, resulting in them meeting a certain mad man with a box who offers them a chance to go further than they could have ever imagined...

It's still in the early stages, but with the second story in the series seeing the Doctor reuniting with his old companion Peri and his old enemy Count Grendel- coupled with what I've heard about plans for future plots-, things are unquestionably set to become VERY interesting in the future for this unique trio of TARDIS travellers...
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