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Fanart for my Favourites

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Fan Art

Summary: Just a few things I whipped together in my spare time for some of my favourite fanfic stories (Some written by me, some written by others)

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Multiple Crossings > FanartMarcusSLazarusFR13557,55103137,96528 Oct 0824 Jul 14No

The Secrets of Serenity (Dr Who/Firefly/Castle)


A complicated three-way crossover, "The Secrets of Serenity" seems destined to be excellent; an addition to the author's 'Survivor's Hearts' series- where the Tenth Doctor meets and begins travelling with a new incarnation of the Rani, portrayed by Olivia Williams-, the Doctor and the Rani land on Serenity, but their meeting with Malcolm Reynolds and his crew is complicated by the addition of bounty hunter Kate Beckett- an old friend of Mal's from the days when he was Richard Castle-, leaving the Doctor and the Rani fighting to work out what's happened to this region of space, how Castle and Beckett were sent to the future- 'how' is the Weeping Angels, but it doesn't explain why the Angels would send them forward rather than back-, and just who's really pulling the strings...
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