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Fanart for my Favourites

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Fan Art

Summary: Just a few things I whipped together in my spare time for some of my favourite fanfic stories (Some written by me, some written by others)

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Multiple Crossings > FanartMarcusSLazarusFR13557,55103137,96528 Oct 0824 Jul 14No

Lost in Camelot (Lost Girl/Merlin)


A concept that I would be more apprehensive about if it was being tackled by a lesser writer, "Lost in Camelot" sees Bo and Kenzi of Lost Girl being sent back in time to the age of Camelot (Early Season Two of Merlin, for reference) by what appears to be none other than the elderly Merlin of their present, leaving them stuck in the past with no idea what they're doing there or how to get back, forcing them to pose as displaced noblewomen to avoid being arrested for magic.

The story's still in its early stages, but the plot is bound to be fascinating; not only are there the obvious possibilities of how Bo and Kenzi's presence will affect later events in the series just by them being there- how will Kenzi in particular react to meeting some of the knights and facing some of the threats that plague Camelot, as an example-, but the writer has also stated that future chapters will explore a Bo/Merlin/Morgana triangle that should be VERY interesting...

When you think about it, considering how Bo shares Morgana's distaste for the establishment and Merlin's desire to protect the innocent, she presents both with an interesting middle ground to the methods and goals they'd adopt in later seasons, making her the perfect candidate to bring them together and possibly even avert Camelot's later tragic fate (And that's before you think about the fact that Bo can use her own experience to warn Morgana against the idea of siding with the family you just met over the people who've cared for you since you met them).
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